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Meeting young Johnny


I was 35, so nobody thought it strange when I looked at Johnny and his mother every time I came across them. I estimated she was about 30 and Johnny approximately 10 years old. I’d often heard her scold the boy about one thing or another, which is how I had learned his name. He generally had a cheeky grin and a rather unruly mop of blond hair.

It was the middle of summer and bloody hot, so I just wore shorts, a t-shirt and sandals as I went out to my local supermarket. I was a bit surprised to come across Johnny all by himself, but I assumed that his mother had sent him out to do some shopping. I said ‘hello’ to him and he rewarded me with a big smile. He was dressed quite similar to me and I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing his skinny, hairless legs.

I knew exactly what I needed, so I finished my shopping fairly quickly. I was on my way home when Johnny suddenly appeared, walking next to me.

“Hello, Sir,” he smiled, looking up at me.

“Well, hello, Johnny,” I replied. “All alone, today?”

He nodded. “Mommy is at work and I was hungry,” he said, showing me the two croissants he had just bought for lunch.

“Your mother leaves you all alone?” I questioned.

Another nod. “She says I’m a big boy now and can take care of myself. But I’m bored because all my friends are on holiday.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, don’t you have something at home you can play with?” I asked.

“No, the laptop is broke, so now I can’t play any games. Do you have a laptop?”

“As a matter of fact, I do, as well as a regular computer,” I said.

“Could I come and play at your place then?” was Johnny’s immediate request.

“I don’t know, I’m not sure what your mom would say about that.”

“Please! She doesn’t have to know,” he pleaded.

I felt sorry for the boy and, against my better judgement, I relented. Once inside my apartment, I showed Johnny into the living room, where he could sit at the dinner table to eat his croissants. I offered him some juice to go with it and he happily accepted. I made sandwiches for myself and began talking to my young guest. I found out that he was in fact 9 and living alone with his mom about a block away. He liked computer games and to play soccer with his friends when they were around. In turn, I divulged that I wasn’t married and didn’t have any children of my own.

When we were done eating, I led Johnny into my home office and quickly set up the laptop for him to use. My desk was large enough for him to sit next to me, while I did a little work on my computer.

Of course, with the boy so close to me, I regularly got distracted. I looked at his skinny legs and couldn’t help but wonder what beauty lay hidden underneath the shorts he wore. I admit that I was sorely tempted to try and cop a feel, but I managed to restrain myself. He was playing some online game and I could hear him snicker at times, what a wonderful sound.

I didn’t have a lot to do, the summer months were generally slow, but I didn’t want to leave Johnny’s side. After about two hours, I asked him if he was thirsty and as I’d expected, he was. I told him to stop playing, so we could have a drink in the living room and explained to him it was never a good idea to drink near a laptop or computer. I had him sit on the couch, got our drinks and then made sure I sat down across from him. The situation offered me the perfect opportunity to have a good view of him. As he settled himself, I could look up the legs of his shorts, almost up to his crotch, and felt myself getting hard.

When asked, he told me that his mother would be home around 5:30, I made the suggestion he leave at 5, so he’d be home in time. I was a bit surprised when he asked if he could come back the following day, I simply couldn’t refuse him. He went on to play his game for another 2 hours before it was time for him to leave. I was overwhelmed when he hugged and thanked me before walking out the door.


To say I had a restless night would be an understatement. Images of little Johnny kept flooding my mind, even after I’d jacked off to them. I got up at my usual time, went through my morning routine and checked out the latest news on my computer. It was going to be another hot day and I was happy my apartment had air conditioning.

It was 9 o’clock and I was just having a cup of coffee when my doorbell rang. I had somehow not expected Johnny to be this early and was taken aback a bit by his apparel. He wore the same sandals, but his t-shirt was much tighter and it looked like his shorts were about two sizes too small. It was almost like the boy was trying to look seductive and if so, he was successful.

“Good morning, Mr. White. Is it okay for me to come in?” Johnny asked cheerily.

I told him it was fine and Johnny made an immediate beeline for the living room, plopping down on the couch.

“So, how are you, Johnny?” I asked after following him in.

“I’m fine, Sir, but a bit warm. Could I maybe have a glass of that juice I had yesterday?” came his reply.

“Sure,” I said and got him a glass of juice from the kitchen.

As I got back, I was quite surprised to see that he’d actually taken off his t-shirt. I tried not to let him notice my shock and put the glass down in front of him before returning to my own seat and my cup of coffee. Of course, I couldn’t help but look at him and admire his slim, hairless, upper body. He had quite small nipples that were only a touch darker than the pale surrounding skin. There was a clear tan line on his arms from where they’d been exposed to the sunlight. I could also distinguish a tan line on his legs, indicating that he wasn’t wearing his usual shorts for some reason.

“My mom has to work a double shift today, so she won’t be home until after 9 o’clock,” he said, giving me an anxious look.

I had an idea of what he was hinting at, but I didn’t want to appear too eager. “So, you’re on your own for dinner then,” I stated.

“Well, I thought that maybe I could stay here with you,” he whispered.

“That certainly is an option, also,” I smiled, trying to put Johnny at ease.

“Oh, thank you, Sir. It’s much cooler here than at home and I won’t get bored,” he replied, giving me his usual cheeky grin.

I wasn’t sure if this was one of my brighter ideas. Having the boy around all day would definitely increase the temptation and his current state of dress, or should I say, undress, wasn’t helping either. I needed another cup of coffee and when I returned, Johnny had finished his juice.

“Can I play on the laptop now?” he asked and I simply told him that he knew the way.

I carefully admired his skinny butt in the tight shorts and his naked back as he walked out of the living room on his way to my home office. The boy was definitely not making things any easier for me and I had no idea if it was innocent or on purpose.

When I’d finished my coffee, I went over to the couch, where Johnny had left his t-shirt and had a sniff at it. I could smell a mixed scent of detergent and boy sweat that I found strangely intoxicating. I just had to get some release and after dropping Johnny’s t-shirt, I went to the toilet to have a quick jack-off.

Returning to the living room, I had another whiff at Johnny’s t-shirt before going into the kitchen for my final cup of coffee. After finishing it, I decided to look in on how Johnny was doing and I immediately noticed I came in unexpected. I saw him clicking madly and then looking at me, his face being a bit flushed. Of course, I didn’t want to scare the boy, so I simply took my seat and started up my computer.

“I will have to go do some shopping in an hour or so as I’m running low on peach juice and I need to look for something for our lunch and dinner,” I told him, trying to sound casual.

“Could we have pizza for dinner?” Johnny asked.

“Sure, it’s been a while since I had pizza,” I replied. “What kind do you like?”

“I like pepperoni the best,” Johnny answered and gave me his disarming smile.

I think he somehow knew I wouldn’t say no, and I didn’t. I couldn’t keep myself from combing my fingers through his mop of hair and he seemed content to let me. I definitely would have liked to touch his body, but I thought it best to not challenge fate.


When I was ready to go shopping, I asked Johnny if he wanted to come along, but he opted not to. I didn’t make a fuss, the trip to the supermarket and back would take me 45 minutes at most, so not much could go wrong. I left the apartment, but didn’t lock the door, not wanting to give Johnny the feeling I was locking him up.

As predicted, it was again exceptionally warm outside and by the time I got back home, my t-shirt was fairly drenched. I put my shopping bags down in the kitchen and quickly went into my bedroom to get myself a clean t-shirt. I took it into the bathroom, where I dispensed with the wet one, toweled myself down and put on the clean one. As I turned around, I found Johnny gawking at me, his eyes as big as saucers.

“Oh, hi, Johnny,” I said, “I really needed a clean t-shirt,” I smiled.

The boy just nodded, turned and quickly walked away, allowing me another look at his cute little bum. I went back to the kitchen to put away the groceries and then got the living room table ready for us to have lunch. I could see Johnnie’s t-shirt still lying on the couch and made my way to my home office to tell him that lunch was ready. I made sure he could hear me coming and when I walked in, he looked up from the screen.

“Ready to have some lunch, sport?” I asked.

He smiled when I called him ‘sport’, immediately stopped his game and followed me back to the living room. I just had regular bread, but an assortment of sweet and savory toppings he could choose from. I had my regular ham and cheese, and Johnny chose chocolate flakes. When I told him I didn’t mind if he put some more on, he gave me a wide grin and did exactly that. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him eat and drink his juice. When we were both finished, he stayed seated and stared at me.

“Uhm, Mr. White, do you like boys?” he asked out of the blue.

For a moment I was flabbergasted. “How did you come up with that question?” I queried nervously.

“Uh, well, I found some pictures of boys and men on your laptop. I really didn’t want to snoop, but they just popped up,” he said, his face flushing red.

“They’re just pictures,” I replied, trying to sound casual.

“So, you wouldn’t want to do things like that with me?” Johnny frowned.

“I’m sorry, Johnny, but it’s not that easy,” I mumbled.

“But I thought you really liked me,” the boy shot back.

“Oh, I do, Johnny, I really do, but men are not supposed to do those kinds of things with boys,” I murmured.

“But I want you to,” Johnny said in a raised voice.

His revelation left me speechless for a moment. “You what?” I asked.

“I’ve seen you looking at me before. And yesterday your thing got big and again this morning,” he said.

I felt thunderstruck as I suddenly realized he’d been checking me out as much as I had him. Then it was like someone had flipped a switch and everything happened in slow-motion. I watched Johnny get up from the chair, turn around and push down his shorts and briefs, exposing his skinny butt to my view. He stepped out of them, turned around again and I was presented with a perfect, hard little 3 inch pecker.

“My god, you’re so beautiful,” I heard myself mutter as if in a dream.

I got up and took a knee in front of Johnny to be able to look him in the eye. I hugged the boy, my hands caressing his soft skin. I could hardly believe I had a completely naked young boy in the middle of my living room, holding him, touching him.

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” Johnny wanted to know.

“Oh yes, I think you’re absolutely perfect,” I replied.

I’m not quite sure what came over me, but I picked up young Johnny. As he held onto me, his arms around my neck and legs around my waist, I carried him into my bedroom and put him down on the bed.

“Are you going to get naked, too?” Johnny asked and I could hear his pleading tone.

I stood upright next to the bed and quickly took off my t-shirt and then my shorts and boxers, releasing my rock-hard cock. Johnny’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets watching my cock as I got onto the bed with him. As he lay on his back, I leaned over him and kissed his sweet lips where I could still taste a hint of chocolate. With my free hand, I moved from his small chest across his flat belly towards his little boyhood. It felt electrifying as I touched a little boy’s hard penis for the very first time. I could hear Johnny moan as I softly fondled it.

I let go of his lips, kissed his cheek, then his chin, neck, chest and nipples, and on down his belly towards the big prize. With my thumb and forefinger, I pushed back his foreskin before taking the hard little tidbit into my mouth, my tongue immediately swirling around the exposed glans.

“Oh, Mr. White! Oh, that feels so good,” Johnny moaned quietly.

I fondled his little balls in their pouch and caressed the soft legs I had longed for, for so long. There was no going back now as Johnny began to buck his thin hips while I kept on sucking his wiener. I could feel his hands on my head, gripping my hair as his moans became ever more intense.

It took only a few minutes before Johnny begged me to stop as he had to ‘pee’. I kept on going until Johnny grunted and I felt his boyhood quivering in my mouth. Given his initial reaction, I was fairly certain I’d just provided the boy with the first orgasm of his young life. When his wiener stopped jolting, I let go and lay back down next to him, looking at him as he panted with open mouth and closed eyes. I put a hand on his small chest, just to feel him breathing. After about two minutes, Johnny’s eyes fluttered open and he turned to look at me. At that moment I took hold of him and pulled him on top of me.

Feeling his body against mine was wonderful and my hands were free to finally caress his buttocks, a single finger sliding through the crack that divided them. My hard cock was pressed between Johnny’s legs.

“That was awesome, Mr. White. Are you going to put your wiener in my bum now?” Johnny asked.

“Oh, Johnny, I’d love to, but I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t think you’re ready for it,” I whispered.

“But the men in the pictures do it all the time,” Johnny countered, “and it doesn’t look like they’re hurting the boys.”

“Well, that’s because those boys were properly prepared and that takes a lot of time,” I replied.

“How much time?” Johnny asked.

“Well, I’m not really sure, I guess it depends on the boy,” I said, suddenly confronted with my own ignorance.

“Couldn’t you, uhm, prepare me, so you could do it?” Johnny questioned.

“Would you really want me to?” I asked.

Johnny looked me right in the face and nodded vigorously. “I can’t stop thinking about it ever since I saw those pictures.”

I knew from stories I’d read that one had to slowly stretch a boy’s ass, using either fingers or different sized dildos or vibrators. Of course, the prospect of one day being able to fuck young Johnny messed with my mind. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, though, sure I had lube and my fingers, but nothing else. But if Johnny wanted it, I was going to do my utmost to make it happen. I first needed to get off myself, though, so I started to move my cock up and down between Johnny’s legs. I pushed him down a bit, so I could feel his boyhood against my pubic region, his head resting on my chest.

“Oh my god, Johnny, you’re so pretty and I love you so much. I’m going to cum, baby, you’re making me cum,” I moaned just moments before I started spewing the biggest load of my life all over Johnny’s back and ass.

I held him tight as I came down from my own high, murmuring constantly about how beautiful he was. I then moved him down next to me and used a towel to clean his backside.

“Now, Johnny, have you ever tried putting one of your own fingers in your bum?” I asked after the clean up.

The boy shook his head, so I told him to lie down on his belly. I got out my bottle of lube and trickled some of it into his crack.

“Move your finger through that stuff, so it gets slippery and then try to put it into your bum,” I directed Johnny.

He did exactly as I told him and I watched as his index finger disappeared into his hole.

“It feels a bit funny, Mr. White, but it doesn’t hurt,” Johnny smiled.

“Well, then pull your finger out and try to do the same thing, but with two of your fingers,” I suggested.

I looked on as he slicked up two of his fingers and tried to push them in at the same time.

“Ow, that’s hurts a bit, Mr. White,” Johnny commented.

“Try to relax, Johnny. You have to relax and then try it again for a couple of times. It should start to hurt less every time you do it,” I coached him.

Johnny was definitely keen and I could see that he kept trying until it looked like he got comfortable with it. I just had to know what it felt like, so I told him to stop for a moment, then he pulled out. He turned his head and looked at me as I started rubbing my finger over his hole, while adding a bit more lube. My index finger was less thick than the two he’d used, but definitely longer.

I pushed in slowly, moving my finger around, attempting to find his prostate that I knew had to be there, somewhere. When my finger was almost fully in, Johnny let out a little yelp as I felt the small gland and slid over it.

“Oh! What was that, Mr. White?” Johnny groaned.

“Do you want me to do it again?” I asked as I felt my cock rising again.

Johnny nodded as I began to rub his little prostate, causing young Johnny to moan rather loudly.

“Mr. White, I’m getting that feeling again, like I have to pee,” he exclaimed after just a couple of minutes.

“Don’t worry, Johnny, you’re not going to pee, I promise!” I said.

Not long after, his whole body started to tremble and he let out an elongated ‘ah’ sound as he experienced his second ever orgasm. Just like I’d read in the stories, I could feel his sphincter tighten around my finger a few times as his pecker tried to expel content that was not yet there. It looked and felt amazing and I definitely needed another release myself. I quickly turned Johnny onto his back and straddled him, jacking my hard cock with one hand as I caressed his body and face with the other.

It didn’t take overly long before I began to ejaculate again, far less than before, but enough to land on his chest and belly. The mesmerized look on Johnny’s face as I jacked off had definitely helped me along.

“Is this the stuff that makes babies?” Johnny asked, moving his finger through my cum while I was still panting.

I only nodded, not quite certain that my vocal chords were in full working order yet. I watched as he brought the finger to his mouth and gave it a tentative lick.

“It tastes weird, but not too bad,” he smiled.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s supposed to make babies, not taste like ice cream.”

Johnny shrugged his shoulders, snickered and then put the whole finger into his mouth, slurping on it. As soon as he’d pulled his finger out, I bent forward and kissed him on the mouth once more. He giggled as I pulled back and gazed down on him.

“You were always looking at me and not my mother, weren’t you?” Johnny asked.

“What do you think?” I countered and immediately saw his cheeky grin reappear on his face.

I suggested that we’d both better get a shower and Johnny was quick to ask if we could shower together. Of course, I had no problem with that as my shower was big enough. Once we’d toweled ourselves down, we got dressed, but Johnny still left his t-shirt off. I told him there was still a couple of hours for him to play his game, while I did some house cleaning, until it was time for dinner. I couldn’t help but give him a soft slap on his sweet butt as he walked out to my home office.


As we were eating our pepperoni pizza, I just had to ask if he’d dressed sexy on purpose that morning. He turned slightly red, but then admitted that he had right after his mother had left for work. When I asked him if he’d come over again the next day, he left no doubt that he would and wanted us to do stuff again. I then remembered I still had a small tin of Vaseline somewhere and asked Johnny if he had a place in his room where he could hide it. He told me his mom never checked his desk drawers and I explained to him how he could use the Vaseline to play with his butthole.

“Would you be able to put your wiener in sooner, Sir?” Johnny asked.

“I think so, but you have to be careful, I don’t want you to hurt yourself. And I won’t mind you calling me Peter,” I replied.

“Really? I can just call you by your first name?” Johnny questioned.

“Why not? It’s better than ‘Mr. White’ as that was my father’s name,” I snickered.

Immediately Johnny’s cheeky smile was back and I could even discern a slight twinkle in his eyes. I looked on as he got off his chair, walked around the table, crawled onto my lap and put his arms around my neck.

“I wish you would be my father. Then we could really be together,” he whispered.

“Oh, Johnny, I’d love to have you with me all the time, but we both know that’s not possible. You still have four weeks of summer vacation and you can spend as much time here as you want,” I tried to console him.

“And when it’s over?” he asked.

“Doesn’t school get out at 3? That still gives you some time to come whenever you want. And on Wednesday you’ll have all afternoon,” I smiled.

“You’d still want me to come?” he queried, getting slightly more upbeat.

“Of course, I would. I know you’d probably want to spend time with your friends, playing, and that’s fine. But I do want to keep seeing you,” I said.

Johnny smiled, went back to his chair and we finished our dinner in relative silence. Once we were done, he went back to playing his game while I cleaned up. When I was done, I took my usual seat and started to watch some TV.

It was about half past seven, when Johnny walked into the living room and without saying a thing, sat himself down on my lap once more. I could only hear a soft sigh as he lay back, his bare back resting against my chest.

“Tired of playing your game?” I asked, as I put my arms around his small frame.

He nodded, “This feels nice, though.”

I couldn’t help getting hard as I caressed his naked chest and let one of my hands wander down to his crotch. The waistband of his shorts was too tight to get my hand in, but I could definitely feel his stiff little pecker through the fabric.

I managed to get two thumbs in his waistband and as I tried to push his shorts down, Johnny willingly lifted his bum to make it easier. I took his briefs off at the same time, down to his knees and then Johnny took them off the rest of the way. Of course, I pulled him back against me and started fondling his boy parts.

“You really like playing with my peter, don’t you, Peter?” Johnny giggled.

“Yes, I think you have a beautiful little wiener,” I laughed as I felt my cock rubbing against his little butt.

“Could you please make me feel good again before I have to go home,” Johnny softly begged.

“Of course, I could. What would you like me to do?” I asked.

“Could you do both things you did earlier, but at the same time?” he questioned.

“Sure, you just lie down on the couch and I’ll be right back,” I replied, knowing I’d need the lube from my bedroom if I were to finger his little ass again.

When I came back, Johnny was lying on his back on the couch, playing with himself. I took a moment to take a mental picture of the scene in front of me before walking over. I knelt down in front of the couch and told Johnny to spread his legs and let his right one dangle off the edge of the couch. I quickly lubed up my right index finger and putting my hand underneath Johnny started rubbing the tip over his tight sphincter.

“Oh, Peter. Please, push it in, just like before,” he moaned.

As I slowly pushed my finger inside, I used my left hand to push back Johnny’s foreskin before bending over and taking his little pecker in my mouth. When I started to rub my finger across his small prostate and swirling my tongue around his exposed glans, Johnny’s moaning became ever louder. With my left hand roaming across Johnny’s slim chest, I could feel my cock getting hard.

Stemming from the resilience of youth, it didn’t take long before Johnny’s body began to tremble from all the stimulation I gave him. I heard him yelp, felt his sphincter clamp down on my finger and his boyhood quivering wildly in my mouth as he experienced another intense orgasm. I kept going just a little longer before pulling out and off of him.

As he lay there, softly panting with his eyes closed and his mouth slightly open, I just couldn’t contain myself. I bent over and planted my lips on his, letting my tongue slowly slip into his mouth. I had somehow expected he’d protest, but instead I found him reciprocating with an astonishing enthusiasm. We french kissed for about a minute before I pulled back and told Johnny to turn onto his belly. I pushed my shorts and briefs down and straddled him where I could rub my cock through his little crack. It didn’t take very long for my balls to start churning and I grunted as I shot my cum all over Johnny’s back and buttocks.

I cleaned up the boy and both of us got dressed again. Before he left, I handed Johnny the tin of Vaseline and explained to him how to use it. As soon as he’d left, I went into my home office to see if I could find something on the Internet. I ended up ordering two different sized vibrators and two dildos, paying a little extra for next day delivery. If I wanted to prepare Johnny, these toys would definitely come in handy.


Over the next week and a half, Johnny came over every weekday and he seemed to quite enjoy what we did together. Then, on a Monday morning, he pertained that he was ready for ‘the real thing’. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure, but that didn’t keep me from ending up naked in bed with Johnny and making out as we usually did. I was sucking his tiny dick while at the same time pushing multiple fingers into his still tight butthole, loosening him up.

As had become the habit, Johnny reached his orgasm after only about 8 minutes of intense stimulation. I still enjoyed the feel of his small boyhood as it wildly spasmed in my mouth. I had my doubts about his ability to take me, but I knew it was now too late. I had waited for this moment for a long time and seeing Johnny pant with his eyes closed was just too much to bear.

I grabbed and lifted his little legs before scooting forward. I could feel my exposed glans making contact with his slightly dilated sphincter and simply pushed forward. Johnny’s eyes flew open as I penetrated him for the very first time and he let out a little yelp of surprise. I couldn’t stop and pushed in deeper, relishing the feeling of my young boy’s warm intestines. I pulled out a bit, then pushed in deeper, eliciting a soft moan from Johnny.

My fantasy had come true as I began to slowly fuck the gorgeous ass of my dream boy. Johnny began to whimper as his boyhood slowly rose to the occasion. He almost folded as I bent over him in an effort to get inside of him even deeper.

“Keep going, Peter! Keep going!” Johnny pleaded.

I just grunted, unable to speak as I sped up my thrusts. I’d never known anything could feel this good and I wanted it to never end. I was fucking the most beautiful boy in the world and he wanted me to, encouraging me ever louder. An unfamiliar frenzy came over me, this was going to be it, the pinnacle of my life.

I think the cry was almost primordial as I felt my sperm rush through my hard-on, spewing deep into young Johnny. I could see how his still small hands were clenching the bedsheet underneath us as he shivered from his own orgasm. I kept pumping until there was simply nothing left and I slumped down next to the diminutive boy, my softening cock slipping out of him.

I put my arm across Johnny’s heaving little chest, feeling an innate need for the physical contact between us. He grabbed hold of it, telling me without words that the need was mutual. Time passed, but for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you how long.

“I love you, Johnny,” were the first words I whispered after I saw his eyes flutter open.

“That was awesome, Peter,” came Johnny’s reply, resulting in both of us starting to snicker.

It was definitely a defining moment in my life, pulling my young boyfriend on top of me and putting my arms around him. In that one, fleeting instance, we were both happier than we’d ever been before. We were forever changed, even if we didn’t realize it yet.

The End?


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