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My Little Neighbor

A few weeks after my previous neighbor had been evicted, a new family moved into the apartment directly below mine. Being familiar with the size and layout of the apartment I was surprised to see it was a young woman with her son. She couldn't be over 30 I guessed and the boy was about 7 or 8.

I ran across them in the stairwell a few days later and introduced myself. She told me her name was Mary and the boy was called Peter and as I suspected, 8 years old. Up close, the boy was even more beautiful than I had imagined. He had an angelic face and his jet black hair contrasted starkly with his pale skin. Mary was very sociable and invited me to come down that evening so we could get to know each other better. I accepted and told her I'd see her around seven.

I was a bit apprehensive as I walked down the stairs and knocked on the apartment door. I was invited into the living room and we started chatting, Peter watching some kid's movie on the tv.

Close to 8 o'clock the movie finished and Mary told Peter to get ready for bed. He walked out of the living room and Mary and I continued to talk. A few minutes later he came back in, wearing his pj's.

"I'm sorry, but I have to tuck him in or he won't go to sleep." Mary said.

Peter walked over to me and stretched out his little hand. As I shook it, I wished him a good night and got a huge smile in return.

Mary returned shortly and we continued our conversation over a few drinks. It was close to 11 when I decided it was time for me to go back to my own apartment.

"Thank you for offering to babysit Peter when it's needed. I'd like to ask you for another favor though."

"Sure, go ahead."

"Could you keep this spare key at your place? It's just in case we lock ourselves out."

I agreed and accepted the spare key she gave me before going back to my apartment.

Over the course of the evening I had learned quite a lot. Mary had recently divorced Peter's father, who had been quite abusive towards her. She had moved because the old apartment had been too expensive and there were still problems with getting the alimony she was owed. She had only just found a job, working as a cashier at a nearby supermarket.

Mary could make ends meet, but there wasn't a lot of room for extra's. With Peter in primary school, the bills for after school care were piling up. Being a single mom in this fucked up world wasn't easy.

It was about two weeks later when around 7.30 I heard a soft knocking on my door. It was Mary and she asked me if I could take care of Peter the next day. Her boss had asked her to work late and she really could use the money. I'd have to pick up Peter from after school care at 5.30, feed him his dinner and put him to bed at 8.00. She wouldn't be home until about 11. I agreed and saw she was quite relieved.

I picked him up, fed him and close to 8.00 told him to get ready for bed. A few minutes later he returned to the living room, butt naked. He told me his mom hadn't put out his pj's and clean underwear, like she normally did. I told him I'd take care of it and followed him back to his bedroom. I had gotten hard as soon as he'd entered the living room and couldn't take my eyes of his little bum preceding me.

In the bedroom I quickly located a fresh pair of underwear and his pj's. I handed them to him and he quickly got decent again.

"Can you tuck me in?" he asked.

I did and with a kiss to his forehead wished him a good night.

It was close to 9.00 when I decided to look in on him. He was laying on his back, his comforter almost completely kicked off. I quietly moved forward and kneeled beside his bed. Bending forward I took a whiff of the area where I knew his little boyhood was hidden beneath the pj's and underwear. It was intoxicating.

Very slowly I slipped my hand into his underpants. I brushed over his little boyhood and going down further felt his small sac with his two precious orbs. I had seen he was uncut, so I pulled back my hand and took his cocklet between thumb and index finger. Gently I pulled back his foreskin, eliciting a soft moan from Peter, still sleeping.

I didn't dare go any further, so I carefully retracted my hand. Then suddenly Peter flipped onto his belly, his eyes still closed and his breathing still slow; he hadn't woken up.

Seeing the contours of his small, firm little butt, I couldn't resist. I stuck my hand in again, softly pushing my middle finger into his boy crack. When the tip of my finger brushed over his tight pucker, Peter moaned again, then sighed. I caressed his back entrance a few more times before pulling out my hand.

I got up and left his bedroom, making straight for the bathroom. I furiously jacked off, shooting my load in a wad of toilet paper.

My mind was reeling, I had just perved and jacked off on an eight year old boy. My heart was beating in my throat and I just hoped nobody would ever find out.


A week and a half later, Mary was at my door again. A friend from work had arranged for a double date, so she needed someone to watch Peter. She would leave around 7 and be back shortly after midnight. I told her that would be fine. Then she said that since it was a Saturday, Peter should have his bath and then be in bed around 9. Inwardly I gulped, but conveyed it shouldn't be a problem.

Close to 7 I knocked on the door and she let me in. She left after saying goodbye to Peter and telling him to be a 'good boy'.

I got onto the couch, where Peter was sitting, watching another movie. He just glanced at me and then scooted over close. As I put my arm around his little shoulders. He sighed and settled in.

All during the movie I kept an eye on Peter, paying particular attention to the area between his legs. I was slightly disappointed at being unable to discern any activity there.

When the movie finished at 8.15 I told Peter it was time for his bath. I preceded him to the bathroom and started to fill the bath. I tried in vain not to watch little Peter as he undressed himself. One by one his items of clothing made their way into the hamper. When he was down to his underpants he stopped and I could understand why; there was definitely a little tent showing at the front.

After the tub had filled up, I turned off the faucet. Peter tested the water's temperature and found it agreeable. He turned around to take off his underpants, giving me a perfect view of his firm little butt. I wanted to kneel for my boy-god and kiss it all over, but managed to hold back.

Dumping his underwear into the hamper too, Peter quickly got into the tub and lowered himself into the foam covered water. I told him to call for me when he was done and went back to the living room, leaving the bathroom door open. A little over 20 minutes passed before I could hear him call out for me.

He was standing in the tub as I reentered, his delicious little cocklet all wrinkled up. I asked if he was all clean and he nodded his head. Taking the plunge I inquired if he'd washed underneath his foreskin too. The shake of his head and his puzzled look betrayed that Mary had probably never explained things to him.

I asked if he wanted me to show him and he nodded. My hand trembled slightly as it reached for his little boyhood. Pulling back his foreskin, a little bit of smegma could indeed be seen. I told him to sit back down in the tub and raised my sleeve. I put my hand into the water and with thumb and index finger cleaned his little glans. As I did, Peter closed his eyes and softly moaned.

As soon as I thought he was clean, I pulled back my hand. Peter told me it felt nice and he wouldn't forget next time. He stood up and got out of the bath. I quickly put a large bathing towel around him and started to rub him dry. For obvious reasons I paid extra attention to his little wiener and bum.

When he was sufficiently dried he made for his bedroom. I had remembered to lay out a fresh pair of underpants and clean pj's on the bed for him. I cleaned up the bathroom before joining him in his bedroom to tuck him in.

About an hour later I sneaked back into his bedroom. Again he was on his back, with most of the comforter laying useless next to him. Very slowly and carefully I pulled down his pajama bottoms and underpants. I bent forward and smelled his freshly scrubbed boyhood. I kissed his small marbles and after pulling back the foreskin took his little wiener into my mouth. Peter moaned in his sleep as I suckled him.

Suddenly he turned on his belly again, his minute hard-on slipping from my mouth. Being presented with his bum I could not resist. Gently I pulled apart his cheeks and let my tongue flick over his tight little pucker a few times. Not wanting to risk Peter waking up I gently rearranged his clothes. I got up and retrieved another clean pair of underpants.

In the bathroom I pocketed his worn underwear, putting the new one in the hamper instead. I went back into the living, waiting for Mary to get home. Later, back in my own bed, I put his underpants against my face, inhaling Peters scent as I jacked off.


It was exactly four weeks later when Mary called on me again. She'd been invited for a 'girl's night out' and Peter had insisted on me looking after him. Like before, we watched a movie and I filled up his bath afterwards. This time however, he undressed completely and showed his small body unashamedly. I left him alone again until being called back.

Reentering the bathroom I found him still sitting in the bath. I was quite surprised when he asked me to clean his willy as I'd done before. Not wanting to deny him, I put my hand into the water, pulled his foreskin back and cleaned his glans. Slowly I felt his little penis stiffen as I continued to stimulate it. Peter had his eyes closed and was softly moaning.

In a split second I decided to pick up the pace, effectively jacking him off. Peter began to moan louder, throwing in some o's and ah's. Then suddenly his eyes opened wide and he let out a soft grunt, signaling he'd reached his very first orgasm. His eyes closed again, his mouth smiling and I retracted my arm, grabbing a towel and drying off.

Since the water had cooled, I told Peter to get out so I could towel him. Unlike previously I worked quickly, having noticed that Peter was still a bit unsteady on his feet. When done, I sent him off to his bedroom with a soft swat on his naked bum. I drained the bath, cleaned up and then went after him.

He was already in bed when I walked in, a broad smile on his face. He told me it had felt really good in the bath and that he wanted to do it again. I said that if he really liked it, I knew something that would be even better.

He went for it and threw aside the comforter. I pulled his pajama bottoms and underwear down to his ankles before kneeling beside his bed. I peeled back the foreskin and took his tiny cocklet into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head causing Peter to grab the back of my head. He started to buck his little hips, allowing my hand to slip underneath his butt.

With his pucker still moist from the bath, my index finger suddenly slid inside. With a loud 'Oh', I felt his wiener begin to quiver and his hole clamping down on my finger. I pushed in further until I felt Peter going totally limp. I pulled out my finger and let go of his boyhood to look at his face. What I saw was pure bliss. I did ask him if I'd hurt him, but he shook his head, telling me it had been the best feeling in the world.

I got him redressed and then tucked him in as before, kissing his forehead. Back in the living I kept reliving what had just happened. As usual I looked in on him after about an hour. This time I just knelt beside the bed and softly kissed his sweet mouth.


The next Monday around 5 I heard a soft knock on my door. After opening Peter slid past me into the hallway. He told me his mother had gone out to pick up something and would be gone for about an hour. He pleaded me to do the same thing with him as I'd done two days ago. I picked him up, carried him into my bedroom and laid him down on the bed.

I told him I would do as he'd asked, but that I wanted him to be naked first. Without preamble he started taking of his clothes. I quickly wetted my index finger before bending down to take his boyhood into my mouth. He immediately put his hands on the back of my head again and began moving his hips.

I pushed my hand underneath him again and penetrated his sphincter. He yelped a bit before telling me to push in further. I did and was soon finger fucking his tight ass. It only took a few minutes for little Peter to go rigid and reach his climax. I laid down next to him, bending over and planting a soft kiss on his lips. His eyes shot open and he laughed.

When I told him he should get dressed, he asked if he could see my wiener too. I'd gone farther than I should have already, but gave in to his pleas. I pushed down my sweatpants and underwear and his eyes grew wide. His small hand gripped my hard-on and his warm tongue flicked over my exposed glans. I quickly pulled him back as my cock started to shoot ropes of cum onto the t-shirt I was wearing.

Peter looked on, fascinated. I tried to explain to him what had happened, but the concept of shooting cum was still beyond him. He did investigate though, rubbing my cum between his fingers and even tasting it. He thought it was yummy and licked it off my t-shirt. Reminding him his mother could be home soon, we both got decent again. Before leaving he asked if he could come over again and I told him I looked forward to it.


A few days later, Mary showed up at my door and asked if she could talk to me. Of course I invited her in and we sat down in the living room.

"I don't know what's up with that boy, but he's insisting I should let him stay with you after school. I've told him it would be too much, but he's quite pigheaded about it."

"Well, it would save you a lot of money. I'm sure the after school care isn't cheap."

"You would have to pick him up from school every day. And on Wednesdays he'll want his lunch."

"I could use the exercise and it's not like I've got anything else on my hands. Besides, with the money you'd save, the two of you could possibly go on holiday at least once a year."

"I don't know, it's such a big thing to ask of someone."

"Don't worry about it, you and I both know you're going to give in to him sooner or later."

The deal was struck. I would pick Peter up from school every day and take care of him until Mary got home. We would either be at my apartment or hers, depending on what Peter wanted to do. My first 'pick up' was scheduled for 3 in the afternoon, the next Monday.

"Oh, before I forget, you're invited for Peter's birthday party this Saturday. In the afternoon he'll have some friends from school over and the 'adult' part will start at 7."

"Will you need some help in the afternoon? Kids at that age can be quite boisterous."

"You must be a sucker for punishment, offering something like that. But I'll take any help I can get."

Saturday afternoon I went down and all five boys were really quite good. They had a good time watching a movie and playing board games. Two of his little friends were pretty, but they didn't come close to Peter himself. At 5 the boys were picked up by their parents and I went upstairs for dinner.

In the evening I met some of Mary and Peter's relatives and I truly had a good time. I did notice Peter trying to stay close to me, but I didn't think it was too obvious for anyone else to notice. I got back home around 11.30 and was looking forward to the next Monday.


When Peter exited the school and saw me waiting he smiled. On the way home he excitedly told me all about his day. When I asked him where he wanted to go, I could clearly hear him whisper: 'your bedroom'.

After we got into my bedroom Peter quickly took off all his clothes. He got onto the bed, his small cocklet standing straight up. I decided to be bold and fully undressed too, causing Peter to giggle. I dipped my middle finger into the opened jar of Vaseline on the night stand, before getting onto the bed.

As I engulfed his little boyhood with my mouth, I pushed my finger into his butt too. Peter was moaning loudly as I sucked and finger fucked him at the same time. It didn't take too long for him to reach his pinnacle. I laid down next to him, my hard-on pressed against his warm small body. I let my hand roam his heaving little chest, caressing his boy nipples.

When Peter had recovered, he pushed me on my back. In no time his little mouth was on my cock, sucking the glans. I picked up Peter and positioned him over me. I caressed his soft thighs and buttocks as I felt his tongue at work. Spreading his cheeks and seeing his still slightly dilated pucker sent me over the edge. I shot my load into his mouth and was surprised to note he was swallowing. He licked up whatever he'd missed before turning around and laying down on top of me.

I just held him as I slowly came down to earth.

We were completely decent again when Mary came up to get him at close to 5. Peter hugged his mother, letting her know how happy he was.

Tuesday afternoon was spent in much the same way. Lying in bed that night I realized I hadn't had that much sex in years.


On Wednesday I had to pick up Peter at 12. Once back home I only barely managed to convince him we should have lunch first. It was a simple affair and within half an hour we were both done.

With the two of us naked on the bed, I told Peter I wanted to try something new. He just smiled at me and eagerly agreed.

I kissed his mouth before moving to his chest, planting kisses on him as I travelled down his small frame. Peter's initial giggles changed to moaning as I started to kiss and lick his small balls. I got in between his legs, pushing them up and telling him to hold onto his knees and pull them towards him.

When I flicked my tongue across his back entrance for the first time, Peter shuddered. I kept working his little pucker as my hand took hold of his cocklet. From the sounds he was making I knew Peter was loving it. I started to push against his boy hole with the tip of my tongue until it suddenly slipped in. With a loud 'Ah', Peters body became rigid and I could feel his boyhood pulsing.

I moved my tongue in and out of him a few more times before making my way back up again, planting kisses on him. I would have liked to lower myself on top of him, but knew the weight would be too much. So I laid down next to him, just admiring his gorgeous little body.

Peter soon recovered and as my hand was caressing his chest, I could see his small boyhood getting hard again. I loved the sight of his little spike and knew I wanted to taste it again. I quickly dipped two fingers into the Vaseline jar. Returning to Peter I bent over him, kissing his innie belly button before moving down.

Swirling my tongue around his little glans and pushing a finger into his butt caused Peter to moan again loudly. Working his little cock made Peter relax and slowly I tried pushing a second finger into him. When Peter gasped I quickly pulled it back. I waited for him to relax again before giving it another try, getting in a bit deeper this time. I kept it up until Peter seemed to have an earth shattering climax.

After he convalesced he immediately turned on me, taking my glans into his little mouth and working it. Feeling and caressing his small body I soon felt myself going over the edge and filled his mouth with my spunk. As before, he was eager to swallow.

In the afterglow we just held each other. After we got dressed we went into the living room and sat down on the couch. All the time Peter had a huge smile on his face.


We continued our experimenting until a week and a half later he was comfortable taking two fingers inside of him easily. Moving up to three fingers took considerably longer, but just before autumn break, he also managed that. Autumn break meant he'd be with me from about 9 to 5 every day for a whole week.

When Mary brought him over on the Monday morning, Peter was quite bubbly. After his mother had left, Peter made straight for the bedroom. I followed him in as he quickly undressed. He displayed himself on the bed, hands beneath his head and his legs spread wide.

As per usual I started with rimming his little pucker. He must have been very horny as he reached his orgasm sooner that I'd expected. As he was recovering I took a decent glob of Vaseline and started working it around and into his boy hole. I told him to grab his knees again before applying the leftover Vaseline on my cock. I scooted forward and saw a look of apprehension flash across Peter's face.

I bent over and kissed him. My assurance I'd never hurt him made him smile again. I kept kissing him as my cockhead pressured his sphincter. With Peter relaxing, I suddenly gained entrance and my glans slipped into him. Peter's eyes opened wide, but he never lost his smile.

Slowly and carefully I pushed further into him, constantly checking Peter for signs of any pain. When my pubes brushed his bum, he was still moaning. As I leisurely started to fuck him, Peter closed his eyes. I carefully lengthened my thrusts and increased my pace, my hand stimulating his hard cocklet. After a few minutes I felt my balls starting to churn and after three more deep thrusts my cum spewed into him. The effect on Peter was almost immediate, he went rigor and his sphincter clamped down on my cock. I nearly fell forward, I needed to kiss my little boy, and I did.

We pretty much kept at it for the rest of the day, even having lunch in bed, naked. I only fucked him two more times, but lost count on the number of orgasms Peter had. He was a very happy boy when his mother picked him up at the end of the day.

Our encounters continued all through primary school. We tried out a myriad of positions, Peter even coming up with some I'd never thought of. He had his first wet cum when he was 11 and it tasted as sweet as honey to me. I saw the first hairs sprouting around his still small cock just after he'd started high school. He didn't need a 'sitter' any more, but still came over every chance he got.

When Peter was 14, Mary and he moved to a new apartment, but it didn't prevent him from visiting me almost daily. He still loved to get fucked and to have his growing cock sucked. At 16 he asked me to shave his pubes, and we had fun doing that. A few boys at his school made fun of it, but I don't think he really cared.


On the evening before his 18th birthday he was at my door. Just inside the living room he stopped me and pulled something from his pocket. He then knelt down and, holding out a ring, asked me to marry him. Unable to say anything, I just nodded and began to cry. He got up quickly and we just held each other for I don't know how long. Two days later he moved in with me.

We married of course, it was just a small gathering. Peter attended university and got a degree in chemistry, which landed him a good job. We went on holidays twice a year and as those things go, were often mistaken for father and son.

Then the worst day of my life arrived with two police officers standing at my door. They told me there'd been an accident and Peter had not survived, he was only 28 years old. I broke down completely, spending the next two days crying until no more tears came.

I had to be helped to the cremation, my legs barely able to move. I was a genuine mess and seriously contemplated to end it all. Then one day Mary turned up on my doorstep.

"I know you've written stories. I've even read some of them and they may not be my style, but I think they're important. I know Peter loved you with all his heart, probably from the very first moment he met you. You should write about him, tell the world about the love you had for each other. You need to do that for him."

I told Mary I would and I'm keeping my promise.



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