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Chapter 29 – First Lesson and Visitors


“I like the way you think,” he said as I closed the bedroom door.  He pulled open the nightstand drawer, retrieved an assortment of what he had euphemistically called ‘aids’ and spread them on the bed.  They ranged from a rather smallish butt plug to a dildo that almost put Dylan to shame.  My jaw dropped and eyes opened wide with surprise.


He grabbed the plug and held it up, “I started with this and worked my way up.”


“Damn, you’ve had that monster up your ass?  No wonder you didn’t have a problem with my little cock.”


“Once and only once, and it hurt like hell.  I discovered I do have limits.  And would you please quit saying you’re little.  I’ve seen more than my share of dicks in locker rooms over the years and you’re absolutely perfect.  I wouldn’t want you any other way.”


“I’m not sure I believe that, but if you say so.  Are you ready to start teaching me how to use these?”


“Your wish is my command.  Give the word.”


“Consider it given.  What do I have to do?”


“Just lay down and relax.  The key is to be as relaxed as you can be.”


“You want me on my back or belly?”


“Either one.  It might be easier if you started on your belly, otherwise you’ll have to pull your legs way up to give me access.”  I rolled over on my stomach, carefully adjusting my hard cock into a comfortable position.  “Hang on, slide this pillow under you.”  I positioned the pillow as requested, and got comfortable again.  I felt Tom spread my cheeks apart with one hand as he drizzled oil in my crack.  He immediately began to spread the oil, paying special attention to my tight, virgin pucker.


“You ready for this?”  All I could do was nod with all the new sensations I was feeling and anticipating.  He slowly started inserting his finger into my anus.  He stopped pushing when I felt his first knuckle hit the edge of my opening and held it there for a moment.  When he felt my sphincter relax, he increased the pressure slightly, allowing the digit to sink deeper to the second knuckle.  I moaned as he stopped again and asked, “You okay so far?”  My tongue was still not functioning and I could only nod in response.  That must have been his cue to increase the pressure again as the next thing I felt was his finger sliding ever deeper.  I inhaled deeply as he reached maximum depth and then held his hand still as I grew accustomed to his anal invader.


He must have felt me relax again as he started to pull the finger back out.  I almost cried out in anguish at the thought of losing this feeling, but before I could, he started sliding the finger back in.  He built up a smooth, steady rhythm and I was soon in heaven.  After maybe a minute, he completely removed the finger and I moaned ‘no’ at the sudden emptiness I felt.  That feeling didn’t last long as I soon felt more oil drizzling on my tender hole, followed by two fingers assaulting my back door.  I sucked in air as my tight sphincter muscle relaxed to eagerly accept both.  Again, Tom slowly increased the speed of his finger fucking and he had soon reached that same rhythm I’d felt before. 


As he was working his fingers in and out, he started to wiggle them around inside me.  Every couple of strokes, he would brush something deep inside me that sent electric shocks throughout my entire body.  Had my cock not been buried between my stomach and the pillow, it would have been dancing wildly. 


After a couple more minutes of deep and intense pleasure, he asked, “You ready for the next step?”


“God, yes,” I moaned as I discovered my tongue had started working again.


“This is the smallest toy I have, about the same size as my two fingers, just longer.”


“Quit talking and get on with it.”


Tom wasted no more time and I soon felt the tip of the dildo make contact with my pucker.  He pushed slowly until all of it was inside me but the half-inch he was gripping.  I thought his fingers felt good, but this new feeling was even more intense.  I could my feel my cock leaking copious amounts of pre-cum into the pillow, but I didn’t care.  Tom started fucking me with the dildo, gently at first and slowly increasing speed and intensity as time lost all meaning.  He paused his manipulations, eliciting another grown from me and said, “Roll over, I want to see this.”  I wasn’t sure what he wanted to see, but I was not prepared to argue at this point as I just wanted this to continue forever.  I rolled onto my back, positioning my ass on the pillow.  “Pull your legs up and hold on to your knees,” he whispered.


Once in my new position, he grasped the end of the dildo and continued fucking me with it.  In this new position, he was hitting that magic spot on almost every thrust.  I reached down to wrap a hand around my throbbing cock, but he batted my hand away.  I was close to losing complete control of my senses and body when he leaned in and gently sucked both of my balls into his mouth.  That was all it took as my cock began pumping a copious amount of cum all over my face, chest and stomach.  I finally reached the point where I couldn’t take any more stimulation and grabbed his head with both hands to make him stop.  He slowly removed the imitation cock from my ass, let my balls fall from his mouth, and then lifted his head just enough for me to see the wicked grin on his face.


“I’m guessing you’ve never come without touching your cock.”


“Never.  God, what a feeling.”


“Yeah, I know.  My first time was unreal, too.  Hang on, let me get a towel and clean you up.”


“I think it’s gonna take more than a towel, maybe a trip through a car wash, though, would do the trick,” I laughed.


“Towel first, car wash second,” he said as headed to the bathroom.  He returned and wiped most of the mess off me, then helped me stand and make my way to the shower on wobbly legs and weak knees.  He got me in the shower and on the bench, then headed back to the bedroom.  He was back in moments with the dildo he’d just used to fuck my virgin ass.  He climbed in the shower with me and commented, “Gotta’ keep ‘em clean, you know.”  I suddenly realized that Tom was still hard as a rock and knew he had to be desperate for release.  When he got close enough, I grabbed his cock, pulled him closer and took him in my mouth.  In no time at all, I was receiving his second load of the day directly into my throat.  He collapsed on the bench next to me.  “Thanks, I needed that.”


“That’s the least I could do after what you just did for me.  C’mon, let’s get cleaned up and get to bed.  We have three more rugrats here tomorrow afternoon, remember?”


“Oh, yeah.  Whose bright idea was that?”


“Guilty.  I figured between helping Mike get along with those three and seeing if Andy’s being abused, it’s worth it.”


“You’re right, of course.”


“Of course, I am, get used to it,” I laughed.


We finished our shower and climbed in bed, me holding Tom, and fell into a deep sleep.  The morning sun was streaming through the window into my eyes when I realized a pair of very intense hazel eyes set in a field of freckles was staring at me. 


“Morning, munchkin, what’s up?  Where’s your brothers?”


“They’re all still in bed, dad.  I had to pee and didn’t want get back in bed with T.J., so I came to see if you was awake yet.”


“I am now, hop up here.”   Mike jumped up on the bed and crawled over to give me a hug, which I eagerly returned.  I was learning to love the smell of fresh boy in the morning.  I lifted the cover between Tom and me and said, “Crawl in.”  When he was settled, I curled up behind him, pulled him into my arms and promptly fell back to sleep.  My next waking moment was to someone violently shaking my shoulder.


I rolled over to find T.J., jumping up and down, screaming something about Mike being missing.  Tom sat straight up wanting to know what was going on and I pushed the covers down just enough to show T.J. that Mike was safe.  “I appreciate your concern, T.J., but please stop screaming.”


“Oh, thank god, I was scared to death.  We’ve looked everywhere and couldn’t find him.  I thought he sneaked out.”


“More like he snuck in.  Feeling better now?”




“Okay, scoot on out of here and we’ll be out in a few minutes.”


“Okay, dad.  I’ll tell Joey and Alex I found him and they can stop the search.”  T.J. left and I turned to find Mike giggling in the middle of the bed.


“Oh, you think that’s funny, do ya’?”


“Yeah, the look on his face was wicked.”


“Well, do ya’ think this is funny?” I asked as I started to tickle his ribs.


“No, stop, I gotta pee again!”


“Well get outta’ our bed and go, ya’ little booger.”  He tossed the covers off all of us and proceeded to crawl over me, dragging his hard, little pecker across mine as he did so.  He left the room at a run, giggling as his bare behind turned the corner into the hallway.  “C’mon, big guy, time to get moving.  We’ve got a long day ahead of us.”


“Yeah, yeah, I know.”


We crawled out of bed, hit the john, washed faces and hands and headed to the kitchen to rustle up some breakfast.


“How do pancakes sound this morning, folks?”




“Well, get the table set while I make the mix and heat the syrup.”


The boys hopped off their stools and proceeded to take care of getting everything but the pancakes on table.  By the time they had everything in place and their glasses of milk and juice, the first pancakes were ready to be eaten.  I gave each a couple to get them started, thankful I had the big griddle plate that covered two burners on the stove.  As fast as I could get them made, the boys were eating them.  When they finally slowed down, Tom and I got our turns to enjoy breakfast.  When the boys finished, they started cleaning their dishes and waited patiently while Tom and I finished with ours.  With the meal completed and the dishes ready for the dishwasher, it was time to make plans for later this afternoon.


“So, what are your plans with your guests this afternoon, Mike?”


“Sic T.J., Joey and Alex on them.  Let’s see if they like getting picked on,” he grinned evilly while rubbing his hands together.


“Now, as fun as that might sound, you’re trying to turn them into friends, not create bigger enemies.”


“I know, dad, I was just kidding.  Maybe we can take a walk in the trees, see if we can find the deer again.  Definitely wanna’ swim for a while, then could we watch a movie?”


“Sounds like you’ve got a full afternoon, there, but I like it.  Do you want your brothers with you for any of it?”


“Well, sure.  Maybe we can all be friends.  That’d be cool.”


“Alex, T.J., Joey, do you want to help Mike with his guests?”


“Why not, what else we gonna’ do?  Sit around and watch them have all the fun?” Joey asked.


“I thought you might rather join in the fun than not.  Thanks, I appreciate it.  Mike, I think we should leave here about 12:30 to start picking them up.  You’ll be ready to roll, right?”


“Yeah, dad, I’ll be ready.”


“Good, now, why don’t you four go watch some TV for a while before lunch.”  They took off to the theater, leaving Tom and I alone.  “Are you ready for this?”


“As ready as I’ll ever be.  Will we still have time this evening or tomorrow to go get some things from my apartment?”


“Oh, man, I’m so sorry Tom, but I’d forgotten all about that.  I’m glad you reminded me.  We’ll take care of that tomorrow.  We’ll go in the morning and make as many trips as needed to get the things you want now, including your car.  With your car and the Flex, we should be able to get quite a bit.”


“I don’t really have a lot there I’m worried about.  It’s not like I’m going to need a 32” TV or my stereo.  Hell, you got bigger screens in the bedrooms here than what I had in my living room.  Same goes for the few dishes I had.  Don’t really need that junk out here, do we?  Or my furniture, either.  None of it would really fit in with what you already have.  I’m beginning to wonder if I really do belong here, despite how much I want it.”


“Tom, don’t be like that,” I said as I gave him a hug.  “We’ll bring everything out and decide later what you want to keep.  We can rearrange, replace, add, whatever.  We’re in this together and we’ll work it out.”


“Thanks for that, Max.  As much I’ve grown attached to you and those four boys over the last week, I still have moments where I wonder if we’re really doing the right thing.”


“Don’t you doubt that for one second.  I’ve never felt so right about anything in my life.  Sure, a lot has happened in a very short time, but it’s all good things.  I want you here, the boys want you here, we all love you, too.”


“But, I’m not bringing much to the party, am I?”


“You’re bringing the most important thing you can, yourself.  The rest is just stuff.  We can deal with stuff, yours, mine and the boys.”


“I thank Carol every day for calling me to help you last Saturday.”


“Me too, bubba, me too.  Hey, I’ve got an idea for ya’.”


“Oh, shit, here it comes.  Again,” he laughed.


“Laugh it up fuzzball,” I said as I smacked him on the shoulder.  “You know the bus shelter we’re going to have soon.  What do you think about putting some of your stuff out there for the boys to use?  No reason it can’t be nice, is there?”


“That’s a good idea, Max.  It sure beats the hell out of trying to sell it or give it somebody.  And I sure can’t leave it where it is.  Oh, crap, I need to let the apartment manager I’m moving.  I hope they don’t screw me for breaking the lease.”


“Don’t worry about it, Tom.  If they want anything, I’ll pay it.”


“Whoa, I’m not here for a free ride.  I expect to pay my fair share.”


“And you will, but don’t stress yourself over the penny-ante shit.”


“Easy for you to say mister rich and famous author.  That’s big shit to regular folk like me.”


“Tom, you live here now.  You’re a part of this family and I hope to make that official as soon as we can, so you better get used to ‘rich and famous’.”  He whipped his head around and stared in my eyes, mouth wide open in surprise.  “What?”


“That almost sounded like a proposal.  Did you just ask me to marry you?”


“Um, maybe.  I guess that depends on your answer.”


“Well, I had planned to wait at least another day before asking you.  I mean, it’s not even been a full seven days since we first met and I think that’s rushing things a bit, don’t you?  Eight days would seem to be much more appropriate, don’t you think?”  His grin grew wider with every word.


“Well, gee, since you put it that way, maybe we should wait a little longer … Okay, that’s long enough.”  I got down on my knee, grabbed Tom’s hand and said, “Tom Wright, I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel like you do.  You complete me.  I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Will you marry me?”


“Get up here, you hopeless romantic.”  As I stood, Tom wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for hug.  “Yes,” he whispered in my ear.


From behind me, I heard, “Would you two get a room, please?  This is embarrassing.”  I turned to find Joey opening the refrigerator.


“What are you doing in here?  Eavesdropping again?”


“Nah, just came to get us some drinks.  I’ll be gone soon and you two can carry on,” he smirked.  After Joey returned to the others with their drinks, Tom and I busted out laughing.  Over our laughing, we could hear cheers of joy escaping the closed theater door.  Said door fairly burst open as four exuberant lads ran out.


“Is what Joey just told us real?” yelled Alex.


“Depends on what he told you,” I answered.


“He said you two was gettin’ married,” T.J. said.


“Then, yes, it’s real.  I asked Tom to marry me and he said yes.”  Their cheers practically raised the roof off the house. 




“I don’t know, it just happened, we haven’t had time to discuss a date just yet.  When we do, we’ll be sure to let you know, okay?”


“Cool.  Will we get to be in the wedding?”


“I’m sure you will.”  I looked at the clock and realized lunchtime was creeping up on us and I asked if hotdogs and chips would be okay for a quick lunch before leaving to pick up Andy, Mark and Billy.  After receiving agreements from everyone, I got the dogs on a griddle while the boys set the table and got the buns, ketchup, mustard and relish out while Tom dealt with the chips.  With the feeding frenzy completed, the boys cleaned and stacked the dishes to go into the dishwasher and I noticed Mike and I had to get a move on so we could pick up his guests.  “Mike, let’s get dressed so we can get out of here.  The rest of you, please, please, please, have some clothes on when we get back home.  I don’t want to scare these three when we get back.”  Mike and I headed to our rooms to get dressed and met back in the living room.  “You ready, munchkin?”


“Yeah, dad, let’s go.”


“Be back in about a half hour, guys” I called over my shoulder as I put my hand on Mike’s shoulder and led him out to the garage.



“So, Uncle Tom, when you two get married, what are we gonna’ call you then?” Joey asked. 


“Yeah, Uncle won’t seem right and we can’t call you both dad,” Alex commented.


“How ‘bout, ‘big guy’, you know, since his dick’s so big?” T.J. laughed.


“I don’t know, yet, guys.  We’ll figure things out as they need to be figured out.”


“I hope it happens before we go to court for the adoption,” Joey mused.


“That would be nice, but we’ll just have to wait and see.”


“It’s gonna be great having two dads,” Alex said.


“Two really cool dads,” T.J. added.


“Thanks for that, boys.  Well, Max, Mike and the others will be back shortly and we told them we’d be decent when they got here, so let’s get some shorts on and be ready for them, I guess.  Actually, if you’re going to go for a walk through the woods, you might as well put on some warm clothes so you’ll be ready to go when they get back.”


“Okay, daddy,” T.J. said as he came over and gave me a hug.  With that, the three took off down the hall to get dressed and I headed to my bedroom to do the same, wiping tears of joy from eyes.



Mike and I arrived at Billy’s home and headed to the door.  I had Mike knock to announce our arrival while I stood behind him.  Sarah answered the door with her son standing behind her, holding a backpack.


“Hi, there, you must be Max and Mike.”


“We are,” I answered.  “I’m obviously Max and this munchkin is my soon-to-be son, Mike,” patting him on the head.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you.  Is Billy ready to go?”


“Right here,” she said, guiding her son in front of her.  Sarah knelt in front of her son and said, “You be a good boy and do as Max says, you hear me?”


“Yes, ma’am.  Thanks for letting me go.”


“What time will you bring him home?” she asked, turning back to me.


“I think around 6’ish, if that’s okay with you?”


“That’ll be fine.  I’ll hold off fixing supper until then.”


As soon as Billy was out the door, he and Mike took off running for the car.  They were both in and buckled before I joined them and we headed to Mark’s home to repeat the process.  When we arrived, both boys hopped out of the car and ran to the door.  Mike had knocked and Mark’s mother opened the door before I joined the boys on the porch.


“Hi Mrs. Reynolds, we’re here to pick up Mark,” Billy said.


“Hang on.”  She turned back into the house and yelled, “Mark, your friends are here.  Get a move on, young man.”  She turned back to the door and asked, “Hi there, I’m Peggy.  Are you Mr. Sanders?”


“That’s me, I’m Max and this is my son, Mike.  I assume you know Billy.”


“Hi Mike, nice to meet another one of Mark’s friends.  Hi, Billy, how are you today?”


“I’m good, Mrs. Reynolds.  We’re going to Mike’s to swim.”


“I know, Mark hasn’t shut up about it all morning.  Are you sure you’re ready to handle four boys for the afternoon?”


“Actually, it’ll be seven.  My own four plus Mark, Billy and Andy.”


“You’re either very brave or very crazy,” Peggy joked.


“I’d prefer to think brave, but it’s more likely I’m crazy,” I laughed.


Mark appeared at his mom’s side at that moment. 


“You got everything, Mark?” Peggy asked.


“Yeah, ma.”


“Swimsuit, clean clothes, including underwear?”


“Ma-a-a-a!  Not in front of the guys,” he whined as he turned pink with embarrassment.  I turned my head to hide my chuckle.


“Well, get out of here, then, and go have some fun.  And you listen to Mr. Sanders and do as he says.  I don’t want to hear you’ve been bad.”


“I’m sure he’ll be fine, Peggy.”  With that, the three boys ran to the car and got ready to go pick up Andy.  “I’ll have him back around 6, is that okay?”


“That’ll be fine.  Thanks, have fun and good luck.”


I joined the boys in the car and we headed to Andy’s home.  Before we got there, I told the boys that I would go to the door by myself this time.  They weren’t happy with that, but they’d have to live with it.  When we got to Andy’s house, I got out of the car, walked to the front door and rang the bell.  The door opened to reveal a rather large man with a gruff look on his face.




“Good afternoon,” I said politely.  “My name is Max Sanders and I’m here to pick up Andy.  Is he ready to go?”


“What the fuck you want with that pain-in-the-ass kid?  The old lady didn’t say nothin’ ‘bout him goin’ nowhere.”


“Well, my son and I talked to your wife last evening and we invited Andy to come to our house to spend an afternoon with my son and two of his other friends, Billy and Mark.”


“I ain’t married to that skank.  If you really want him, take him, I don’t give a fuck.”  He turned to the inside of the house and yelled, “Yo, shithead, get your ass in here.  Your loser friends are here to take you away.”


“We’re going to my house so the boys can go swimming and watch a movie.”


“I don’t care what he does, just get the little turd outta my sight for the day and I’ll be happy.”  Andy had come up behind the man and was trying to sneak around him to get out the door.  “You better not fuck up kid or you’ll pay for it when you get home.”


“I know, sir.  Bye, sir.”


“Come on, Andy, the others are waiting in the car.”  I put my hand on his shoulder as I turned towards the car, but I turned back to the door and said, “I’ll have him back home about 6:00 or 6:15.  Is that all right?”


“Why the fuck would I care?  His mom’ll be home then and she can deal with his sorry ass.”


I could feel Andy shrink under my hand as we walked to the car.  “The middle seat’s full, Andy, why don’t you hop in the front with me?”


“Really, he never lets me sit in the front.”


“Well, you’re not supposed to, but we’re not going that far.”


“Thanks, Mr. Sanders.”


As we pulled away, the boys all said hi to each other and it sounded like they might actually enjoy themselves this afternoon.  After they had calmed down, I asked Andy, “Does your dad always talk to you like that?”


“He ain’t my dad!  He’s just mom’s boyfriend.”


“He doesn’t seem very nice.”


“He ain’t and I wish she’d get rid of him.”


“Okay then, sorry you have to deal with that.”


“It ain’t too bad as long as I stay in my room when he’s around.”


“What’s his name,” I asked.


“Russ Weedman, or something like that.”


By that time, we had reached the drive and I’d made the turn to the house.


“Hey, where we goin’?  Nobody lives back here,” Andy said.


“I do,” Mike called from the back.


We’d just reach the clearing in the center of the trees and the boys got their first look at the house.


“Whoa, you live here, Mike,” Mark asked.


“Yep, with my dad and brothers.”


“Cool place.  Never knew it was back here,” Billy said.


“Wait ‘til you see the inside,” Mike said as I pulled in the garage.  “C’mon, guys, let’s go.”


All four took off for the house, hauling their backpacks with them, as I followed in their footsteps.  There was no need to announce our return as I’m sure the others could hear the peals of laughter.  I found Tom in the living room holding his hands over his ears and I had to laugh.


“What, you expected quiet?  Dreamer.”


“Hey, don’t burst the bubble, man, it’s my dream.”


Mike and his guests came into the living room at a run after dropping backpacks in Mike’s room.


“Hey, who’s the other dude, Mike?” Andy asked as they came to a sudden halt.


“He’s gonna be my other dad as soon as they get married.”


“Two guys can’t get married,” Andy protested.


“Why not?”


“It’s just wrong, that’s why not.”


“Boys, come here and Mike can introduce you.”


They came closer and Mike started with, “Uncle Tom, this is Andy, Mark and Billy.  They’re in my class at school.”


“Hi, guys, nice to meet you.  I hope you have fun this afternoon.”


“He’s a cop and if you’re bad, he’ll haul you off to jail.” Mike added.


“I’ll be good, sir,” Billy started, “I don’t wanna’ go to jail.”


“Me neither,” Mark added.


“Don’t worry boys, I don’t take kids to jail.”


“Hey, dad, can I show ‘em the theater?” Mike asked as he turned to face me.


“Sure, but weren’t you planning to go on a walk to look for deer?”


“In a minute, I want ‘em to see where we’re gonna’ watch a movie later.”


“Okay, go ahead.”  They scooted off and returned in a few minutes chattering wildly.  “You guys ready for your walk now?”


“Yeah, can we go swimming when we get back?”


“You bet.  Are your brothers going with you?”


“I think so.  They said they would.”


“Okay, if you do find deer, remember to be careful around them and don’t get too close.”


“We won’t, dad.”  The four headed to Mike’s room to get ready for their walk and came back shortly with T.J., Alex and Joey following.


“Alex, Joey, watch after them and don’t let anybody get too far apart.  I don’t want to have to send out a search party later to find you.  And make sure you stay away from where the bodies are buried,” I joked.


“We’ll keep an eye on ‘em dad,” Joey said


“And we’ll stay away from your secret corner,” Alex added while grinning evilly and rubbing his hands together.


With that, the seven lads turned and headed for the front door.  As the door opened, I heard ‘Is he serious?  About bodies out there?’  Tom and I chuckled as the door closed.


“So, how did picking the boys up go?”


“Getting them was fine, taking them back is going to be another story.”




“Let’s just say I don’t think we’d be doing Andy any favors taking him back to that house.”  I told Tom what I heard from the man who answered the door.


“Do I need to call Dylan?”


“Not yet.  Let’s see if we see any bruises or marks on Andy when we go for a swim.”


“Just say the word and I’m on the phone.”


“I know, Tom.  Thanks.”



“So, Mike, how long has Mr. Sanders been your dad?” Billy asked.


“We got here last Friday.  Didn’t know for sure we’d get to stay until the next day, though.”


“Yeah, we thought we’d be going back to our foster homes on Sunday,” T.J. said.


“You guys like it here?” Mark asked.


“What’s not to like?  We got a great house, theater, pool, everything we ever wanted,” Joey answered.


“Yeah, and most of the time, we don’t wear no clothes,” Alex tossed into the conversation and promptly clapped his hands over his mouth when he realized what he’d done.


“Dang it, Alex, you weren’t s’posed to say nothin’ ‘bout that.”


“I know, sorry,” he mumbled as he hung his head and stared at the ground.


“Wait, you guys run around naked all the time?” Andy asked, surprise showing on his face.


“Since big-mouth screwed up and let it slip, yeah, we do” Joey said.


“Ain’t that weird?” Mark asked.


“A little at first, maybe, but now we been doin’ it for a week, so not no more,” Mike answered.


“What ‘bout your dad and the other dude?” Billy quizzed.  “They don’t wear no clothes, either?”


T.J., Mike, Joey and Alex exchanged a glance with each other.  Finally, T.J. shrugged his shoulders and said, “Yeah, them, too.  Why wouldn’t they?”


“Wow!” Billy said.  “I ain’t never seen my dad naked.”


“Me either,” Mark added.


“I don’t even know my dad,” Andy mumbled, looking down at the ground.  “And I sure don’t want to see Russ naked.  He probably looks as nasty as his moods are.”


“Look, guys,” Joey interrupted, “we weren’t s’posed to say nothin’ and you guys ain’t s’posed know about it.  You can’t tell no one,” he begged.


“Yeah, if you say anything, it could screw up our adoption.  We don’t want that to happen,” Alex said.  “We can’t go back to where we were.”


“Please, say you won’t say nothin’,” T.J. pleaded.


“Hang on, I ain’t too sure ‘bout that.  This don’t sound right,” Andy said.  “Mark, Billy, come here a sec.”


While Andy, Mark and Billy huddled into a serious talk, Joey turned to Alex, “Man, Alex, you really fucked up this time.”


“I know.  I’m really sorry guys, I just hope they keep their mouths shut.”


“We’ll find out soon enough.  Here they come,” T.J. said pointing towards the other three.


“Okay, here’s what we’ll do.  I think you’ll like it.  We’ll keep your secret on one condition.” Andy said.


“What!?  That sounds like you’re gonna’ blackmail us,” Joey responded.


“Call it what you want.  You wanna’ hear the condition?”


“Probably not, but spit it out anyway.”


“Okay, we’ll keep quiet if we get to join you when we get back to the house.”


“Wait, you guys want to go naked, too?” Mike asked.


“Why not?” Billy asked.  “None of us got anything special to hide, do we?”


“Not compared to Uncle Tom, we don’t,” T.J. giggled.


“Oh, and one more thing,” Andy said, “Your dad and that Tom dude have to get naked, too.”


“Uh-oh, that could be a problem.  I don’t think they’ll do it with you three here,” Alex said.


“That’s the deal, take or leave it.”


“It’s our turn to talk, Andy, give us a minute, okay?” Joey said.


My four made their own huddle and returned with an action plan.


“Okay,” Joey started, “Here’s what we’ll do,” and he explained the plan.  “You think that’ll work?”


“It’s worth trying,” Andy answered as he grinned mischievously.



After about 30 minutes of being outside, we heard the front door open as the seven boys returned.


“Hi guys, did you enjoy the walk?”


“Yeah, it’s pretty neat out there,” Andy said.


“Even though we didn’t find any deer or bodies,” Mark laughed.


“You got any more trails out here?” Billy asked.


“Several of them.  You’ll have to come back when it’s warmer and try them out.”


“That’d be cool, thanks, Mr. Sanders.”


“You want some hot chocolate before we go swimming?”


“That’d be great, dad,” Mike answered.


It took Tom and I five minutes to get the warm drinks made and set on the table for the boys.  “Tom and I will get ready to swim while you warm up a bit.  Don’t forget to put your cups in the sink when you’re done.”


“We will, dad,” Alex answered.


Tom and I headed to our bedroom to change.  When I closed the bedroom door, I looked at him and asked, “Does something seem a little off to you?”


“What?  I didn’t notice anything.”


“It might just be my imagination, but they seemed awfully quiet when they came back in from their walk.  Especially for seven boys.”


“That’s fine with me,” Tom laughed.  “Sure beats hearing them screaming in the pool.”


“We’ll see.”  We got our swim shorts on, grabbed towels and headed out the living room to wait for the boys to be ready.  As we passed the kitchen, we noticed the table was empty, so we assumed the boys were changing in their rooms.  Tom and I sat by the fireplace and we didn’t have long to wait before we could hear the giggles of seven boys coming down the hall from their rooms.  I’m not sure why, but I was shocked as they turned the corner into the living room and formed a line in front of us, towels tossed over their shoulders.


“Okay, dad, we’re ready, let’s go,” Mike grinned.


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