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Chapter 41 – Rose Takes a Hike


“What’s going on, Tom?  If we can help, you know we will.”


“Well, Max talked to his mom a little while ago and she told us the lawyer Max’s dad hired has decided to no longer represent him and Jim is not a happy camper.  His dad is being a real bitchy pain in the ass and driving Rose bonkers.  She’s decided she needs to get the hell outta’ Dodge for a bit and thought she might head your direction and stay at the lodge at Pere Marquette for a while.  She wondered if you and mom might like a drop-in visitor while she’s in the area.”


“We’d love that and we’ll even go a step further.  Why doesn’t she just stay with Estelle and me?  No sense spending good money on the lodge when we have perfectly good empty bedroom here.  I’m sure she’d be quite comfortable in your old room, son.”


“Yeah, she probably would.  What do you think, Max?”


“That sounds like a great idea, Bill.  However, she probably won’t be too at ease with you and Estelle being nude.”


“No worries, Max.  We can cover up if need be, won’t bother us at all.  We really liked your mom and would enjoy spending more time with and getting to know her better.”


“As long you’re sure it’s not an imposition.  I don’t want put you guys out.”


“We’re happy to do it, Max.  I’ll let Estelle know when she gets home from the store that we’re going to have a guest.  Then we can get Tom’s room spruced up a bit and get everything ready for her.”


“That sounds perfect, Bill.  We really appreciate this.  I’ll call mom back after supper and let her know.  Is it okay if we give her your number so she can talk call you to get directions and make arrangements?”


“Of course, it is.  Why would even ask such a silly question?”


“I always ask before giving out phone numbers that aren’t mine, Bill.”


“Well, give her the number and when she calls, we’ll arrange everything.  Don’t you worry one bit, we’ll take good care of her.” 


“Thanks, dad, we appreciate the help.  And we’re sure Rose will, too.  We’ll talk to you later.”


“Bye, son, Max.  You take care of those boys.  Oh, and take care of yourselves, too,” he chuckled.


We ended the call and looked at each other with wide smiles.  “I think that went well, don’t you, Tom?”


“Very different than I thought.  My mom and dad must really like your mom.  They usually hate to have other people stay in the house with them.  They don’t mind occasional visitors, but actual houseguests are unheard of.”


“I’m gonna’ call mom right now and give her the good news.”  I grabbed the phone and dialed the number. 


Unfortunately, my dad answered this time.  “What the hell do you want?”


“I’d like to talk to mom, if that’s okay with you.”


“Not gonna’ happen.  I overheard her talkin’ to you earlier and she ain’t goin’ nowhere.”


“Dad, if she wants to leave, you can’t stop her.”


“Watch me, faggot.”  With that, he hung up the phone.


“Uh-oh, we’ve got a problem, Tom.  I think I need to go get mom, and right now.  I’m not leaving her in that house with that rotten bastard.”


“Go, we’ll do our celebration supper another night.”


“Thanks.  Do me a favor and call Dylan, see if he can meet me at mom and dad’s.  I hope his presence won’t be necessary, but I have the feeling it probably will be from the way the old man sounded.”  I gave Tom the address and started getting dressed so I could leave.  The fantastic five strolled in and asked what was happening.  “I need to go get Mama Rose.”


“But, I thought we were going out to supper to celebrate?” Joey said.


“Sorry, son, this is more important.  I need to be sure mom’s safe.”


“That’s all right, dad, go get her,” Alex said.


I left home in a rush and pulled up in front of mom and dad’s twenty-five minutes later.  I was relieved to see a county Sherriff’s car waiting for me and as I climbed out my car, Dylan stepped out of his.  We met between our cars to have a chat before knocking on the door.  “Hey, Dylan, thanks for coming out,” I greeted as we shook hands.


“What’s going on, Max?  Tom just said you might need some help.”


“I’m here to check on my mom.  Dad’s having real problems with me being gay and adopting the boys.  He’s actin’ a lot like the Muellers.  Thanks to his freakin’ church, he believes Tom and I are both sickos who shouldn’t have any contact with kids and he even went so far as to hire a lawyer to get the boys taken out of our house.  The lawyer he’d hired backed out of it this morning and when I talked to mom earlier this afternoon, she said dad was ranting non-stop about it.  She told me, then, she wants to get away from him for a bit and Tom and I made arrangements for my mom to go stay with his parents for a while.  When I called back to tell mom the good news, dad refused to let me talk to her and said he wouldn’t allow her to go anywhere.  I need to get her out of here before dad loses it completely.”


“Has your dad ever shown an inclination towards violence?”


“Not that I know of, but I haven’t lived here for almost 15 years.  Who knows what he’s capable of doing, now?  I just need to make sure mom’s safe and if she wants out, I want to make that happen right now.”


“Well, let’s quit wasting time out here in the street and go make our presence known.”


“Thanks.”  I turned and quickly walked to the front door with Dylan at my heels.


I knocked on the door and a short moment later, my dad yelled through the closed door, “Who’s there and what d’ya want!?”


“Dad, it’s Max, and I want to see mom.”


“Go away!  Nobody here wants to see you!”


“Excuse me,” Dylan said as he gently pushed me away from the door.  He then pounded on the door and called out, “Mr. Sanders, my name is Sergeant Dylan Brock of the Sangamon County Sherriff’s department.  I have your son out here with me and he believes his mother may be in danger.  You will open this door and let us in or I will break it down.  It’s your choice.”


“Go away, damn you!  There ain’t nobody in danger here!”


“I’ll be the judge of that once I’ve talked to you and your wife, face to face.  Open the door, NOW!”  That command got dad’s attention and I heard the lock click and watched as dad slowly opened the door.  “Thank you, sir, may we come in, please?”


“Not like I have much choice in the matter, is it?” dad spat.


“At this moment, sir, no, you don’t.  Thank you.”  Dylan stood back and waved his hand, “After you, Max.”


I entered the house with Dylan following and immediately looked around for mom.  She was nowhere to be seen so, while Dylan stayed in the living room with dad, I headed to their bedroom to continue my search and found it empty.  I then remembered she’d said she had been sleeping in Lee’s old room, so I turned around and headed that direction.  I knocked on the closed door and after hearing no response, gently opened it to find mom laying on the bed, face buried in a pillow, her body heaving as she sobbed.  I quickly walked over to the bed, sat down, and laid my hand on her back.  She jumped at the touch, but I whispered, “It’s okay, mom, I’m here to help.”


On hearing my voice, she rolled over, sat straight up and pulled me into a hug.  “Oh, thank god, son, your dad’s gone stark raving lunatic on us.  You have to get me out of here before he does something really stupid.”


“That’s why I’m here, mom.  Go pack what you need.  You’re leaving with me.”


“But how are you going to get me out of here?  He won’t let me leave.”


“I brought some help with me, mom.  Dad doesn’t have a choice.”


“Good for you, son, I knew you’d figure something out.  But where am I gonna’ go?  He’ll find me.”


“It’s all arranged, and he won’t be able to find you.  Not where you’re going.”


“Give me five minutes and I’ll be ready.”


“Do you need any help?”


“No, just keep that ignorant bastard out of my way.”


“Consider it done.”  We headed out of the bedroom and while mom continued on to their bedroom, I turned towards the living room and rejoined Dylan and dad.  I found dad sitting on the couch while Dylan stood in front of him.  “Well, dad, I hope you happy with yourself.  You’ve not only pushed me and my new family out of your life, but now it looks like you’re doing the same with mom.”


“None of this would be happening if you weren’t one of those sissy-pants freaks.  Your type is ruining this country.”


“No, dad, that’s where you’re wrong.  Us ‘sissy-pants freaks’ are just fine the way we are.  What’s slowly killing this country is the fucking religious lunatics like you who think anyone who doesn’t think like you is some sort of lower lifeform that has no right to exist.  This is the 21st century, damn it!  The sooner you grow up and realize the world is changing, the better off you’ll be.  Until you do that, I guess you’ll be stuck living here alone, trying to figure out where you went wrong.  I feel sorry for you.”


“I don’t want your pity, you fucking pervert.  I!  WANT!  YOU!  OUT!  OF!  MY!  HOUSE!”


“You’ll get your wish soon enough, old man.  As soon as mom has her stuff packed, we’re outta’ here.”


“You’re not takin’ my woman anywhere.  She belongs to me, dammit.”


“Max,” Dylan interrupted, “Why don’t you go see if you can help your mom?  I got this.”  I turned and headed out of the living room and saw Dylan sit on the table in front of my dad.  Knowing mom didn’t need or want my help at the moment, I stopped in the hallway to listen to what Dylan had to say.  “Mr. Sanders, please listen closely to what I’m about to tell you.


“First, Mrs. Sanders is not your woman and she does not belong to you.  She is a human being, endowed by her creator with the same rights as you.  She may be your wife, but that does not make her your property.  Trust me on this, I know all too well what happens when one person believes they own another.  Nothing good ever comes from that.  Mrs. Sanders is free to do as she chooses and, right now, I believe, she chooses to leave this house.  I am here to make sure she can do so if what she wants.


“Second, us ‘sissy-pants freaks’ and ‘perverts’ are also human beings, just like you, with the same rights as you.”  I could just see my father cringing in sheer horror at this big, black cop telling him he is gay, also.  “There, you see, from your reaction, I know you can’t believe that a black guy like me, and a cop to boot, could possibly be gay.  Well, Mr. Sanders, believe me when I say I am.  And I’m damn proud of it, also.  Who I am has no effect on how I do my job.  I enforce the law equally to all people, just as I’m supposed to do.  I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, trans, pink, red, yellow, brown, black, whatever, if you commit a crime, I’m going to do my job and work my ass off to see you receive the punishment you deserve.


“Third, you may think your religious beliefs override the Constitution and other laws of this country, but I’m here to tell you they don’t.  You are free to believe anything you want for whatever reason you want, right up to the point where you start infringing on the rights of other people.  You cross that line, then you’re breaking the law and it will be my job to see that you are stopped in your tracks.  And I will gladly do so.


“Lastly, when I talk to Mrs. Sanders, if she says she wants to stay in this house with you, then your son and I will leave without her.  However, if she says she wants to leave, there is nothing you can do to stop her.  She is free to go if that is what she desires.  Do you understand?”


“What I understand is this, you’re just another one of those people who are out to destroy this country by any means necessary.  And you have a badge and gun to help you do just that.  What’s the hell is wrong with you people?  Why are you so hell-bent on changing the laws of nature and God?”


“Sir, do you believe that God created man in his own image and He doesn’t make mistakes?”


“Of course, I do.  What kind of fool question is that?”


“Then you should know that God created Max, Tom, their sons, me and whole bunch of other people like us, same as he created you and your wife.  And if He doesn’t make mistakes, then there can’t be anything wrong with us, can there?  The simple fact that we are attracted to and love a person of the same sex should have no bearing on the discussion if God doesn’t make mistakes, should it?”


“Your twisting the words to fit your agenda.”


“No, sir, I’m not.  I’m doing just as you do, selecting only the parts I choose to believe and follow.  If it works that way for you, I should be allowed the same privilege.”


Mom picked that moment to come out of their bedroom with a suitcase and overnight bag, ready to leave.  I took the suitcase from her and we headed to the living room.


“I think we’re ready, Dylan,” I said as we joined him and my dad.


“Thank you, Max.  Mrs. Sanders, before we go, I need to know if Mr. Sanders has injured or hurt you in any way besides not letting you leave the house.”


“Absolutely not!  He might be a mean and hateful old curmudgeon whose brain isn’t properly wired, but he knows better than to ever raise a hand to me.  If he’d ever done something like that, he knows there’s no place on this Earth far enough away to hide and be safe from my wrath.”


“That’s good to hear ma’am.  Now, is it your decision and intention to leave this home this afternoon with your son?”


“Damn right, it is.  As long as he’s being an ass, I don’t want to be around him.  If he can come to grips with reality and accept life as it is, I might, and I stress might, be willing to come back.  He’s gonna’ have to prove he’s changed his attitude before I step foot in this house again.”


“Very well, ma’am,” Dylan responded.  He turned back to my dad and continued, “Mr. Sanders, we’ll be leaving now.  If, at some point in the future, Mrs. Sanders wishes to return to this home, I fully expect you to embrace that decision, but I believe it’s going to take some work on your part to make that happen.  While I can’t force you to do so, I would advise you to seek counseling to accept the truth of who your son and his family are.  I have seen too many families fractured beyond repair due to people refusing to accept their children for who they are, mine included.  Mrs. Sanders appears to have made her decision, so now it’s up to you.”


Dylan turned back to mom and me and said, “Let’s go folks.” 


The three of us walked out the front door and as soon as I closed the door, mom started crying.  I wrapped my free arm around her shoulder and guided her to the car.  After getting her into the front seat, I put her suitcase and overnight bag in the back, then went to talk to Dylan.


“Thanks for coming out this evening, Dylan.  I hate to bring you into our family situation like this, but I do appreciate your help.”


“Helping keep the peace is all part of the job, Max.  You think he’ll change?”


“Who knows?  We can always hope.”


“I wish you luck, Max.  You takin’ your mom to your house?”


“For now, but we’ve made arrangements with Tom’s parents for her to go spend some time with them.  We’ll deal with that tomorrow.  That way, dad can’t find her and try to force her to come back.”


“That sounds like a good idea.  Let me know if you need anything else, Max.”


“I will, Dylan.  Thanks, again, for your help and have a great evening.”


We got into our separate cars and headed out.  As I pulled away from the curb, mom looked back to the house, tears flooding her eyes.


“Are you sure you want to do this mom?”


“Hell no, I’m not sure,” she cried.  “I love that miserable old fart, but there are days where I just want to wring his scrawny little neck.  And I’ve had a lot of those days the last few months.”


“Well, okay, then.  Let me call home and let ‘em know we’re on the way.”  I punched the button on the steering wheel to activate my phone and waited for the call to go through.


“Sanders Ranch,” Tom answered.


“Ranch?  Really, Tom?”


“You keep sayin’ we have to run herd on these five, so ranch seems about right to me.”


“Good point.  Hey, we’re on the way home, should be there in about twenty or twenty-five minutes.  Make sure y’all are decent when we get there.”


“Gotcha’, boss.  Got a little surprise for ya’ when you get here.”


“I hate surprises, Tom, and I’ve had way too many lately.  What’s goin’ on?”


“You’ll just have to wait ‘til you get here, babe.  It’s a good one, promise.”


“It better be or you’ll be joining the tenants in the northeast corner.”


“Trust me,” he said and then disconnected the call before I could say anything else. 


I couldn’t imagine what surprise he had in store for us, but I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like it.  It was a quiet ride the rest of the way as mom stewed about dad and I worried about what awaited our arrival at home.  When I pulled into the garage, there was strange car in the drive.  I already had enough problems to deal with, I sure as hell didn’t need uninvited guests on top everything else.  I grabbed mom’s bags from the trunk while she got out of the car.  We hadn’t gotten halfway to the door to the house when we were joined by Alex and Joey.  They gave mom a quick hug, then came over to me and grabbed the suitcase and overnight bag.


“So, what’s the surprise?” I asked.


“You have to wait until we’re inside,” Joey responded.


“Yeah, pops swore us to secrecy,” Alex added helpfully.


I led the parade into the living room and when I turned the corner from the hallway, I was amazed to see Bill and Estelle sitting next to Tom, smiling.  I picked my jaw up off the floor and asked, “What are you two doing here?”


“You called for help, didn’t you?” Bill asked.


“Well, yeah, but this is above and beyond.”


“We figured why wait, we’d just come up and take Rose home with us.  That okay with you?”


“Fine with me, but you better check with mom and see if she’s ready.”


“How about it Rose?  You ready for a little road trip?” Estelle asked as she gave mom a hug.


“Oh, Estelle, you have no idea.  But, I haven’t made a reservation at the lodge yet.  What if they don’t have a room available?”


“You don’t need one, Rose, you’re staying with us.  We’ve got you all set up in Tom’s old room.”


“Oh, I can’t do that.  That’s asking way too much.”


“Nonsense.  We have plenty of room and this will give us a great chance to get to know each other better.  If we can get these two lunks to pick a date for their wedding, we might even be able to start making plans for the big event.”


“That does sound like fun.  But, really, I don’t want to impose.  Besides, I don’t want to encroach on the freedom you two enjoy at home.”


“Don’t worry about it, Rose.  We don’t have a problem staying clothed when the need arises,” Estelle said.


“As long as you’re sure it’s okay, I’d be happy to join you.”


“We’re absolutely sure, Rose,” Bill said as he stood up.  “Let’s get this show on the road.  We can stop and have supper at a good restaurant on the way.”


The boys gave goodbye hugs to Bill, Estelle and my mom, then Joey and Alex picked up mom’s suitcase and overnight bag, again, and led the way back to the garage.  Once I opened the big door, the twins headed out to Bill and Estelle’s car and after Bill popped open the trunk, they put her stuff there for the ride to Grafton.  Estelle climbed in the back seat with mom and Bill settled himself behind the wheel.  I heard Estelle say, “Home, James” just before the car doors closed.


After Bill lowered his window, I said, “If you need anything, let us know.”


“We got this covered, Max.  See y’all later.”


“Thanks for comin’ up, dad.  We appreciate it,” Tom said.  “And don’t forget to call when you get home.”


“Yes, worry-wart.”  With that, Bill backed the car up, turned around and headed on down drive while we all waved goodbye.  Once the car disappeared past the trees, we turned and hustled back inside since none of us had grabbed a coat and it was starting to get really chilly, what with the sun having already dropped below the treetops.  As soon as we were inside the garage, the boys started peeling off clothes and were well on their way to being comfortable when we reentered the house.  Tom and I, though, opted to wait until I’d closed the door between the house and garage to join them as neither one of us enjoyed the cold quite that much.


After everyone was undressed, we met in the kitchen to figure out what we were going to have for supper tonight.  After going over the various options of available food, it was decided by a popular vote of five against two for good old macaroni and cheese.  While I got out the pan in which to boil the pasta, the boys got the table set and drinks taken care of as usual.  Fifteen minutes later, we sat down to a basic, but tasty, meal.


“Well, that was a nice surprise, Tom, your parents being here.  How’d you arrange that?”


“Actually, mom and dad did it all.  Right after you left to pick up Rose, mom called me to find out what was going on.  I told her you’d just left to get your mom, but I wasn’t sure where we were going put her tonight since we’re down a bed.  Mom insisted they drive up today to pick her up and take her back home with them.  I sure wasn’t going to argue with her about it.  I mean, why waste my breath?”


“You’ll be glad to know the twins kept your secret.”  Joey and Alex smiled proudly and gave each other a high five.  “Since I hadn’t seen their car when they were here Tuesday, I didn’t recognize it in the driveway tonight.  I couldn’t imagine who was here.”


“Well, you’re mom’s safe with them.”


“That’s good to know.  Now I just need to figure out what to do with the old man.”


“Can’t help you there, babe.”


“I know.”  I turned to look at T.J., Mike and Andy, then Joey and Alex, and asked, “So what’s on the schedule tonight, guys?”


“Can we go swimming?” Andy asked.


“And then watch a movie?” Mike added.


“Both sound like good ideas to me, boys.  Swimming and a movie, it is.”  Then, I turned back to Alex and Joey and asked, “When we’re done eating, will bring me that math book and the problems you were working on earlier?  I’d like to take a look at what you did.”


“You bet, dad,” they answered.


It didn’t take long for everyone to finish their mac and cheese and as the boys were cleaning up the table, Joey brought me the math book and the work they’d done so I could review it.  I wasn’t really surprised to find that both had every answer correct.


“And this was from the middle of the book?” I asked.


“Yeah, we didn’t find anything new or different to work on until then,” Joey answered.  I flipped back to the front of the book and looked over the first two or three chapters.


“Okay, here’s what I want you two to do.  I’m going to give you both a new notebook to use while you work your way through the book.  I want you to start at the beginning of the text and complete all the homework problems and tests at the end of each chapter.  All your work will be done in the new notebooks and I want to review your work every chapter.  As quickly as you went through the one chapter this afternoon, I expect you’ll have the book completed by the middle of April.  When you’re done, I’ll take the two notebooks and have a meeting with Mr. Furman and see what he says.  Sound like a plan to you guys?”


“Great, dad,” Alex answered.  “But, I think we’ll be done with it by the end of the month, don’t you, Joey?”


“If it’s all as easy as what we did today, probably sooner.  It’s only thirty-five chapters.”  I shook my head in disbelief at the confidence they had in their abilities.


“Whoa, take a chill pill, guys.  There’s no need to rush your way through it and I don’t want this to interfere with your other school work.”


“Don’t worry, it won’t, dad,” they replied.


“And one more thing.  Mr. Furman wasn’t too sure about letting you have this text, so it stays home until you’re done with it.  I don’t want to cause any problems at the school if other kids know you have it.  Understood?”


“Got it, dad.”


“Good, now, let’s go for a swim.”  We grabbed our towels and headed out to the pool.  After the initial roughhousing that had become a normal part of our time in the pool, Tom and I separated ourselves from the fantastic five and headed for calmer waters. 


After we’d gotten settled in our corner, I leaned over and whispered, “When we go to bed tonight, I want you in me, lover.”


He opened his eyes wide in surprise and responded, “You sure about that?  We haven’t worked on any stretching lately.  It’s gonna’ to hurt like hell.”


“Positive.  Having those five rubbing their hard little peckers all over us has got me hotter than hell.  I won’t be happy until I can finally feel you deep inside me.”


“If that’s what you want, I’m only too happy to fulfill your wishes.  And your ass, too,” he added as he grinned evilly.


“It’s a date, then.  Just remember to lock the door when we get there this time.  We don’t need another audience.”


“Oh, I don’t know, I think that adds a bit of extra excitement, knowing we’re being watched.  Who knows, they might learn something new.”


“That may be true, but I highly doubt sex education by living example is an accepted method of teaching your children about sex.”


“Accepted by who?”


“Anybody.  Now, on to another subject.  We have a judge, parents and others who have all asked us when we’re getting married.  Don’t you think we should get serious about picking a date?”


“You pick a date and I’m there,” he smiled.


“This is an ‘us’ type decision, bubba, not a ‘me’ type.  I want your opinion.”


“Is tomorrow too soon?”


I punched him on the shoulder since I didn’t feel I should be slapping his head quite yet, then said, “You know it is.  We can’t get a license, blood tests, invitations and everything else handled in a couple of hours.  Besides, don’t we want it outside?”


“Of course, we do.  I was just yanking your chain.”


“I’ll have something for you to yank a little later,” I smiled.  “I’m thinking sometime around the middle of the month, maybe the second weekend after Mike’s birthday.  It shouldn’t be too hot, yet, and the bugs won’t be out in full force, either.  It also gives us a decent lead time to arrange caterers, flowers, tents, whatever.  Does that sound good to you?”


“Perfect.  Let’s look at a calendar when we go inside and pick the actual date.  When mom and dad call to tell us they got home okay, we can let them know.  That’ll give them a chance to start thinking about it and doing some basic planning for us.”


“Sounds good, Tom.  I’ll call Lee tonight and let her know, also.  I’ll let you call David tomorrow so he can block out the date on his calendar and let his wife know.  Who else?  Oh, yeah, Dylan and Carol, can’t forget them, either.  I know we’ll be sending them invitations, but I think they deserve a phone call, too.”


“Carol, especially, since this wouldn’t be happening without her meddling.”


“Don’t you ever say that word to her.  When I first told her about us getting together, she freaked out and said she shouldn’t have been meddling in our lives.”


“My lips are sealed.”


Suddenly, from the other end of the pool, we heard, “DADS! Get over here, T.J.’s hurt.”  We both took off for the other end of the pool and when we got to the boys, found T.J. being held up by Alex and Joey, eyes wide open and gasping for breath.


I took T.J. in my arms, climbed out of the pool and walked to the closest chaise where I gently laid him down and rolled him on his side.  “What happened?” I asked as the others surrounded us.


“He jumped off the step into the water just as I was lifting my leg and he landed on it, right on my knee,” Joey cried.  “I didn’t mean to, it just happened.”


“I know you didn’t mean for this to happen, Joey.  I think he’s just had the breath knocked out of him.”  I turned to Tom and asked, “Do you think we should call 9-1-1?”


“Definitely.  Don’t want to take a chance on him having inhaled water while trying to breathe.  Keep him on his side and I’ll take care of it.”  Tom ran inside and made the call.  He was back in a minute, “They’ll be here in about 10 minutes.  How’s his breathing?”


“Still gasping.  Do you know CPR?”


“I do, but as long he’s breathing on his own, however ugly it may be, you don’t want to do that.  Wait for the EMTs to make that call.”


“Hang in there, son, help’s on the way.”  T.J. nodded weakly to let me know he understood. 


By the time we heard the first siren of the rapidly approaching emergency crew, T.J.’s breathing had almost returned to normal and he was able to croak, “I’m okay, I just … couldn’t breathe.”  The other four boys hadn’t left his side the entire time and Tom turned to head to the front door to meet the EMTs.  As I watched his bare backside leave the pool shelter, it suddenly hit me we were all still nude.  Oh well, too late to do anything about that now.



As I opened the front door to the house, it suddenly hit me I was still nude.  I looked around really quickly for a cover of some type, but there was none to be found.  As the first EMT came through the door, I could see surprise written across his face.


“Where’s the problem,” he asked.


“Out at the pool, straight through the glass doors over there,” I answered as I pointed the direction he should go.


“I’ll go on out, then.  My partner will be right behind me with oxygen and a stretcher.”  He continued on while I waited at the open door for his partner.  Damn it was cold outside and I could feel some major shrinkage happening as the chill wind hit me.  The second EMT finally arrived with the stretcher and oxygen and after he got inside as over the surprise of finding me nude, I closed the door and led him through the house and out to the pool.



“Step back guys and let me see what’s going on,” the EMT said.


“Hi, I’m his dad, Max Sanders.  He’s doing better now.  I think he just got the wind knocked out of him, but I don’t know if he took in any water since we were all in the pool when it happened,” I told the EMT as I moved out of his way and the boys backed up also.  Tom was leading the other EMT into the pool shelter as the one already here knelt next to the chaise.


“Hi, young man, my name is Doug and I’m going to check you out.  Can you tell me your name?”


“T.J.,” he croaked.


“Good, T.J., can you tell me what happened?”


“I jumped off the … steps into the water … and hit something hard,” he managed to say between ragged breaths.


“Any idea what it was you hit?”


Joey raised his hand and through quivering lips offered, “My knee.”


“Okay, thanks.  T.J., can you show me where his knee hit you?”


“Right, here,” he answered, pointing to his chest just to the right of center.  “It hurts really bad.”


“I bet it does.  I’m going to listen to your chest right now, so bear with me, okay?”  T.J. nodded as Doug put his stethoscope in his ears and started listening to his chest and back.  While he was doing that, the other EMT started taking T.J.’s blood pressure and pulse.  After moving the end of his scope around to several locations, he pulled it back out of his ears, and said, “Your lungs sound good.  I’m not hearing anything I shouldn’t be, so it doesn’t sound like you got any water in there.  That’s a good thing, by the way.”  T.J. gave him a weak grin.  “Now, I need you to lay on your back for me so I can check your ribs, okay?”


“Uh, huh.”  T.J. slowly rolled onto his back, wincing in pain as he did so.  Doug started lightly pressing his fingertips around T.J.’s chest, focusing on his ribs.  When he hit the spot T.J. had pointed to, there was sharp intake of breath and a whimper from our son.


“Looks like he might have cracked a rib, Mr. Sanders.  The only way to know for sure would be to take him to the ER for an x-ray.”  He looked to his partner and asked, “How’s his vitals?”


“Looking good, Doug.  Pulse might be a touch fast, but not too bad.  Oxygen’s a bit low, also, but that could be due to the way he’s been breathing.  Still, probably ought to get a mask on him.”


“Good.  Get the mask on.”  Doug turned to me and asked, “So, we going to take him in for an x-ray?”


“If he did get water in his lungs, would that show up?”


“If there’s enough of it, it would.” 


“Then let’s do it.  I want to make sure he’s okay.”


“No problem.  I would, however, recommend you wear a bit more that you are right now,” he chuckled.  “We’re not going to a come as you are party.”


“Thanks, Doug, but I knew that.  I’ll be ready to go when you are.”


“I’m going, too,” Joey called.


“You don’t have to do that, Joey.”


“Yeah, I do!  It was my knee, I’m going!”


“Okay, okay, chill out.  Go get some clothes on and grab a pair of shorts for T.J.  Then bring ‘em back out here so we can slip ‘em on.”  Joey turned and ran for the house.  “Should we get a shirt for him, too, Doug.”


“No point in that, they’d just take it back off at the ER to check him over there and do the x-ray.  We’ll wrap him up in some nice toasty blankets to keep him warm for the trip in.  Wouldn’t hurt to take one with you though so he’ll have it to wear back home.”


I was going to have Joey grab some other clothes for T.J., but he was long gone.  “Andy, Mike, why don’t you go get a shirt, sweats, shoes and socks also?  Put them in one of the plastic bags from the pantry and meet me in the living room.”  I ran to the bedroom to get dressed for the trip to the hospital.  As I came back into the living room, I met Doug and his partner heading through the living room to the front door, wheeling a mummy-wrapped T.J. between them.  Joey was right behind them, dressed and ready to roll and he was followed by Tom and Alex.  Andy and Mike were just coming back from their bedroom with the other clothes I asked them to get for T.J.


“Which hospital you want us to use, Mr. Sanders, Saints or Memorial?”


“Memorial, please.”


“We’ll see you there,” Doug said as they pulled T.J. through the door and loaded him into the ambulance.


I turned to Tom, Alex, Andy and Mike and said, “We’ll be back as soon as we can.  You got this, right?”


“Go, we’ll be fine, Max.  Call us when you know what’s going on.”


“Thanks, love you.”  I gave tom a kiss and the boys a hug, then Joey and I headed to the garage for the long trip to town.


“I’m really sorry, dad, I never meant to hurt T.J.”


“I know that, son, and don’t worry, he’s going to be just fine.”


The rest of the ride was pretty quiet except for an occasional sniffle from my passenger.  I caught up to the ambulance soon enough, but decided to just follow instead of passing them.  I didn’t see much point for us to arrive at the ER before T.J.  When we arrived at our destination, I found a parking spot while the EMTs unloaded T.J. and wheeled him into the ER.  We were five seconds behind them when we entered the ER lobby ourselves and I came face-to-face with the lovely Miss Mabel. 


“Hello, Mabel, how are you tonight?” I asked in greeting.


“Fine, sir, how may I help you?” she grumped without looking up.


“First, you can start by changing your attitude.  Second, you could at least look at me when you speak to me.”  She slowly raised her head and when she finally saw who was standing there, her eyes narrowed and her face turned red with anger.


“And just what do you want, tonight?” 


“My son was just brought in by ambulance after an accident in our pool.  I’d like to give you the information you need so you can enter it into your little computer sitting in front of your face.”


“Fine, patient’s name?”


“Thomas James Bruce, T.J. for short.”


“Address?”  I gave her the address and continued providing the information she requested.  We finally got to the question I was waiting for, “Responsible party?”


“That would be me, of course, Max Sanders, same address and phone numbers.”


“C’mon, dad, how much longer is this gonna’ take?  We gotta’ get in there with T.J.,” Joey whined while tugging at my sleeve.


“Just another minute, Joey.  Patience, young man.”  I turned back to Mabel and asked, “Do you need anything else before I can join my son?”


“What is your relationship to the patient?”


“I’m his father, did you not hear me say that at the beginning of our conversation?”


“But, your last name is Sanders and the patient’s is Bruce.  Just how can you be his father when your names are different.”


“Well, if your nosiness must absolutely know, I’m in the process of adopting him.”  A hideously evil smirk flooded the pudgy countenance she called a face.


“That means the adoption’s not finalized yet, which also means you’re not his father, yet, which means you’re not going back there.”


“I’m afraid you’re quite wrong in your reasoning, Mabel.  We are going back to be with our son and brother and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”  I turned and headed towards the doors to the treatment area and I saw Mr. Security step in front of them to block my path.  I quickly whispered something to Joey and then greeted the guard.  “Good evening, I’m going in to be with my son.”


“Sorry, sir, but if Mabel says you don’t go in, you don’t go in.”


“Do you remember me from last Saturday?  Do you remember the chat you had with Sergeant Brock?  Would like to have that conversation with him, again, at the police station?”


“He ain’t here with you now, so go sit down over there,” he grumbled while point a finger towards some empty seats.


“Nope, not gonna happen.  Joey, would you like to help me out here?”


“Sure thing, dad.”  He pulled a chair over and then climbed up on the seat so he was standing eye-to-eye with the guard.  “Look, buttface, I don’t know who you are and, right now, I freakin’ don’t care!  But my little brother’s in there and I ain’t lettin’ him stay in there by hisself!  You either get outta’ our way or I’m gonna’ kick you in the balls so hard you’re gonna’ need to blow your damn nose to get ‘em back!  And while you’re squirmin’ on the floor, squealin’ in pain, I’m gonna’ step on your sorry ass as we go over you!  Now, you gonna’ let us by or am I gonna’ have to kick you where you won’t never forget you been kicked?”


The poor schmuck was too dumfounded at Joey’s verbal assault to respond.  Even if he’d tried to say something, we wouldn’t have heard a word of it over the round of applause Joey was receiving from the few others in the waiting room.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought, ya’ big dumb jerkoff.  Why don’t you go do somethin’ useful, like sit in the corner and suck on your thumb?”  Joey climbed off the chair, took my hand and said in his most polite voice, “C’mon, let’s go, dad.”  We stepped around the guard and entered hallowed ground. 


“Boy, I’m glad you’re on my side, Joey,” I chuckled.


“Always, dad.”


I found a nurse and asked her where we could find T.J.  She kindly directed us to a treatment cubby with divider curtains pulled around it and when Joey and I entered the space, I found another familiar and, hopefully, a friendlier face. 


Joey hustled to the bed and climbed up to hold onto T.J. while I stood beside the bed and held his hand.  I heard Joey whisper, “I’m so sorry T.J., I didn’t mean to hurt you.”


“S’okay, Joey, I know,” T.J. whispered back.


“Evening, Dr. Hansen, how are you tonight?”


“Well, hidey-ho, Mr. Sanders.  This lad one of yours?”


“Sure is.  His name’s T.J. and the other munchkin is Joey.  So, how’s he doing.”


“To be honest, I just got here, too, why don’t you fill me in on why we’re here, first?”  I told him what had happened at home, answering his questions when he asked them.  “Well, his breathing is obviously better now, and his vitals are looking good, so I’m sure he’s going to be just fine.  Let me listen to his lungs, make sure the EMTs didn’t miss anything.  Can you sit up for me, T.J.?”  He tried, but squeaked in pain, grabbed his right side and laid back down.  “Guess that hurts pretty bad right now, doesn’t it?”  T.J. nodded in agreement.  “How ‘bout a little help from your brother?”  Joey kneeled on the bed, took T.J.’s hands in his own and helped pull him up into a sitting position. 


“Thanks for helping out, Joey.  Now, can you sit back a little bit so I can listen to his chest, please?”  Joey scooted back to give Dr. Hansen some room who then used his stethoscope in much the same manner the EMT had done at the house.  “Everything sounds good, here.  I’m not hearing anything to indicate he got any water in his lungs.  How you feelin’, T.J.?”


“A lot better than I did, but it still hurts really bad right here,” he answered, pointing to the same spot just to the right of the center of his chest.


“Well, let’s get you laid back down so I can check that out.”  Joey helped his brother lay down again and once T.J. was on his back, Dr. Hansen proceeded to examine his chest, tapping and lightly pressing various locations.  When he reached the tender spot, T.J. winced and squeaked in pain, again.  “Yep, looks like he might have a cracked rib, all right.  It could just be badly bruised, but we’ll get an x-ray in a few and make sure that’s all it is.”


“Great, doc, thanks.  How long do you think it’ll be?”


“It’s a pretty quiet night for once, so ten, maybe fifteen minutes.  I’ll get the picture of his chest ordered and an orderly should be here shortly to take him away.”


“He can’t go alone,” Joey said.


“You can ride with him if you want to, Joey, but you can’t be in the x-ray room with him, okay.”


“Okay, thanks.”


“I’ll be back in when they bring you guys back down, okay, Mr. Sanders?”


“We’ll be here.  Thanks, doc.”  Less than five minutes had passed when the orderly came to take T.J. and Joey for their ride through the seemingly impenetrable maze of hospital corridors.  I walked alongside, holding onto T.J.’s hand.  When we arrive at the x-ray room, Joey hopped off the bed and waited with me in the hallway while T.J. was rolled into the room to get his picture taken.  The door opened a minute later and T.J. was wheeled back into the hall where Joey immediately jumped back up to sit at T.J.’s feet for the ride back to the ER.  We were returned to the same space we’d just vacated and Dr. Hansen came back in a couple minutes later holding the x-ray in his hand.  He first held it up to the light, then slid it into the lightbox attached to the wall and motioned for me to come closer.


When I stood next him, he pointed to a spot on the x-ray and said, “See this thin line right here?  That is, indeed, a tiny fracture in the rib.  It didn’t snap completely, so there’s really nothing to do for it but wait for it to heal on its own.”


“That’s good news, but what about his pain.”


“Like I said, he’s probably got a pretty good bruise developing in the muscle.  You can’t see anything externally right now, but I’m sure by morning, it will be quite obvious.”


“Anything we can to do to help?”


“Not much, really, except to have him take it easy for three to four weeks.  If he’s having some pain, give him a couple children’s aspirin no more than 3 times a day.  The pain he’s got right now will diminish in a few days.  No running or jumping, no wrestling, stuff like that.  I’d also keep him out of the pool for at least a week.  He won’t much like that, I’m sure, but the stretching of swimming and horsing around that boys are known for will only extend the time he’s dealing with the pain.  After a week, he should be okay as long he and his brothers don’t get too wild.”


“Thanks, Dr. Hansen.  We’ll take good care of him.  Now, I want to talk to you about something else, if you have a minute.”


“Sure thing, Mr. Sanders.”


“Joey, would you help T.J. get dressed in the clothes we brought with us.  Be careful with putting the shirt on.  He won’t be able to lift his arm very high.”


“You got it, dad.”


“Thanks, be right back.” 


“Step into my office,” Dr. Hansen said as he pulled back the curtain separating this space from the next.  “What’s up, Mr. Sanders?”


“Mabel is what’s up.  You people really need to something about her.  And that guard, too.”


“What happened, tonight?  As if I don’t already know the answer.”


“Look, I understand you have rules around here and I know they’re there to help protect your patients and staff.  But Mabel doesn’t seem to be able to use her common sense when a situation arises that requires a bending of those rules.  When I was here last weekend with Tom, I was upset about not being allowed back here with him, but I dealt with it for a while.  After all, Tom’s an adult and can better understand what going on around him.  But, T.J.’s only seven, and once Mabel found out his adoption wasn’t finalized, she wasn’t going to allow us back here with him because we aren’t ‘family’.  She was going to leave a young child without an adult he knew and trusted, simply because she’s still pissed off at me from last weekend.  That’s ridiculous.  When we tried to get in anyway, the guard blocked our way again.”


“How’d you get around him tonight?  Or do I want to know?”


“Joey threatened him with bodily harm if he wouldn’t let us in.”


“Must have been some threat to get Trevor to back off.”


“Something about kicking him so hard he’d have to blow his nose to get his balls back,” I grinned.  Dr. Hansen covered his mouth to suppress his laugh.  “I know Joey went a little overboard, but I thought if Trevor, you say, would listen to anybody, it’d be a kid, maybe soften his heart a bit if the kid was crying or something.  That’s what Joey was supposed to do.  And it didn’t happen quite that way, but the end result was the same.  I just think the guardians at the gate need some more training on how to be a bit more flexible in how to do their jobs in what is a stressful time for friends and family of your patients.”


“I’ll see what I can do.  We do have the rules to protect everybody, but, you’re right, there needs to be some common sense used and we could be a bit more flexible in special situations.  Hopefully, it’ll be a while before I have to see you again in here and things will be better then.”


“I hope the same, doc, but with five boys nine years old and younger, it seems unlikely.  I’ll be happy if I can make it through a month without having to make a standing reservation at your fine establishment,” I laughed.


“Well, let me get T.J.’s paperwork completed and get we’ll you guys on your way.  Make sure he’s careful the next week or two.  I’m sure he will be because he’ll be dealing with some pain, but you know what I mean.”


“Sure do, doc.  We’ll be careful.  Thanks again for your help.”  Dr. Hansen walked off to deal with the paperwork and I returned to T.J. and Joey.  T.J. was sitting up on the bed, sweatpants on, and Joey was trying to help him with his shirt, but not having much success.  I offered to help out and after a couple false starts, finally figured how to get T.J.’s shirt on without causing him too much pain.  While I was working on the shirt, Joey was taking care of his sock and shoes.  We were ready to go as soon the paperwork showed up.


A few minutes later, a nurse came in with the discharge papers, which I signed, then I picked up T.J. and we headed for the exit.  As we entered the lobby and the waiting people realized who was passing through, they, again, gave Joey a small round of applause, for which, he graced them with a big smile and a funky little bow of thanks.  I turned halfway around, waved goodbye to Trevor, the guard, and stopped at the check-in desk and said, “It’s been a pleasure as always, Mabel.  I hope you have a great night and we’ll see you next time.”


I carried T.J. all the way to the car, with Joey leading the way, and when I got the doors unlocked, I gently set T.J. down in his seat while Joey climbed in the other side, buckled him in, then sat right next to him, buckled himself in place and wrapped an arm around T.J. to hold onto him.  I climbed in and started the drive for home.  After punching the button to activate the phone, I called home to let them know T.J. was fine and we’d be back home in about thirty minutes.  When pressed for details, I put them off and told them they’d hear all about it when we got home.  Upon our arrival home and parking the car in the garage, I opened the back door let T.J. and Joey out.  T.J. lifted his left arm towards me and put the saddest puppy-dog look on his face I’d ever seen, asking for a ride.  I just couldn’t say no, so I picked him up and, with Joey leading the way to open and close doors, we headed into the house and began our search for the rest of the family.


It was a short search as they were all sitting in the living room by the fireplace, anxiously awaiting our return.  I set T.J. on a chair and asked, “You okay?”  He nodded and I turned to the others to give them the scoop.  “Okay, T.J. has a slight fracture in one of his ribs.  He’s supposed to take it easy for the next three to four weeks so the fracture can heal.  That means no wrestling or roughhousing.  Also, the doctor said he should probably not swim for at least a week as the stretching would only prolong the pain he’s dealing with.  In an attempt to keep him out of the pool, I think we should all refrain from swimming until the twins’ birthday party next Saturday.  Any questions?”


“Why can’t we swim even if he can’t?” Alex asked.


“How would you feel if you were sitting in a chair watching the rest of us swim and have fun?”


“Not happy, I guess.”


“Exactly.  You’ll survive a week without the pool.  We can find other things to do to fill time besides swimming, don’t you think?”


“Okay, dad,” they all groaned.


“Good, now, one more thing.  T.J.’s going need some help getting dressed and deal with things for a while since it hurts for him to lift his right arm.  Any volunteers?”  All four other boys raised their hands.  “I expected as much.  Mike, Andy, you can help with getting him dressed and undressed.  I’ll have to show you how to get his shirt on and off so it doesn’t hurt.  Joey, Alex, you two can help with his backpack to and from school.  You’ll have to follow him to his class and pick him up there after school, also.”


“No problem, dad, we got this,” Mike said.


“I’ll take care of his part setting the table and cleaning up after we eat, dad,” Andy offered.


“Thanks, Andy.  We may rotate that little chore among all four of you, but we’ll see.  Anything else?”


“Can I get undressed, now?” T.J. asked.


“Why not?” I answered.  “Mike, Andy, let me show you how to deal with the shirt and then you can take him to the bedroom to deal with the rest of it.”  I demonstrated how to remove T.J.’s shirt without him having to lift his arm and once that was off, Mike and Andy helped T.J. up and led him to their bedroom to finish the job.  Joey and Alex headed to their own room so Joey could get comfortable and Tom followed me to our bedroom so I could do the same.


“So, how was Mabel and the guard, today.”


“Same nasty attitude as last week, especially when they saw it was me.  Joey took care of Trevor, the guard, though.  Told him if he didn’t let us in to be with T.J., he was gonna kick him so hard he’d have to blow his nose to get his balls back.”


“Oh, my god, wish I could have seen that.  That kid’s hilarious.”


“It was priceless.  Joey was supposed to put on a pitiful, crying kid act, but changed his mind.  Poor old Trevor didn’t even respond.  I had a little chat with the doc who took care of you last weekend and told him they really need to do something about those two.  He said he see what he could do.”


“Well, I’m glad you’re back home.  Let me tell what I’ve done while you were gone.”


“And what was that.”


“Well, after our conversation in the pool and all hell broke loose, I looked at a calendar and discovered the second Saturday after Mike’s birthday is the seventeenth.  So, that’s our wedding date.  I called Carol and Dylan to pass on the news to them and they were thrilled, swore they’d be here and offered to help with anything they could.  I figured you’d want to call Lee and Carl, yourself, so I didn’t make that one.  I haven’t heard from mom or dad yet, so we can tell them when they call.”


“That’s great, Tom.  I’m glad you followed through on that.  I wish I could have been here for the calls, but no big deal.  And, I’ll call Lee in a few.  We need to start working on guest lists for both of us, I guess.  Did the other three boys hear you make the calls?”


“No I used the phone in the study while they played Mousetrap.  We should let them all know, don’t you think?”


“Let’s do that right now.”  I grabbed Tom as we were leaving the bedroom, gave him a kiss and said, “I love you, bubba, I hope you know that.”


“I love you, too, babe.  You still want to do what we talked about in the pool?”


“I can’t wait.”


When we got back to the living room, the boys were nowhere to be found and when I called out for them, they answered from the kitchen.  Tom and I turned around and headed that direction.  When we arrived, we found all five boys sitting on their stools at the counter, hunger tattooed across their foreheads.


“Looks like it’s snack time, babe,” Tom said.


“Either that or they’re getting ready to start munching on us.”  Joey and Alex grinned evilly while the others just nodded in agreement.  I pulled out the cookies while Tom got their milk poured.  Once the snacks were all set, I asked, “Everybody ready for school tomorrow?”


“Yeah, I want to see if Billy’s mom gave in yet and let him cut his hair,” Andy answered.


“Well, I hope you won’t be too disappointed if he doesn’t.”


“I won’t be, but he will.”


“What about you, Mike?”


“I’m ready, I guess.”


“T.J., you gonna’ be okay?  You’ve got a spelling test tomorrow.” I asked moving on down the line.


“I hope, we’ll see how I feel in the morning.”


“Fair enough, what about you two?”


“We’re always ready, dad,” Joey answered.


“And don’t forget those new notebooks you promised us,” Alex added.


“Not to worry, I have a couple extras in the study.  They’ll be ready for you tomorrow.”


Tom tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, “Hey, you forgot the big news.  Spill it, already.”


“Oh, yeah, duh!  And one more thing, Tom and I have decided our wedding will be May 17.”  A resounding chorus of cheers lifted the roof off the house.  “Okay, y’all, calm down.  We have plenty of time to make plans and see how you can all be involved, okay.”  Lots of nods from the boys in agreement.


With the snack completed, I said, “Okay, let’s get teeth brushed and in bed.  We’ll be along in a minute to say goodnight.”  All five slid off their stools and headed for their rooms while Tom and I cleaned up.  That chore dealt with, we followed in our sons’ footsteps to say our goodnights.  T.J., Andy, and Mike were curled together under the covers already, with a little twist this time.  T.J. was in between the other two tonight as they held him.  Tom and I leaned in to plant kisses on foreheads and say I love you to each of them and they all returned the favor.  After turning out the light and closing the door, it was time to check on Joey and Alex.


Their door was wide open, as usual, and we could clearly hear sounds of pleasurable delight emanating from within.  Tom and I felt an immediate reaction below the waist at the sight that greeted us.  Alex was lying on his back in the middle of the bed, legs splayed wide open, and Joey was on top of his brother, rocking his hips in a well-practiced motion, rubbing their hard peckers together.  We sat on the edge of the bed to enjoy the show and the two did not disappoint their audience as they humped their way towards sweet bliss.  When they had achieved Nirvana, and returned to this planet, Alex finally opened his eyes and realized we’d been sitting there long enough to see a majority of their love-making.  He poked Joey in the ribs to get him to roll off to the side and see us also.


“Look, we know you two are quite active, but you really should close the door you’re enjoying each other, just like we do,” I commented.


“And what, get interrupted by a knock on the door?” Alex asked.


“Yeah, that’s not gonna’ happen,” Joey added.


“Besides, we don’t care if you watch us, you two do the same thing,” Alex said.


“You guys are something else,” Tom said.  “Get over here and say good night.”


They stood up on the mattress and walked to where we sat on the edge, their penises still erect and bouncing freely with each step.  I suddenly realized that those bobbing little peckers were at the same level as our faces and was unprepared for what happened next as Joey kept moving forward until his hardness slipped between my lips and my nose was buried in his hairless pubic mound.  I’m not sure if it was pure instinct or what, but I closed my lips around his narrow shaft and curled my tongue around the sweet morsel without conscious thought.  I looked at the other two out of the corner of eye and saw Alex had fed himself to Tom for a light snack, also.  I closed my eyes and began slowly bobbing my head back on forth while swirling my tongue around the stiff member that was buried in my face.


I finally came to my senses when I heard Joey and Alex intensely moaning with delight.  I placed my hands on Joey’s hips and slowly pushed him backward until my mouth was empty.  “No, we can’t do this.”


“Oh, come on dad, it was just starting to feel good,” Joey whined.


“Too bad.  C’mon, Tom, we need to get to bed.  Goodnight, boys, we love you.”


“Yeah, we’ll see you in the morning,” Tom added as we turned off the light and left their room on the way our own, dripping cocks leading the way.  When we got to our room, we jumped on the bed and wrapped our arms around each other.


“Get your lubes and whatever else you think you might need, I want you in my ass now.”  Tom rolled over and extracted the medium-sized dildo and a bottle of oil from the nightstand while I assumed the position, on my knees and elbows, ass lifted high in the air.  Tom wasted no time applying some oil to my asshole and immediately inserted a finger as deep as it would go.  He must have been as hot as I was to have moved so quickly.  A minute later, he removed the finger and replaced it with the well-oiled dildo, helping to stretch my sphincter even wider.  Despite the size, I felt no pain, only immense pleasure at being violated and I was anxiously awaiting the next object to enter me, Tom’s cock.


When he felt I was ready for him, he rolled over onto his back, handed me the bottle of oil and told me to get him ready for the moment we’d both been waiting for.  I drizzled a fair amount of oil over his cock and then used my hands to spread it evenly and make sure he was well-lubed from tip to hilt.  When he was all slicked up, I crouched over his midsection and slowly lowered my body until the tip of his mushroom head made contact with my tight, virgin pucker.  It was now or never, I decided, and I began to slowly lower myself even further while Tom held his cock in position to make sure it didn’t slip off the target.


Without warning, my ass opened wider and allowed him to enter me.  Son-of-a-bitch, that fucking hurt, but I wasn’t about to stop now, so I sat there for a few moments with just the head stretching me wider while I waited for the pain to subside.  When I was ready for more, I slowly lowered my body and continued until I was sitting on Tom’s thighs and his throbbing cock was buried deep inside me.  I sat still for a few moments with my eyes closed as I became more comfortable with the feeling of fullness.  Oh, god, his cock felt so damn good, I don’t know why I waited this long for it to happen.


When all the pain had dissipated, I began to slowly rock back and forth on Tom’s thigh’s, ensuring he was in me as deep as possible.  I opened my eyes and looked at Tom’s face to find he had his eyes closed as he was taking in all these new sensations, also.  After closing my eyes again, I began moving up and down, stopping as I felt the rim of his mushroom reach the edge of extremely sensitive sphincter, slowly at first and gradually increasing in speed until I had reached what I felt a nice and smooth rhythm.  I had been getting my first real fuck for several minutes when I felt Tom’s finger at my mouth. 


That seemed a bit odd to me, but I didn’t hesitate to spread my lips just enough to take it in my mouth.  This was the oddest finger I’d ever had in my mouth, not that I’d had any besides my own, mind you.  It was hard as a nail and smooth as silk from tip to palm, but I wasn’t feeling any knuckles as it moved in and out of my mouth.  I finally opened my eyes again and discovered my view was blocked by an expanse of pale, hairless skin.  My mind was already overloaded due to the reaming happening in my ass, and as my gaze moved up the slab of skin in front of me, I passed over a cute innie bellybutton, followed shortly by two dime-sized nipples and then, finally, the face of a twin looking into my eyes as he pistoned his hips back and forth, fucking my face for all he was worth.


My eyes opened even wider in shock, but I couldn’t stop sucking this beauty.  My mind was too far gone at the moment to think properly and I let the lad continue pumping his hips, feeding his sweet hardness to me.  I reached around his hips and grabbed his ass, forcing him ever deeper into my hungry mouth.  As I continued to massage his smooth globes, one of my oil slickened fingers found his tight little pucker and when he pulled back one time, I let a finger slide into his ass to the hilt.  He tossed his head back in ecstasy at the anal invader and he started fucking my mouth even faster.  I found his prostate with my finger and began to rub the little nubbin on each penetration of his cock into my mouth and my finger into his tight little hole.


I felt somebody’s hand wrap itself around my cock that was bouncing wildly over Tom’s midsection and judging from the size, it had to be the other twin.  That was all it took for me, two strokes of that small hand on my cock and I moaned deeply around the pecker filling my mouth.  I started pumping out shot after shot of cum, not caring where it landed.  I could feel my sphincter squeezing Tom’s cock relentlessly, and I soon felt him grow even larger as he started shooting his load deep into my bowels.  I must have hit my twin’s prostate just right as he grabbed the back of my head and held my face tight to his body, burying his dancing pecker as deep as he possibly could in my mouth.  I don’t know he remained standing during his orgasm, but he somehow accomplished that feat.  Perhaps it was my hands on his ass and the finger buried deep inside that did it.  I continued to rub his tiny prostate until he backed off, pulling his now limp and lifeless treasure from my mouth.


After I removed my finger from his hole, he promptly sat on Tom’s belly to recover from his orgasmic high and I remained still, Tom’s cock slowly softening and retreating from the warm confines of my ass.  Now that my twin was not blocking the view, I could see the other one was still humping Tom’s face and obviously enjoying himself.  Now that I could see that cute little ass bobbing up and down, I realized that Joey had been the one to molest my face and Alex was working over Tom in fine order.  I decided to help little Alex reach the pinnacle of pleasure and I reached around a sagging Joey, placed a hand on Alex’s cum-covered ass and probed for this tight hole.  When I discovered it nestled in the cleft between those beautiful globes, I pushed my finger into it and began a search for his prostate.  When I found that nugget, I gave it a gentle prod with my fingertip and Alex’s began bucking his hips even faster.  I didn’t even have to move my hand as Alex’s own movements were doing a very nice job of not only fucking Tom’s mouth, but allowing me to fuck his tight ass with my finger.  Once he was being fully stimulated front and rear, Alex reached his peak in no time and I soon felt his sphincter clutching my finger as his orgasm shook his small body.  When he could take no more stimulation, he stopped moving and slowly moved over to Tom’s side and collapsed on his belly.


After a few minutes of quietly recovering, I suggested we all hop in our shower and get cleaned up.  I carefully moved to the side of the bed and picked up Alex’s wilted form in my arms.  Tom scooped up the sagging Joey in his strong arms and scooted to the side of the bed so he could stand up.  I lead the way to our bathroom and once we were all in the shower, Tom and I set the twins on the bench, then I turned on and adjusted the water temperature.  With the water flowing, Tom and I tenderly cleaned ourselves first, then turned our attentions to Alex and Joey.  Neither was in any shape to stand just yet, so we washed them where they sat.  Amazingly, when it was time wash their sweet rods, they both rose to attention, as if ready to start all over.  Tom and I couldn’t get over the resilience and boundless horniness of youth.


Since both were still zoned out on the bench, when it came time to clean their backs, I picked up Alex, laying his head on my shoulder and cupping my hands beneath his sweet and smooth behind, then held him under the warm spray of the shower while Tom lovingly washed his back from shoulders to ankles.  With Alex cleaned up, I set him down while Tom picked up Joey in the same manner and allowed me the pleasure of cleaning his beautiful back.  Lord, these two boys were so perfect in every way and I loved them in every way possible and I know Tom did, too.  With both boys cleaned and rinsed off, I turned off the shower while Tom grabbed towels for us.  We dried the boys first and, once satisfied they were ready for bed again, we applied the towels to our own bodies. 


After hanging the towels on their bars to dry, I gently picked up Alex and Tom lifted Joey, then we quietly carried the sleeping angels to their own bed, laid them down, pulled up the covers and gave them their goodnight kisses.  They, of course, had no clue any of that had happened, but I can attest to the fact that it did.  Tom and I then returned to our own bedroom and crawled under the covers that had been tossed around considerably during the previous half-hour.


“Oh, my god, that was heavenly,” I sighed.


“You took the words right out my mouth,” Tom agreed.  “I guess you forgot to lock the door.”


“Me?  I thought you were locking it.”


“Oops, my bad, babe.  Kinda’ glad we didn’t, though.”


“Me, too.  I know we shouldn’t have done that with them, but I just couldn’t think straight.  When Joey first slipped his dick in my mouth, I thought it was your finger, but I sure wasn’t going to spit it out once I figured out what was really happening.”


“Me either.  When I opened my eyes and discovered Alex was feeding himself to me, I just let it happen.  I wasn’t about to let that sweet young piece of meat escape, not after having tasted it once, already.”


“I think those two might just kill us, but what a glorious and happy death it would be.”


I curled up into Tom’s arms and let him hold me.  “I love you, Tom,” I whispered and heard him reply, “I love you more” as I drifted off into quiet and contented sleep.


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