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Chapter 17 – First Nude Swim


Tom looked at me and said, “Oh, what the hell?” as he started to remove his belt.  I carefully watched Tom as he disrobed and was liking what I was seeing.  Apparently, so did the boys as they whistled and hooted as we undressed in the kitchen.  It took him longer because of his uniform, but soon we had joined the boys.  When we were both finally naked, we stayed behind the counter. 


“Now what, guys?” I asked.


“Let’s go swimming,” Mike said.


“Why not?” I asked.  “Let’s go get wet.”  I grabbed the keys from my pants pocket and we headed out to the pool.  Watching the four bare bubble butts in front of me was starting to have an effect on me.  I turned to look at Tom who was following and saw he was having the same problem.  I couldn’t wait to get in the water.  As soon I unlocked the shelter door, the boys were off like a bolt of lightning and jumped in the pool.  They were just getting their heads back above water when Tom and I reached to pool. 


“Hey, you guys are hard!” Joey screamed.  The other three whipped their heads around to see.  Tom and I looked down and saw that Joey was right on the money, we were both hard.


It was then Alex asked, “Max, how come Tom is all hairy and you’re not.”


Tom and I climbed in the pool to hide our hardness below the water and I called the boys over for another quick chat.  “Okay, boys, I know two of you know some of this but the other two may not, so let’s talk about this real quick.  Every guy’s penis will get hard for any number of reasons.  Even when you’re used to being naked like I am, it still happens all the time.”


“Yeah, we know,” Joey said, “Alex and I got hard comin’ out here tonight, too.”


“Okay, so you know what I’m talkin’ about.  What about you two?” I asked, looking at T.J. and Mike.


“Yep, me too,” said T.J.


“Uh-huh,” mumbled Mike.


“Okay, when your penis gets hard, it’s called an erection.  As I said, it happens to all guys and it’s nothing to be ashamed of because it’s simple biology, you just don’t attract attention to it,  understand?”


“Yeah,” they all replied.


“Okay, now, where’s all your hair?  Especially around your, well, you know.” asked Alex.


“Well, that’s an entirely different subject.  I don’t have much hair around my penis or on my body because I shave it or trim it very short.”


“Why,” asked T.J.


“It’s just a personal preference.  I prefer very short or no hair over longer hair.  I like the look of it and I like the way it feels, too.”


“I like the way it looks on you, too, Max,” smiled Tom.


“Do you shave it because you’re gay.  Will we have to shave ours when we finally start growing some,” asked Joey.


“No, it not a ‘gay’ thing.  Lots of guys, gay and straight, shave their bodies.  Any other questions before we actually start to swim?”


“I got one,” whispered Mike.  “How come Tom’s pee-pee is so much bigger than yours?”


My first thought was, six years old and already worried about size, but I answered, “It’s just genetics, Mike.  As you go through life, you’ll see all kinds body shapes and sizes, and that includes penises.  Some guys are bigger than others, that’s just a fact of life and there’s nothing you can do to change it.  As you get older and start taking P.E. in school, you’ll see just about every shape and size of penis imaginable, from small to huge.  As long as it works properly, size doesn’t matter.”


“I got a question for ya’, Max,” said T.J.


“Shoot, young man.”


“Well, I ain’t never seen never seen another naked guy in my life and I wanna know why my, well, you know,” he stammered as he pointed down into the water, “looks different from all of yours.”


“Ah, yes, the foreskin.  T.J., Alex, would you both stand on the steps for a minute?”  When both boys were on the step and turned around to face us, I called the other two over.  “You guys see this piece of skin on the end of T.J.’s penis?”  I reached over and pointed to it, but didn’t touch it.


“Yeah, why is it like that?” asked Mike.  “I saw it was like that when we took our showers, but didn’t want to say anything.”


“Well, that skin is called the foreskin.  Most guys, like the rest of us, had it removed shortly after we’re born, usually before we leave the hospital to go home.  That’s called circumcision.  Some others, like T.J. here, are left intact.”


“You mean we all looked like that when we were born?”


“We sure did.”


“Why do they cut it off?”


“It’s just an old custom that started so long ago, nobody really knows why.  There are lots of people these who don’t believe in it today and it’s not happening quite as much anymore.”


“What does it look like under that skin,” Mike asked.


“Just like us.  If T.J. doesn’t mind me touching him, I can show you.  Is that okay with you?”


“Sure, go ahead ‘cause I got no idea what you’re taking about.  I’ve never seen it any other way than the way it is right now.  Well, except for when it gets hard,” he giggled.


I reached over and grasped the end of T.J.’s penis between my thumb and forefinger.


“That tickles,” he giggled.


“I know it does, and you might get an erection, but you said I could.”  I slowly slid T.J.’s foreskin back to expose his glans, and I was right about him getting an erection again.  “See guys, he looks like just the rest of us now, doesn’t he?”


“Wow, Max, I didn’t know I could do that.  That’s cool.  Look guys, I gotta a normal dick, now,” he said as he turned and waggled his little penis in their faces.


“Actually, T.J., you’re the one with the normal penis.  It’s the rest of us who are different.”


“Yeah, Max, that’s cool,” Joey said.  “T.J., can I touch it?”


“Sure, go ahead.”


I grabbed Joey’s hand before he made contact and said, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea, right now.  Why don’t we do what we came out here to do and actually swim?”


“Yeah!!” the boys screamed.  Alex and T.J. jumped back in the water and the boys started horsing around as usual.


Tom and I slowly moved to the deeper end of the pool to relax and watch the boys play.


“Max, those four are going to be a handful.  I hope you’re ready for it.”


“I hope I am, too, Tom.  When I started this process, I was hoping to adopt just one kid, I never dreamed it would turn into four.”


“Just how did you end up with four?”


“When I first met Anna at the agency and explained what I wanted to do, she was very skeptical.  They rarely worked with single guys and never with a single gay guy.  I wasn’t at all hopeful.  After she talked to her people, including Carol, she finally decided that maybe I’d be okay.  She arranged for me to meet the boys at her office.  Little did I know at that moment, but Carol had stacked the deck in my favor.  She had these four in the system, all needing good homes.  Anna told me at that first meeting she would not consider separating the twins, and once I’d accepted the idea I could adopt two of them, taking all four didn’t seem too far-fetched.  They all seemed to be good boys, except …”


“Except what, Max?”


“I just remembered something I wanted to ask T.J.”  I turned to the other end of the pool and called, “T.J., come here a minute.”  He slowly made his way to Tom and I, holding on to the edge of the pool. 


“Yeah, Max, what do you want?” he asked when he got to us.


“I wanted to ask you a question about the first time we met in Anna’s office.”


“Oh, crap.  I knew this was comin’.”


“Oh, c’mon, don’t be like that.  I’m just curious, you seemed pretty sure that day didn’t want to live with me.  I know about what happened at your school and the fact you had to move to a new home and school because of it, but you still didn’t want to live with, wait, what’d you call me?  Oh yeah, ‘a fag’.  What made you change your mind?”


“You want the truth?” he asked.


“Always, T.J.”


“Well, I’d been feeling different from the other boys I knew for a while.  That kid in the bathroom at school was just playing around, trying to figure it out.  I still didn’t want to be like that, but I found out I kinda liked it.  When I first met you, I tried to push you away so I wouldn’t be gay.  I still didn’t think I wanted to be like that, but after meeting with you and Joey and Alex, I started to think maybe it’s okay.  I’ve talked to the twins at school a lot the past couple weeks since we met.  They told me about some of the things they do together and how much fun they have.  I want to have some of that fun, too.”


“Okay, my curiosity is satisfied.  I want you to know something, though.  You can’t not be gay just because you don’t want to be, you either are or you aren’t.  Take that from someone who fought it for years.  You just have to be who you are.  If you’re gay, fine, if not, that’s fine, too.”


“Thanks, Max.  I love you,” he said as he gave me hug.


“Love you, too, T.J.  Now, go play with your brothers.”  He pulled himself along the edge of the pool until he could touch bottom, then rejoined the others in their ongoing horseplay.


Tom asked, “Max, how did you get so damn smart?”


“Lots of alone time writing and thinking.  That’s why it took 12 years to write three books.  So, now you know how I ended up adopting all four boys.  Anything else you want to know.”


“Lots, Max, but this may not be the right time.”


“Why not?  Ask away.  I’m in an answering mood.  I don’t get that way often and you better take advantage of the opportunity.”


“Okay, you ever been with another guy?”


“Wow, right for the juicy stuff, huh?  Okay, you asked for it.  Not since I was twelve or thirteen and that was just a quick jerk-off with a friend.  After that, I started to suppress the feelings because I didn’t want to be gay and I thought I could be ‘normal’ like all my other friends.  It’s so easy to lie to yourself at that age and I just continued the lying and suppressing until very recently.  Your turn, Tom, same question.”


“Once, and only once, before I joined the force.  As an adult, anyway.  From 11 to about 14, I was constantly in circle jerks and mutual blowjobs with really good friends.  Then, they switched to girls and I lost all my horny buds.  From then to about 22, I got by with my fantasies.  Then, one night, I met this one guy in a bar, one thing sorta led to another and we ended up in the same bed.  Worst night of my life.  He just wanted to get off and didn’t give a shit about me.  When he was done, he just fucking left.  Never saw him again and I joined the force shortly after.  Since then, I didn’t want even a hint I was gay out there.”


“Not easy out there for us, is it?”


“Not a bit.  But I think life is starting to get better.”  He moved closer and put his arm around my shoulder.  I’d never been held like this by another man, especially a naked one, but I had to admit to myself that the closeness felt good and right.  “Okay, Max, ready for the next question?”




“Do you think you’re ready to be with a man any time in the near future?”


I turned to look into his eyes and replied, “It would have to be the right guy.  I’m not going to just hop into bed with any old Tom, Dick or Harry, or even with Tom’s hairy dick,” I laughed.  Tom jerked his arm from my shoulder, put both hands on the top of my head and pushed my head under the water.  When I came up, sputtering for air, I asked, “What the hell was that for?”


“Ha, very funny, asshole.  How about Tom’s hairless dick?”


“I’d consider it if you could find me one,” I laughed again.


“We’ll just have to see about that.”


“That’s definitely something I’d like to see.  What about, you, Tom?  Do you think you’re ready to sleep with a guy?”


“Yeah, I am.  Now that I know the boss is okay with my sexuality, I think I’m ready to find some nice, good-looking, and really smart guy to fall in love and have kids with.  To hell with rest of the world, if they don’t like it, tough shit.”


“Let me know when you find that guy, I’d like to meet him,” I cracked.


“Dammit, Max, I’m trying to be serious here and all you can do is make jokes.”


“I’m sorry, Tom.  That’s how I’ve dealt with my life the last 12 years, and endless stream of  shitty jokes.  It’s a really bad habit and I’ll make a serious effort to stop.”


“Thank you.  So, where do you see us going forward?”


“First, I have to be really careful until the adoption’s finalized in court.  Now that the boys are here, I can’t put that at risk.”


“Well, how long will that take?”


“According to Carol, about five or six months.”


“Well, damn, now that I’ve found you, I don’t think I can wait that long.”


“Hey, I didn’t say we couldn’t see each other and get closer during that time, just that I need to careful.  I still want to be with you and I want the boys to be comfortable here and get to know you better, also.”


“Uh, Max, look down there,” he said, pointing to the other end of the pool, “I don’t think they could possibly get any more comfortable.  They obviously had no problems stripping down right in front of us, no hint of modesty by any of them.  And now, they’re playin’ naked in the pool with two naked guys watching them.  If that ain’t comfortable, I don’t what is.”


I laughed and said, “I guess you’re right.  It looks like they all just needed a place to live where they can be themselves.  And I’m glad I can provide that place.  As Carol put it last night, ‘if they’re comfortable in their own skin, leave ‘em be.’  They certainly seem to be content.”


“No doubt about it, Max.  You think we’ll ever be like that?”


“I sure hope so, Tom, I can only hope.”


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