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Chapter 83 – Risky Behaviors


On the way across the house to the kitchen, the boys were demanding macaroni and cheese with hot dogs, so Tom and I got busy with our cooking, Tom grilling the dogs while I worked on the macaroni.


While the boys began getting the table ready for our meal, their regular conversation rapidly morphed into something neither of us was quite ready for when Joey asked, “So, Mikey, what was keepin’ Ron so busy he couldn’t come fix lunch?”  Tom and I quickly shared the look all parents get when their kids start asking such questions, one of abject fear.


“He was, uh, you know …” Mike muttered.


“No, we don’t know,” T.J. retorted.


“That’s why he asked, ya dweeb,” Logan offered.


“C’mon, dude, spill it,” Andy pushed.


“He was, um, playin’ with himself,” Mike finally muttered in defeat as he gave up the secret.  Not that that bit of news was really much of a secret or surprise around here.  With nine guys in the same house and all of us being naked all the time, it would indeed be a rare moment when at least one of us didn’t have his hand on a penis, whether it was his own or someone else’s.  We could just be making a small adjustment, flogging the ol’ flagpole or having full-on sex, but you could be sure a hand was on a dick 24/7 around here.


“That’s it?” Alex questioned with astonishment.  “He was just jerkin’ the gherkin?”


“Well, no, not really,” Mike answered slowly.  “He was playin’ with his butthole, too,” the youngster added with a hint of embarrassment.


“So, big deal,” Joey retorted.  “I bet T.J. and Andy have played with your pretty little butthole plenty o’ times, haven’t they?”


While both named boys nodded their heads in agreement, Mike countered with, “Well, yeah, all the time, but he wasn’t usin’ his fingers back there like we do.  He had somethin’ else.”


“What was it?” Alex asked with his interest piqued as to what Ron might have had.


“I ain’t sure,” Mike offered.  “It looked kinda like a dick, but made out of rubber or somethin’, I think.  ‘Course, I never saw the whole thing since he was slidin’ it in and out of his ass the whole time,” he added with a little giggle.


Tom and I again shared a quick look and I whispered, “Oh shit, you just know they’re gonna ask us about that, don’t you?  What do we do now?”


“Ain’t my problem, babe,” Tom chuckled.  “You’re the one who said they could ask any question at any time and we’d give them an honest answer.  Can’t wait to see how you deal with this one,” he added with a crooked smirk of mirth.


Before I could even begin formulating my response to Tom, a voice from the dining room called out, “Hey, Dads!”  That call was followed by the sensational six-pack coming back into the kitchen and filling up the barstools at the counter, wide grins of not-so-innocent curiosity plastered on their faces.


“I already know what you’re going to ask, but can we wait a bit, please?”


“Why, Dad?” Joey complained.  “You always say we can ask you anything.”


“I know that, and I’m more than happy to give you guys a truthful answer, but I’d like to chat about it with Ron first, just to make sure I’m not lying about what Mike saw.  Sound fair to you?”


“Yeah, I s’pose,” Alex grunted.


“Besides, I think this conversation will give us chance to have that other discussion we put off last night because Rich and Carrie were here.”


“Cool, Dads,” T.J. grinned, rubbing his hands together with gleeful anticipation.


With a quiet sigh of relief, I returned to my macaroni and the madly grinning Tom still coaxing the dogs on the grill.  With our backs to the munchkins, I leaned over to Tom and whispered, “Fat lotta help you are, big guy.”  All I got in return was a look that said, ‘who, me?’  After a quick elbow to his ribs, my timer dinged to let me know the pasta was done.  After a quick drain, I mixed in the milk, Parkay and the powdered cheese along with some extra sharp cheddar cheese, and we were ready to eat.


We’d been at the table about a minute and were all stuffing our faces when Ron finally joined us, a decidedly guilty look flooding his face.  He took his seat next to Tom and dug into the food like he hadn’t had any breakfast, somehow accomplishing that feat while simultaneously avoiding all eye contact with the rest of us.  I had also noticed a light flushing as if he were embarrassed to be here at the moment.


“What’s up, Ron?” I asked.  “Everything okay?”


He finally looked at me and quietly replied, “Yeah, I guess.  Just not sure what to say right now.”


“Well, you really don’t have to say anything, but I would like to ask you a question.”


“What?” he grumbled.


“Well, it has to do with what Mike saw when he interrupted your private time just now.”


“Damn it, I just knew y’all was talkin’ ‘bout me out here.  Probably laughin’ your asses off ‘bout how I have to take care of myself.”


“Not at all, Ron,” Tom replied to the accusation.  “But, due to Mike’s untimely disruption of a private moment, the boys now have some questions and we’d like to give them an honest answer.”


“You gotta be kiddin’ me!  It’s bad enough the little twerp caught me in the act, man, but now you want me to actually explain that?  Fat chance of that happenin’,” Ron muttered with disgust.


“Ron, listen to me, please,” I began in a tone that would demand his undivided attention.  Once his eyes were locked onto mine, I calmly continued, “Since the boys moved in, we’ve stressed the importance of always telling the truth, no matter how uncomfortable that may be to do.  And to our knowledge, they’ve always given honest answers to us and we’ve returned that sign of respect to them.  Including those sometimes embarrassing queries.  Tom and I would really appreciate it if you’d continue that trend with us and them.”


“You’re serious, aren’t you?” Ron asked in surprise.


“Of course, we are,” Tom replied.  “They’re all just as curious about things as any other kid and we don’t want to stifle that curiosity as they grow up.  We want them to feel as comfortable as possible to ask us any question they have, no matter how awkward, knowing that they’ll get a truthful answer from us.”


“Jeesh, this is so different from my family, I can’t begin to tell ya.  We never talked ‘bout crap like this when I was growin’ up.”


“Dad don’t like to talk ‘bout this stuff much, either, ‘specially while we’re eatin’,” T.J. giggled.  “But he will, and all of us really like that.  It makes us feel like we’re important.”


“And you guys are,” I agreed with a big smile.  “The most important things in our lives,” I added as I reached over and pulled Tom’s hand into mine, receiving a wide grin of agreement from the big guy.


“Yeah, okay,” Ron finally relented.  He turned his focus to the boys and asked, “Wha’ do ya rugrats wanna know?”


“Mike, you’re the one who saw what he was doin’, so why don’t you start,” Alex offered.


A big smirk filled the youngster’s face before he began with, “Well, we already know ‘bout jerkin’, suckin’ and humpin’ each other, but what was ya doin’ with your butt?  I mean, we’ve all used our fingers on the others, but it looked like you had somethin’ in your hand and we wanna know what it was.”


After a quick look to Tom and me and receiving simple nods from us in return, Ron answered with, “That’s what’s called a dildo, guys.”


“Is that like a dick made out of Play-Doh?” Andy asked.


“Well, it’s shaped like a dick, for sure, but it’s not made out of Play-Doh.  That stuff would eventually start comin’ apart and make a real mess of things.  No, that particular toy is made out of a flexible PVC material so it’s easy to use and even easier to clean up.”


“And how do ya use it,” T.J. asked.


“You put a little lube on the dildo, and I usually put some on my hole, too.  Then you just grab the base, line it up with your hole and give it a little push.  Once it’s inside ya, ya start slidin’ it in and out just like another guy was havin’ sex with ya.”


“Does it feel good?” Joey asked.


“You have no idea, little dude.  It’s as close to the real thing as you can get.”


“Don’t it hurt like a bitch, though?” Logan wanted to know.


“It did when I first started usin’ that one, but I’ve had it long enough, now, that I’m used to it.  I gave my smaller ones to Rich last night.”


“Do you ever suck on it, thinkin’ it’s some guy’s dick?” Alex queried as he was next in line to continue the interrogation.


“Sometimes, yeah.  But only before I use it back there.  Besides, I’d much rather suck a real dick.”


“Yeah, me, too,” T.J. giggled in response and we all cracked up on that comment.


“Can we see it, Ron?” Joey begged.


After another look to us and another quick nod from Tom, Ron replied, “Uh, can I finish eatin’ first?”


“Sure, dude,” Alex agreed.  “We’ll clean up the rest while you do.  But you better eat fast,” he added with an evil laugh.  The sensational six-pack jumped up from their chairs and began clearing the dishes from the table.  By the time they had everything rinsed and loaded in the dishwasher, Ron had finished his own meal and Logan grabbed his plate and bowl before returning to the kitchen.


Before leaving his chair, Ron asked, “You sure you’re okay with me showing it to ‘em?”


“Might as well, buddy,” Tom replied.  “You should know by now they just aren’t gonna let somethin’ like this slide by.”


“Ain’t that the truth,” Ron chuckled.  “Okay, be right back.”


Ron turned for his room and was back shortly with the toy in hand and a big grin on his face.  Since the boys were still finishing their cleanup task in the kitchen, Ron stood the dildo in the middle of the table.  While Tom and I were obviously not strangers to such items, seeing the bright pink dong wobbling obscenely, but proudly, in the middle of our dining room table caused us to double over in fits of laughter.  That was all it took to draw the boys back to the table and their eyes went as wide as saucers when they laid eyes on the dildo.


“Wow, that’s freakin’ cool,” Joey exclaimed.


“You really had that thing buried in your ass?” Logan questioned with concern.


“Yep,” Ron replied with pride.


“I hope you cleaned it up before you put in the middle of the table,” Andy giggled.


“Always.  Toys like this last a lot longer when you take proper care of them, boys,” Ron replied seriously.


“How big is it?” Alex quizzed the toy’s owner.


“This one’s about seven and a half inches long and an inch and a half in diameter, so a little bigger than your dad and a bit smaller than your pops.”


“Is that the only size you can get?” Mike wondered out loud.


“Nope, dildos come in all sizes.  Some are smaller than this one and I’ve also seen some that are almost as big as Dylan, maybe even bigger.  There are a lot of different shapes and colors, too.  They even make small wands designed specifically for stimulating your prostate.”


“You think they got any that would fit our tight and tiny holes?” T.J. asked in complete seriousness.


“I don’t know, guys, but I’m sure some company out there makes ‘em your size.  You and your dads would have to do some searchin’ to find ‘em though.”


All six munchkins turned to look at the two of us and without any of them saying a word, we knew what we’d have to do later today.  I can honestly say that I never expected, at this point in my life, that I would be looking for tiny dildoes for my sons, but here we are.  And by the looks on their faces, they wanted them sooner rather than later.


“Okay, okay,” I acquiesced, “we’ll see what we can find.”


“That’ll be so cool, Dads.  Thanks,” Alex responded.


“Will you show us how to use them, too?” Joey asked.


“That could probably be arranged,” I agreed.  “If you’re gonna have some of your own, you should know what to do with them, including cleaning them up after you’re done using them.”


“Sweet!” T.J. crowed.  “Can we have that other chat that keeps gettin’ pushed aside?”


“Might as well,” Tom replied.  He then turned to me and said, “The floor is yours.”


After shooting him a dirty look for throwing me to the wolves, I refocused on the rest of the table and began.  “Okay, guys, here’s the scoop.  We had a chat with Ron the other night and told him the truth about us.  All of us.”


“Whatchu talkin ‘bout, Dad?” Mike asked.


“We let him know that three of you so far have been in bed with us and some of what we’ve done together.”  All six of their faces flooded with surprise before I carried on.  “The reason we did so is because Ron was really concerned about his reaction after finding all six of you in bed together and going after each other with wild abandon.”


“What you really mean is he freaked the hell out ‘bout gettin’ hard after he found us all fuckin’ and suckin’ each other, right?” Logan asked.


“Well, yeah.  He was worried to the point that he was thinking about quitting.”


“You can’t do that!” Joey exclaimed as he whipped his head around to face Ron.


“Yeah, we really like you, dude,” Alex added in a much calmer tone of voice.


“Boys, relax,” Tom interrupted.  “We think we’ve talked him into staying, but with some rules he has to follow.  You need to know those rules, too, so listen up.”


I took over the conversation, adding, “Okay, here’s the deal, guys.  If any of you should ever want to enjoy some sex play with Ron, you’re welcome to do so.”  A loud cheer filled the house and I had to wait for the echoes to die out before I could move on.  “He’s agreed to the ground rules we laid out and we expect all of you to do the same.  The biggest rule you have to follow is this; Ron is not allowed to have anal intercourse with any of you.”


“That’s a good thing, Dad.  He’s damn near as big as Pops,” Alex giggled.


“But can we, you know, do it to him?” Joey asked.


“If he’s willing to allow it, then yes, you may,” Tom replied.  “All the other rules we’ve already laid out still need to be followed, too, like behind closed doors, everyone involved has to agree to anything and everything that may happen, and on and on.”


“Any questions from you guys or Ron?” I asked.


“I got one, Dad,” T.J. said as he raised his hand.  After a nod from me, he asked the one question I wasn’t quite ready for.  “Will you ever let us get, um, you know, by any of you guys?  I mean, I know it’d hurt a little, but I think we’d be able to handle it.  It can’t be that bad, can it?”


“I can’t really answer that question, young man.  Not right now, anyway.”


“But why won’t you even think about it?” Alex asked seriously.


I took a deep breath before answering.  When I finally felt I was ready to do so, I answered with, “You all remember what I told you about what Frank and Iris did to me?”  After a round of nods, I added, “Well, I know all too well how much anal sex can and will hurt if you’re not ready for it.  I was older than you guys are when it happened to me and believe me when I say it hurt like hell and I thought I was gonna die.  Actually wished I would.  I can’t and won’t allow that happen to the six of you.”


“But you’d never had anything up there before that happened, right?” Joey said pointedly.  “And you seem to be cool with Pops doin’ it to ya now.  What’d be so bad ‘bout you doin’ it to us if we wanted you to?”


“First, Pops and I spent some time preparing me for it with some toys much like the one in the middle of the table right now.  If it hadn’t been for that, I’d have screamed bloody murder when it happened.  I still experienced some minor pain even with our preparations, but I got through it okay and now it doesn’t hurt hardly at all.  Second, when Pops and I have sex, it’s because we love each other and want to share that love in the most intimate of possible ways.  What Frank and Iris did to me was not love at all.  Third, we don’t want you guys to think we love you only for your bodies.  We love the whole person, not just your ass for what we could with it.”


“But what if you get these toys for us and we work with them on our holes for a while?  Would you do it to us then?” Joey wanted to know.


“I’ll have to think about it, boys.  I’d want to make sure that if it should ever happen, you won’t be hurt in any way.  I just couldn’t live with myself if we hurt you the way Frank hurt me.”


“So that’s a maybe, then, right?” T.J. asked with sincere curiosity.


“I suppose it is.  Are you all okay with that?”  Another round of nods and we had our answer.  “Okay, if we’re done here, why don’t you put your toy away, Ron, and then join us in the theater for some more Star Trek episodes?  It’s been over a week since we’ve been able to watch any, and I’d like to fix that omission this afternoon.”


Another round of cheers flooded the house as everyone left the table and headed for the theater.  Well, everybody but Ron who first had to make the detour to his room to return his toy to wherever he kept it, but he joined us soon enough and we settled in for a quiet afternoon.  After the first two shows of the day, it was time for a bathroom break.  As everyone was returning to the theater, we congregated in the kitchen for a moment to arrange some snacks for the boys before returning for the third show.  With cookies and juice boxes in hand, we once again inhabited our favorite chairs, then continued with the boys’ preferred show.


At the end of the third show, the boys decided they wanted to spend some time outside riding their bikes and seeing what other kinds of trouble they could get into.  Since it was sunny and the temperature was in the mid-seventies this afternoon, we happily sent them on their way with the reminder that anyone riding a bike should be wearing their helmet.  Sure, it seems a touch crazy to expect them to wear helmets when they’d have nothing else on to protect the rest of their bodies, but a skinned knee or elbow is a lot easier to doctor than a cracked skull.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


The herd charged pell-mell out of the theater and after a quick stop in their rooms to don socks and shoes, they disappeared down the hallway towards the garage.  We knew they’d left the house and us behind when the door to the garage slammed shut after the last munchkin had passed through it.  Tom, Ron and I all shared a quick smile of understanding at their desire to get outside.  With some luck, they’d burn off some pent-up energy and return in a much calmer and more relaxed state.  It seemed unlikely but we can dream, can’t we?


“So, Ron, was that little show and tell as bad as you thought it would be?” I asked as we settled into the living room.


“No, not really,” he replied.


“You sure about that,” Tom queried seriously.  “That wasn’t your regular everyday discussion with a bunch of young kids.”


“You ain’t kiddin’, man, but you guys’re right.  They’re all curious as hell and there’s no need to kill that curiosity, is there?  I mean, they’re not cats, are they?  Besides, they’ll figure all this shit out themselves soon enough and they might as well learn it at home where you actually have some control over what and how they learn certain things.”


“That’s my thinking, too.  Especially since I’m just now learning some of these things for myself.”


“What’re you talkin’ about, Max?” Ron asked with surprise.


“Well, since I really just accepted being gay last year, I’d never used a toy of any kind when I was pleasuring myself.  I didn’t get to enjoy that experience until after Tom moved in and brought his toys with him.”


“Jesus, man, your boys probably have more experience than you do,” Ron laughed.


“I’m sure they do.  Joey and Alex, anyway.  Can’t really say much about the others except they all seem to be learning the same things at about the same time.”


“Why do you think Joey and Alex are ahead of the others on the learning curve?”


“Well, it’s my understanding they discovered the joy of sleeping nude quite some time ago and rather enjoyed the fact doing so pissed off the Muellers.  And I know that pretty soon after I started going to bed naked, I quickly learned how to rub my dick on the sheet and make myself feel really good.  It only makes sense that with the two of them sleeping in the same bed and being naked, they’d just as quickly figure out that while humping the mattress might feel good, doing so against each would feel even better.”


“Yeah, that makes sense,” Ron agreed.  “What about you, Tom?  When did you learn?”


“Um, I guess it was shortly after Dad had ‘the talk’ with me.  I think I was about eleven or twelve when he finally broke down and decided he couldn’t put it off any longer.  Not that he had to worry about me knockin’ up the homecoming queen or anything like that, but he didn’t know that at the time.  Once he told me a dick could be used for more than takin’ a piss, I just had to find out what he was talkin’ ‘bout.  I had my first dry come that night and I haven’t stopped gettin’ off since.  You’re turn, bud.”


“Well, my old man never said shit ‘bout nothin’ havin’ to do with sex of any kind.  No, I began my education with my best friend, Pat.  It was the night of my tenth birthday, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that first time.  He was spending the night with me for my first sleepover.  We took our bath together and the screwin’ ‘round started there.  When we finally climbed out of the tub twenty minutes after climbin’ in, we were both hard as nails and horny as fuck.  We dried off as fast as we could, picked up our dirty clothes and held them in front of our crotches to hide our little boners as we high-tailed it down the hallway to my room.  We figured my ‘rents would be pissed as hell if they saw us with hard-ons.


“Once we got to my room, I closed and locked my door, we dropped our shit on the floor and jumped on the bed.  I continued our fun by layin’ my head on his belly and getting’ a really good look at his little pecker.  I’d seen it plenty of times before but never that close up, and never hard.  Then I grabbed him with a thumb and two fingers and started jerkin’ him off.  I really didn’t have a clue what the fuck I was doin’, but that didn’t stop me for one second.  Pat was moanin’ and gigglin’ his ass off, but thanks to the way I was layin’ on him, he ended up grabbin’ me and returning the favor.  In no time at all, we were both moanin’ in pleasure at the new feelings we’d found and after about ten minutes of just playin’ with each other, I decided I wanted to see what his dick tasted like.


“That just took things to a whole new level and before I knew what was happenin’, he’d rolled us around and with his head now in my crotch, he didn’t waste a moment as he sucked me into his warm wet mouth, balls and all.  I was on fuckin’ cloud nine, let me tell you.  Nobody else had touched my dick since I got out of diapers and now it was buried in Pat’s mouth and he was givin’ me one helluva tongue bath.  So, I went from bein’ a complete idiot about all things havin’ to do with sex to bein’ in a sixty-nine with my best bud in no more than thirty minutes.  And I’ve learned all kinds of new tricks since then,” Ron added with a laugh.


At that moment, the garage door banged open and we heard, “Hey, Dads!!  Get your asses out here!” echo down the hallway.


Unsure what was happening, Tom and I charged down the hall, through the door that had been left open, and flew out the open garage door behind Ron’s car.  What we found when we finally got outside were five boys surrounding Mike who was laid out on the ground with his belly down and his bare butt pointed towards the sky.  Our confusion as to what was going on was cleared up as we drew closer and saw the six-inch round raspberry colored mark on the side of his right butt cheek.  Mike was whimpering softly as the others just stood there and gawked at the spectacle before them.


“What happened?” Tom asked.


“He hit the brakes, skidded and landed on his ass,” Joey answered.  “What the hell you think happened?”


“Good thing he was wearin’ the helmet or that could be his head lookin’ like that,” T.J. chuckled.


“That’s pretty raw, Pops,” Alex added.  “You guys think you can deal with it or is he gonna have to go to the doctor?”


“I ain’t goin’ to no doctor!” Mike yelled through his continued sniffling.


“Let me have a look, buddy,” I replied calmly.  I knelt beside our young son and gently placed a hand near the raw spot.  Mike let loose a low groan of pain as I flattened his tender cheek to get a better view at the possible damage to his behind.  While the bleeding from the wound was minimal, it looked to me like he should probably go see a doctor to get cleaned up and make sure no small bits of dirt or rocks were embedded in the tender tissues.  Confident in my diagnosis of the situation, I said, “Sorry, Mike, but I think we need to make a trip to Urgent Care.”


“Why?” he demanded.  “It don’t hurt that much no more.”


“We want to make sure it gets cleaned up properly and there’s nothing buried in there that could cause an infection.  We don’t want you getting gangrene in your butt, do we?” I asked with a hint of humor to try and lighten the mood a little bit.


“What’s that,” Mike asked with concern.


“That’s where your ass turns green before it falls off,” Logan offered with a laugh.


“No!  I can’t lose my ass,” Mike wailed.  “What’ll I sit on?”


“I’m sure you’ll be just fine, kiddo,” Tom interjected.  “But Max is right, a doctor should take care of this to make sure that doesn’t happen.”  I was pretty sure nobody was going to lose any part of their butt today and couldn’t help but laugh along with the others.


“C’mon, Mike, let’s get you up and get ready to go.”  I stood up and grabbed Mike’s hands to help him to his feet.  He winced in pain as he stirred and started moving slowly to the house, dropping the helmet on the floor of the garage as he passed through it, the rest of us following in his wake.  Once inside, I told him, “Pull on a shirt and the loosest pair of shorts you can find while I get dressed.  I’ll have Ron get an old towel or something to put on your behind so you don’t bleed all over the car on the way.”


“Figures,” Mike muttered glumly, “more worried about your stinkin’ car than my ass, ain’t ya?”


“Not at all, little man.  The towel is to keep you from ruining a brand-new pair of shorts, too.”


“Yeah, whatever,” he grumbled as he turned into his room and I continued on across the house.  I dressed quickly and met Mike back in the living room.  Ron appeared with one of the older hand towels and I held the waistband of Mike’s shorts down while Ron put the towel in place and added some medical tape to help hold it in place.  With our preparations complete, the two of us headed out to the garage and our trip to town.  Fortunately, the Urgent Care facility was open on Sunday afternoons and we could avoid the extra expense of having to go to the emergency room.


Though Mike was in the middle row of seats, looking in the rear-view mirror, I could tell he was sitting a bit sideways to help keep the pressure off his sore behind.  But even doing that, I saw he was more than uncomfortable as he would wince or groan with every ripple and minor bump in the road.  Fifteen minutes after leaving the driveway, we pulled into the practically empty parking lot of the doctor’s office.  I helped Mike out of the car and he held his arms up in the air asking for a ride into the building.  I couldn’t resist the pleading in his eyes and lifted him up, resting his uninjured cheek on my arm while he wrapped his arms around my neck.


Once inside, I checked him in, and we were told to have a seat for a few minutes as we waited for the doctor to become available.  I found a couple of empty chairs for us to use but that proved to be a waste of time as once I was seated, Mike gingerly crawled into my lap and took fifteen seconds to find a way he could sit that wouldn’t hurt too much.  His wiggling around almost caused an improper reaction below my waist, but I somehow managed to shut that problem down before it became obvious to Mike.  A few minutes later, we were called back and I held onto my rugrat as I stood and followed the nurse to an exam room.


Once inside, she asked, “And what brings you to see us this afternoon?”


“Mike had a little accident while riding a bike and while I don’t think he’s seriously hurt, he has a pretty raw spot on his behind that should probably be properly cleaned and checked out.”


“Well, hop up on the table, young man, and we’ll see what’s going on.”


“Lady, I can’t hop nothin’ right now,” Mike retorted.  “My butt hurts too much.”


“Perhaps your dad can set you up here, then,” she suggested while looking to me.


Still cradling Mike in my arms, I stood up, stepped over to the exam table and gently set him down.  The nurse saw him scrunch his face in pain and heard his whimper as I let him go.  He promptly leaned to one side to relieve the pressure on his sore side.


“Let’s check your temperature, blood pressure and a few other things first, Mike, and then we’ll take a look at your problem.”  She quickly took care of the preliminaries including the ‘open wide and say ah’ part of any trip to a doctor.  That dealt with, she asked Mike to roll over onto his stomach so she could inspect his injury.  “I need to pull your shorts down now so we can see what you’ve done back here.  Is that okay with you?”


“Ya might as well take ‘em all the way off, lady.  Won’t bother me none,” Mike replied flatly.


“If you’re sure that’s okay, that would probably be the easiest,” she responded while looking to me for confirmation.  After a quick nod of agreement from me, she added, “Can you lift your hips just a bit, young man?  It will make it a lot easier to do this.”  Mike placed his hands on the table and lifted his upper body in kind of a half push up.  While he held his body up, the nurse carefully lifted the waistband of his shorts and pulled the back of them down past the towel to expose his butt.  She then slid her fingers around to his sides and slipped the front down.  “Perfect, Mike, thank you for helping me with that.  You can lay back down now.”


Mike lowered his body then snaked a hand under his midsection to make a minor adjustment so he was more comfortable.  The nurse then slipped the shorts off his legs and handed them to me before placing a drape over his backside, leaving only the taped-on towel exposed.  She next worked on removing the tape and towel so she could actually see the road rash.  “Oh my,” she said softly, “that looks like it hurt.”


“It did.  And still does,” Mike grunted with disgust.


“Let me get some light on the area and take a closer look.”  She proceeded to do just as she said and after spending several minutes examining Mike’s behind, added, “Yes, it’s a good thing you came in to get this taken care of.  I can see some dirt embedded pretty deeply and it also looks like there might be a chunk or two of rock in there as well.  We’ll get the doctor in here so she can debride the wound, make sure nothing’s left behind.” 


Mike let go a little chuckle at her unintentional pun and that caused both of us to share a smirk.  Despite what had happened and where we were, it was good to see Mike hadn’t lost his sense of humor.


“Good for you, young man.  Laughter is the best kind of medicine,” she commented.  “Let me get the doctor and we’ll be back to get you fixed right up.”  On that note, she left Mike and I alone.


As soon as the door was closed, Mike turned his head so he could see me and said, “I’m sorry for screwin’ up the afternoon, Dad.”


“Don’t you worry about it, buddy.  Accidents happen and takin’ your kid to see a doctor is just a part of life.”


“It feels kinda weird, though.”


“What does,” I asked.


“Layin’ here almost naked with half my butt out in the open.”


“Not really that different from bein’ at home and your whole butt exposed, is it?”


“Well, I guess not.  Maybe it’s just that I’m still wearin’ my shirt and only part of my butt is showin’.  I think I’d feel more normal if I didn’t have anything on like we do at home.”


“If you think you’d be more comfortable without your shirt, go ahead and take it off.”


“Ya sure that’d be okay with the doc?  I don’t wanna freak her out or nothin’ by bein’ naked when she comes in.”  After a quick nod from me, he asked, “Can you help me?  I don’t think I can get it off while I’m laying down like this.”


“Sure thing.”  I left his shorts on the chair as I took the three steps to the exam table and helped him remove the offending article of clothing.  After it was in my hand, I asked, “Feel better, now?”


“Loads, thanks, Dad.”


“Happy to help,” I replied as I patted the middle of his back before I retook my seat.


“Hey, what did she mean by ‘debride’?” Mike asked with nervous concern while glaring into my eyes.


“That’s what they call cleaning up an injury like yours.”


“Is it gonna hurt?”


“I can only guess it probably will but I’m sure they’ll do the best they can so it doesn’t hurt any more than it has to.”


“I sure hope so,” Mike muttered.  “I don’t like gettin’ hurt.  I done had enough o’ that crap from Mom and Dad.  I don’t need these people hurtin’ me, too.”


“We’ll just have to see what the doctor says and does when she comes in, buddy,” I replied trying to reassure my young son.


We didn’t have to wait very long as the nurse and doctor soon returned and announced themselves with a light rap on the door before stepping into the room and closing the door behind them.  To my nice surprise, I was warmly greeted by an equally shocked Dr. Finney.


“Well, good afternoon, Max.  It’s good to see you again,” she said as we shook hands.


“Good to see you, too, Doc.  I didn’t know you worked here in addition to having your own practice.”


“One weekend a month, Max.  That’s part of the deal for maintaining an office in the building.  Sure, I hate to give up a day with my family, but it beats the heck out having my own office somewhere else where I have to pay for everything.  At least here, all the basic expenses are shared with all the other doctors in the building.”


“Makes sense to me,” I agreed.


“So, what brings you here today?”


“A bike accident.  Mike, here, decided to find out which was tougher, the driveway or his behind. Unfortunately, his behind lost the battle”


“I hope to God he was wearing a helmet.”


“A helmet’s all he was wearing, Doc.”  That comment caused the nurse to raise her eyebrows in question.


“Well, let’s take a look and see what damage was done.  Besides poor Mike’s pride, of course.”  She finally turned to Mike and gently laid a hand on his back before asking, “How’re you doing, Mike?”


“Not too bad, I guess.  Except for the pain in my butt.”


“Yes, I can see where this would hurt quite a bit.  Probably down to a stinging sensation by now, though, isn’t it?”


“Pretty much,” Mike agreed.  “It hurt a lot more when it happened.”


“I bet it did,” Marcia replied.


“Um,” the nurse interrupted, “when I left you, didn’t you have a shirt on?”


“Yeah,” Mike answered, “but it felt weird to have it on when my butt’s out in the open like it is, so I had Dad help me take it off.”


“Why would you do that?”


Marcia jumped into the discussion with, “Max and his family are nudists, Sylvia.  I’m sure Mike feels much more comfortable like he is, more like he’s at home than in a doctor’s office.  Isn’t that right, Mike?”


“Yep,” the munchkin agreed with a cheesy grin and emphatic nod of his head.


Marcia took a few minutes to inspect the problem area under a bright light and she was shaking her head the whole time.  She finally stood upright and crossed her arms over her chest before saying, “Well, despite your attempt to feel like you’re at home, I’m going to tell you now that cleaning this abrasion is not going to feel too good.”


“I don’t like the sound of that,” Mike muttered.


“I’m really sorry, young man, but there’s just no easy way to clean the dirt out of an injury like this.  I also see at least one small chip of rock or concrete that has buried itself about a quarter of an inch deep into your buttock and that is going to have to be removed.  We don’t want you develop an infection by leaving that in place.  Chances are good that nothing would ever come of it, but better safe than sorry.”


“Can you do anything to minimize the pain, Marcia,” I asked.


“Like what?” she asked as she turned to face me.


“Um, can we talk outside for a minute?” I asked.  After receiving a nod from her, I added “We’ll be right back, buddy.  Don’t you go anywhere.”


“Where the heck am I gonna go without my clothes, Dad?” he retorted with a smirk.


“Just about anywhere, I’d imagine,” I replied with my own smirk.


“Ya gotta point there,” the munchkin laughed.  “Don’t worry, old man, I ain’t goin’ nowhere without you, Pops and my brothers.”


Marcia and I finally stepped into the hall and she promptly asked, “What’s the problem, Max?”


“I don’t know all the details because Mike’s never told us, but he was severely abused by his parents before he came to live with us.  He’s had more pain in his life than any kid ever should, and he’s really worried about how much his treatment might hurt.”


“I can understand that, Max, but there’s really not much we can do to ease the problem.  I’ll give him a local to dig out the one chip I’ve found so far, simply because it’s so deep I’m going to have to cut it out.  If I find any other chips after cleaning the rest of the area, I’ll give him a little shot to pull those out, too.”


“Any chance of spraying some lidocaine or something on the area just to deaden it a bit?”


“Well, if we had a spray here, yeah, we could try it.  But all we have on hand is in a shot.  And it would take probably ten shots to his backside to numb the whole area we have to work on.  That would be just about as painful as doing the cleaning without it.  And we’ll have to give Mike a tetanus shot, too, just to make sure he’s covered on that.  He should have been vaccinated long before now, but without access to his medical records, I have no way of knowing that for sure.  And I’d much rather be safe than sorry.”


“It is what it is, I guess.  I know you’ll be as gentle as possible.”


“Of course, I will.  You should never doubt that.”


“I don’t.”


“Good, now let me go take care of my patient, shall we?”


We reentered the room to find Mike laying comfortably on the exam table and the nurse hovering nearby getting the materials ready for the task at hand.  I pulled my chair to the head of the table so I could hold Mike’s hands to keep them out of Marcia’s way and provide whatever support I could to the youngster.  I knew this was going to hurt way more than when it happened, but I kept my mouth shut and stared into Mike’s eyes with what I hoped was a reassuring smile plastered on my face.  While I was getting settled in, Marcia and Sylvia had pulled on latex gloves and were ready to get to work.


“Okay, Mike,” Marcia began, “we’re ready to start cleaning this up, but I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it won’t hurt, because it will.  We’ll do our best to minimize the pain, but there’s nothing we can do about it.  You ready?”


“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Mike grunted in defeat.


“Okay, here we go.  You go right ahead and scream or cry or whatever you feel you need to do.”  Without any more hesitation, the two got busy cleaning Mike’s sore butt.  He squeezed my hands so tightly when they used a brush on his butt, I thought he might break some of my fingers.  I could hear him whispering things like ‘sonofabitch’, ‘dammit, that hurts,’ and ‘please stop, I’ll be good’, and my heart ached for my boy and the indignity he was enduring.  I really hadn’t expected to hear things like that from him but considering what he’d probably heard from his parents before he was taken from them, I can’t say I was really that surprised.  Instead of correcting him, I just let him go knowing we could have a discussion about language after we got home.


I’ll have to admit he was being a tough little guy right up to the point when Marcia stabbed a needle into his cheek several times in preparation for removing the chip of concrete she’d seen.  Once that happened and after all the other pain he’d already survived, the tears started flowing freely from his eyes.  I asked for some tissues to staunch the flow and Sylvia handed me a full box of Kleenex to help dry Mike’s face.  A few minutes later we heard the soft tink of something solid hitting the glass of a petri dish.  A few more minutes passed when we heard two more tinks in quick succession.  I looked over Mike’s head to Marcia and saw her smiling at me while giving me an okay sign with her fingers.


I put my mouth close to Mike’s ear and whispered, “Almost done, buddy.”


“Damn good thing.  That cleaning hurt like hell.  What were those funky sounds?”


“The three chips of something she had to dig out of your behind.”


“I didn’t even feel that.  Why not?”


“The shots she gave you was to numb your butt so it wouldn’t hurt when she pulled them out.”


“Well, why the hell didn’t she do that for the rest of my ass?”


“I asked about that and she said it would probably take about ten shots to deaden the whole area.  She didn’t think you’d like that many shots at one time.”


“You got that right!” Mike agreed emphatically.  “What’s she doin’ now?” he added while twisting his head around to try to see what was going on.


“I’m putting in a few stiches to hold your butt together where I had to dig out the fragments of concrete.  Couldn’t leave you leaking, could I?”


“Nope, I only need just the one hole in my ass,” Mike replied with a loud laugh.  The absurdity of his comment got all of us to join in his laughter.  It was good to hear him crack a joke like that after what he’d just been through.  The thought flashed through my mind that he was somehow channeling Joey, but Mike had not shown any such talents, so I put it down to just being around Joey was enough for his twisted sense of humor to start rubbing off on his brother.  I hoped that’s all it was, anyway, because I wasn’t prepared to have another mind reader in the family.  Three of them were more than enough.


“Okay, Mike, just one more thing to take care of,” Marcia commented.


“Yeah, what’s that?” Mike asked looking back over his shoulder again.


“That tetanus shot you need.”


“Oh, crap, I thought you already done that,” the young man muttered.


“Nope, but give me just a minute,” Marcia replied.  She picked up the hypodermic from the tray along with an alcohol wipe to clean the spot she was going to stab.  After ripping open the package containing the wipe, she started to run the towelette in a circular motion on Mike’s shoulder to prep the spot for the shot.


“Hey!” Mike yelled in surprise, straining his neck to look over his shoulder one more time.  “There ain’t nothin’ wrong with my shoulder.  Why don’t you stick that thing in the side o’ my ass that’s numb?  At least it won’t hurt back there.”


“Sorry, Mike, that won’t work.  The gluteus maximus muscle has a layer of fat that limits the shot’s effectiveness.  That, plus the site of injection can be painful or be tender for several days.  I think you’ve got enough issues with sitting right now, why make the problem even worse?


“I guess,” he grumbled in reply.


“You’re going to feel a little prick, Mike, and it’ll be all done.”  Mike giggled madly at Marcia’s comment and I knew exactly why because I was trying to stifle my own giggle.


Suddenly, Mike yelled, “Sonofabitch!  That hurt like hell!”  Poor Sylvia almost knocked over the tray holding all the detritus from their work and Marcia visibly blanched.


“Sorry, ladies, I don’t think he was quite ready for that,” I offered in apology.


“Not the worst I’ve ever heard, Max, so no worries.  Sorry about that, Mike.”


“Whatever,” Mike grumbled angrily while rubbing his shoulder.


Sylvia started to clean up their instruments and Marcia gave Mike a light pat on his good cheek while saying, “You’re almost ready to go, young man.  Let me get some gauze to cover this area so you don’t bleed out on your way home and you’ll be as good as new.  Well, almost, anyway.”  A few more minutes of work and Marcia stood back admiring her work and proclaimed Mike as fit as a fiddle, taking a minor exception for having a broken string or two, but assuring him he’d heal up just fine.  She also let me know to bring him to her office in two weeks to remove the stitches.


“Thanks, Doctor Finney,” Mike said.  “You were right about it hurtin’, but I got through it.”


“You were great, kiddo,” Marcia replied.  “I wish all my patients were as strong and brave as you were today.  Your backside is going to be awfully tender for a few days, but once you get past that, you’ll be back to your normal self, again.  Would you like to see the chips we pulled out of your behind?”


“Sure,” he grinned in reply.  Marcia picked up the petri dish and set in on the exam table below Mike’s face.  “Wow, that one’s pretty big,” Mike exclaimed.


“Yes, about a quarter of an inch in diameter and it was the deepest at about half and inch.  It’s size and depth are why I had to cut it out instead of just removing it with tweezers.  The other two weren’t quite as bad.”


“Can I keep these to show my brothers?” Mike asked.


“I don’t see why not.  Let me get them cleaned up and then I’ll put them in a pill bottle for you.”


“Sweet, they’ll freak out when they see these.  Can I get dressed now?” Mike asked with a chuckle.


“That would probably be a good idea since the only way out of here is through the lobby.  Don’t want you scaring anyone who might be waiting to see me.”


“Ph-h-t, wouldn’t faze me a bit,” Mike grinned.


“No, probably not, but it might them, and we don’t want to do that, do we?”


“I guess not,” Mike agreed as he slowly slithered his way off the table and started pulling on his t-shirt.


“Any limitations on what he can do until the stitches come out, Doc?” I asked.


“Just be careful and no swimming.”


“What!?  I can’t swim at T.J.’s party?” Mike squealed.


“You could,” Marcia answered, “but the longer that spot stays wet or even damp will just prolong the healing.”


“Well, that sucks,” he muttered with a frown as he pulled his shorts on and tied the string to hold them in place.


Marcia then continued instructions for her patient with, “I’d also limit his bathing to a sponge bath until he’s got a good scab developed over the wound in a couple of days.  I’d usually recommend to parents to leave the gauze off as much as possible as fresh air will help speed the healing process, but I know that’s not going to be a problem at your home.  You could probably get by with putting the gauze on just the first couple of nights so if there is some bleeding, he doesn’t ruin any sheets.  And since I’m sure you don’t have large enough pads at home, we’ll give you a supply and some tape to get you through a few days.”


“We can handle all that,” I agreed.  “We won’t have to worry about furniture getting stained since we always have towels on the chairs.”


“I assumed as much,” Marcia commented.  “I’ve heard the same from my other patients and their parents who also live naturally.  Besides, Mike probably won’t want to put too much pressure on that side for a week or so, so he’ll probably be leaning left when he sits for a little bit.”  Marcia received a rather emphatic nod from the young man on that comment and we all shared a little chuckle.


“Wait, you know other families in the area who are nudists?” I asked in surprise.


“You bet I do.  You treat one nudist kid and word spreads rather quickly to the other families they know who enjoy the same lifestyle.  The best advertising you can have is positive word-of-mouth.”


“No doubt about that.  Well, thanks for taking such great care of Mike today.  I really appreciate the way you approach your job and the kids you work with.”


“Thanks, Max.  Don’t forget to schedule appointments for your whole crew before school this fall.”


“We’ll be switching to home schooling this next year, but we’ll still do the physicals if for no other reason than to make sure they’re all current with their immunizations.”


“That’s good to hear.  Well, that’s all for today.  You two take care and we’ll see you next time.”


“Count on it, Doc,” I replied with a smile as we shook hands.


On that note, Mike and I left the exam room and aimed for the lobby to settle our bill for today.  As we left the building and crossed the parking lot to the car, I complimented Mike on his bravery as Marcia was taking care of him.


“I didn’t much like it, but only ‘cause it hurt like a bitch.  It’s better now since I can’t feel a thing back there,” he added with a laugh.


I wrapped an arm around his shoulder and when we got to the car, I helped him climb inside and get buckled in place.  Despite his comment about not feeling a thing, he was still leaning on the door to help alleviate any pressure or pain as much as possible.  I tried to take it easy on the way home, but some of those bumps in the road just can’t be avoided.  The half-mile trip from the end of the drive to the house was the most tortuous part of the whole outing for Mike. 


I decided in that moment that when the new houses are built, I’m going to check into having the driveway blacktopped from the road to all three houses and the storage building.  I was tired of dealing with that damn rock driveway year after year and it was time to do something about it.  It had been okay when I was single and never really had much company, but now that there are nine people living here and we have people coming and going all the time, I could see the rock taking a beating and requiring much more maintenance than it ever had.


After parking in the garage and closing the big door, I helped Mike out of the car and he hobbled slowly into the house, me following closely behind.  As he ducked into his room, I said, “Mike, when you’re comfortable again, come out to the living room and we’ll peel that gauze off your behind so it can breathe.”


“Yeah, whatever,” he mumbled morosely.


I stopped abruptly, turned around and followed Mike into his room.  I found him lying on his belly on the bed and he appeared to be crying softly.  I sat next to him and stroked his hair while asking, “What’s up, kiddo?”


“Nothin’,” he sniffled.


“Don’t you dare try to con a conman, buddy.  I know somethin’s buggin’ you.  If you won’t tell me what it is, I can’t help solve the problem.”


“We was all havin’ a great day and lots of fun and I done went and ruined it all.  I bet the other guys are pissed off at me for crashin’ Alex’s dang bike.”


“Mike, I’m sure the absolute last thing they’d be upset about is that.  They’re more likely to be worried about you and how you’re doin’.”


“Yeah, right,” Mike scoffed.  “I know Alex’ll be mad as hell for me scratchin’ the crap outta his new bike.  I mean, he just got it for his birthday, and I just know he’s gonna beat my ass for wreckin’ it.”


“Nothing could be further from the truth, young man.  You get undressed, come on out to the living room and see for yourself.” 


“Do I hafta?” he asked.


“Yeah, you do.  C’mon and let’s see if we can get that fun goin’ again.”


“I guess,” he groaned in defeat.  “Be there in a few minutes.  I gotta pee first.”


“We’ll see you in a few, then.  Love ya, little dude,” I added as I pulled him off the bed and into my arms for a squeezy hug which he returned.


“Thanks, Dad, love you, too.”


On that note, I made my exit and headed for the living room.  When I reached the area, I found Tom and Ron sitting by the fireplace and reading.  Tom looked at me with an eyebrow raised in silent question.


“We’re good,” I replied in answering his unspoken query.  “Mike’s just feeling down about wrecking Alex’s bicycle, afraid Alex’ll be mad at him.”


“Well, I don’t see that happening,” Tom replied.  “The boys have done nothin’ but worry about the kid since you two left.  How’s his butt?”


“Raw and sore, for sure.  He also has a few stitches where Dr. Finney had to dig out a few chips of concrete that were pretty deep.”


“Is he able to sit?” Ron asked with concern.


“More or less,” I answered.  “He’s been leaning to his left to keep the pressure off his behind, but he’s figuring it all out.” 


Mike finally arrived to join us, stepped in front of me and turned around to direct his butt in my direction before asking, “You wanna pull this crap off my butt?  I can’t reach it well enough to get a grip on the tape.”


“You sure that’s a good idea?” Tom asked.


“Marcia said it was the best thing to do as the fresh air will help with the scabbing over and healing,” I replied.  I carefully started picking at a corner of the tape and once I had enough loose to actually pinch it between my fingers, I peeled the rest of the tape off the tender cheek.  The gauze, of course, came off with the tape as I expected.  “There ya go, kiddo,” I commented as I lightly patted the cheek that wasn’t injured.


“Thanks, Dad.  Where’s the others?” he asked as he looked to Tom and Ron for the answer.


“In the theater playing some silly ass game on the X-box,” Ron answered.


“Why don’t you go bring them out here, Mike.  I’d like to have a quick chat about something that effects all of you.”


“What’d we do now?” Mike asked with worry flooding his face.


“Nothing really major, buddy, so nobody’s in trouble. Move along, please.”


“Okay,” he responded glumly.  “I just hope Alex don’t kick my ass for what I did to his bike.  It hurts more than enough already, don’t need him makin’ it even worse.”


“I’m sure he won’t,” I reassured him as he plodded across the living room and passed through the dining room.  I noticed he was carrying the pill bottle holding the concrete chips that had been removed from his backside and was sure there would be a little ‘show and tell’ taking place very soon.


“What’s this talk about, or do I wanna know?” Tom asked with hesitation.


“Just their language.  We’ve been pretty lax about the things they say sometimes, and I think that needs to change.  Mike let slip a few words at the doctor’s office that were a touch embarrassing and I’d like to get a better handle on the problem before they go way too far in the wrong company.”


“Good thinkin’, babe.  I’ve noticed ‘em takin’ some liberties, too, but didn’t know if it was to the point where we needed to say something about it.”


“Well, I’ve noticed it more with Logan than the others and I’ve been really hesitant in correcting him since he was just going to be living with us temporarily.  But now that his situation has changed and he’s becoming a full-fledged member of the family, I think the time has come to yank their reins and try to reel them back in.”


“No, I agree with you.  I’d noticed the same thing with Logan, and I think our lack of correcting him has rubbed off on the other munchkins.  Hopefully, they won’t fight us too much on the issue.”


“We can always hope,” I agreed with a chuckle.



I quietly opened the theater door because I was scared as hell about what Alex might do to me, but I told Dad I’d bring them out for a chat, so here I am about to interrupt their game.


“Yo, buttwipes!” I yelled after silently closing the door.  “C’mon, the dads want to talk to us ‘bout somethin’.”


“Mike, you’re back!” Alex yelled immediately.  “C’mere, you little turd,” he added with what sounded like anger.


“No!” I yelled back.  “I ain’t gonna let you hurt me.”


“Why the hell would I do that?” Alex asked in confusion as he crossed the theater to join me at the door.


“ ‘Cause I wrecked your damn bike, ya bonehead.”


“So what?  It’s just a bike, dude.  You’re way more important than any ol’ bike.”


“But you just got it and now it’s all scratched up,” I responded in fear.


“Don’t worry ‘bout it, bro.  It was gonna happen sooner or later.  It was only a question of when and who it happened to, so no worries.  How’s your ass?” he added with a laugh.


“Sore as hell,” I answered.  “That shot she gave me to numb it has started to wear off.”


“They numbed your butt?  Why?”


“There were a couple chunks of concrete buried so deep she had to cut them out.  She also had to put some stitches in those spots so I wouldn’t bleed all over the place.  Got a tet’nus shot, too, whatever that’s for.”


“Cool, let me see,” Alex enthused. 


“You can look but don’t touch it, please,” I begged before I turned around so he could see my butt


When he could, he grunted, “Ouch, man.  Cute stitches, though,” he quickly added with a giggle.  “So, other than bein’ sore as hell, you’re okay?”


“Yeah, I will be.”


“That’s good to hear, bro.  We were all worried ‘bout you.”


“Yeah, sure, I can tell.  Those bozos won’t even quit playing their stupid game to see how I am.”


“Well, they’re just a bunch o’ heartless fools, they are, so what d’ya expect.  What’s the Dads wanna talk about?”


“Ain’t gotta clue, they didn’t say.”


“We better go find out ‘fore they get pissed,” Alex muttered before turning back to the others and yelling, “Come on, ya boneheads!  The Dads are waitin’ for us.”


“One more minute!” T.J. yelled back.  “I’m ‘bout to kick Logan’s ass into next week.”


“Like hell you is, twerp,” Logan retorted.


“NO!  Move it, now!” Alex yelled back so forcefully I jumped in surprise.


That got their attention and the game was quickly paused before the four started shuffling across the room to join us at the door.


“Hey, Mikey, how ya doin’?” Logan asked when they reached us.


“I’ve had better days, that’s for damn sure,” I retorted.


“You gonna be okay?” Andy asked.


“Yeah, but I’m gonna have to be on the outside of the sandwich in bed for a while.  Don’t want either o’ you numbskulls rubbin’ ‘gainst my ass right now.  It hurts too much for that shit.”


“Looks like somebody’s not gonna get any for a while,” T.J. chuckled.


“Maybe not back there, but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with my dick, dudes.”


“Dibs on that!” Andy crowed with a smirk.


“Here, take a look at these,” I said as held up the little bottle holding the chunks the doctor pulled out of my butt.  I gave it a little shake so all three rattled around inside.”


“What’s that,” Andy asked.


“Chunks of concrete that were buried in my ass,” I answered.  “The doc had to pull them out so I wouldn’t get an infection.”


“That one looks awful big,” Joey commented.


“Yeah, and she said it was deepest.  Had to cut that sucker out.  Good thing she put my butt to sleep ‘fore she did or it woulda hurt like hell.”


“Yeah, I bet,” Joey agreed.


“You gonna keep those?” Logan asked.


“Might as well,” I replied.  “Well, we better go see what’s up,” I added as we finally headed back across the house to join our dads in the living room.



“ ‘Bout time you rugrats got here,” Tom commented as the herd joined us and promptly filled up the couch and loveseat, Alex and Mike opting to occupy the loveseat where Alex draped an arm around his younger brother as Mike leaned into him.


“Sorry, Dads,” Mike started, “I told ‘em you wanted us for somethin’, but those four boneheads wouldn’t quit playin’ that stupid game,” he finished the thought off as he pointed to the quartet ensconced on the couch.


“No worries, guys,” I replied.  “You’re here now, and that’s what counts.”  I turned to the two munchkins on the loveseat and asked, “Alex, you okay?”


“Sure, Dad.  Why wouldn’t I be?”


“Mike was worried you might be upset with him for dinging your bike.  I told him that wouldn’t be the case and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t lying to him.”


“We’re fine, Dad.  The bike’s just a thing.  Mike’s my brother and he’s way more important than a silly ol’ bike.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my bike ‘cause it’s the first birthday present I got from my new dads, but as much as I love it, I love my little brother even more,” Alex replied as he pulled Mike even closer and planted a little kiss on the top of his head.  The loving action from his older brother caused Mike to blush with embarrassment and I heard him whisper, ‘Thanks, bro.  Love you, too.’


“Okay, now that we know Alex ain’t gonna pound the crap outta Mike, what’s up, Dads?” T.J. asked in his regular damn-the torpedoes, straight-ahead tactlessness.


“Well, I hate to ruin the positive vibe we’ve got goin’ today, but we wanted to talk to you six about your language.”


“What about it?” Joey asked bluntly.


“You are all saying things you know shouldn’t really be coming from kids your age.  We’ve talked about this before and we thought we had asserted a little control over your potty mouths, but since Logan joined us, your lack of self-control has been rearing its ugly head again.”


“Sorry, Dads,” Logan began somberly.  “I really don’t mean to be no trouble.”


“That’s okay, buddy.  I let it slide with you because you were only going to be living with us until you could move back home with your dad.” Logan hung his head in sadness at the reminder his dad was gone.  “I didn’t feel it was our job to correct you when your stay with us was supposed to be a temporary thing.  But, since you’re going to be a part of us for the rest of your life, I think it’s about time to nip this problem in the bud.  I know the others have been taking advantage of the situation and kinda following your lead, but that’s our fault for letting it continue as long we did, not yours.”


“Phew, that’s good to hear,” Logan muttered as he breathed a sigh of relief.  “Least I ain’t gonna get in trouble for being the problem child.”


“You are not a problem child, Logan.  A child with some problems, maybe, but definitely not the other way around.”


“You wanna give us an example of what you’re talkin’ ‘bout?” Andy asked.


“Well, just today at the doctor’s, Mike said things like ‘sonofabitch’, ‘dammit’, ‘crap’, those kinds of words.  And Joey has gone way outside the box today, too, when we first got outside.  You all know better than that and every time I hear words like that from you, I’m a little bit disappointed that you can’t exert some better control over your word choices.  Especially you, Joey, after you and Alex had your little punishment for the same problem the day of the school workshop,” I added while waggling a finger in his direction.


“Well, if it’s okay for you to say those things, why can’t we,” Joey asked seriously.


“They’re just not the kinds of things people expect to hear from younger kids,” Tom replied.  “And once you’re in the habit of saying them, you’ll have a really hard time not saying them when you shouldn’t.”


“When shouldn’t we say words like them?” T.J. asked.


“When we’re out shopping or eating a meal out, when your grandparents are around, at school, places like that,” I answered.  “We’d really appreciate it if you could do the same even around us at home.”


“But why?” Joey queried.


“Because if you get into the habit around us, then you won’t even have to think about it when you’re around other people because it’ll just be second nature,” Tom offered.  “And to prove how important this is, we’ll do the same as you guys, try to give you a better example to follow.”


“What about when we’re in bed doin’, well, you know,” Alex added to the conversation.


“That’s one time and place where you can say whatever you want without inhibitions or worries of getting in trouble.”


“That’s a big-ass bullet we dodged there, guys,” Joey laughed, and the rest of the herd joined him.  “I can’t imagine how weird it would it be to tell Logan ‘please insert your penis into my anus with force, sir’ instead of just ‘fuck me harder, dude’.”  Despite the crudeness in the way he made his point, everyone cracked up on Joey’s comment.


“What if we have a question ‘bout somethin’, Dads?  Do we have to be careful then, too?”


I quickly looked to Tom for his input before answering and received nothing more than a very non-committal type shrug of the shoulders from him.  Without any real support from my better half, I answered the question with, “I guess we’ll have to play that by ear.  You can still ask any question you want at any time, but we’d prefer to hear the question in more socially acceptable terms.  At least to start the conversation.  If a change of language is called for, we’ll let you know.  How’s that sound?”


“Yeah, we can live with that, can’t we, guys?” Andy answered.  Nods of agreement from all six sealed the deal between us and I was feeling a little better about the issue.  Only time would tell if they took the conversation as seriously as we had.  My hopes were almost immediately quashed like a bad subpoena as the crew left their seats and turned for the theater.


“C’mon, Logan, we need to go finish our game so I can trounce your sorry ass,” T.J. laughed.


“Not on your life, you steamin’ little pile o’ crap,” Logan retorted.


“Boys!” I called to their backs.  “Did that entire discussion just go in one ear and out the other.”


T.J. turned back around and offered, “Sorry, Dads, we’ll do better, we promise.”  He then just as quickly rejoined the herd as they continued their trip across the house.


“Geez, it’s like trying to train a bunch of cats to come when they’re called,” I muttered in defeat.  “It’d probably be easier to teach pigs to sing,” I added with a chuckle.


“Nice chat, Dad,” Tom laughed out loud.  “Very effective.”


“Hey, at least we can say we tried.”  With a sour taste in my mouth, I picked up my book and began to read, completely ignoring the continuing smirk aimed my direction from my partner in crime.  Tom followed suit and the only sounds that could be heard were the noises from the kitchen as Ron continued working on our supper.


Forty-five minutes had passed when Ron finally yelled from the kitchen, “Round up the little rascals, food’s about ready and they need to set the table!”


“They’re playing games in the theater, Ron, so get ‘em yourself since you’re closer,” I yelled back.


“Fine, I see how ya are,” he laughed as he passed through the dining room.  He was back ten seconds later and shaking his head in disgust.  “Those brats just don’t know what rules are, do they?” he muttered.


“What’re you talkin’ about,” Tom asked.


“I thought we were only supposed to do that shit in our bedrooms with the door closed.”


“They are,” I replied.


“Well, Dads, it looks like it’s time for another chat,” Ron chuckled.


“I’m tired of having that conversation,” I muttered to myself.


“So, why bother?” Tom asked.  “At least they’re not doin’ that shit on the dining room table.”  I couldn’t help but laugh as an image of all six boys molesting each other on the table where we shared our meals flashed through my mind.  “What’s so funny?” Tom asked.


“Never mind, hon, you’re better off not knowing,” I replied with a sick chuckle.


“So, Ron, did you interrupt them?” Tom asked.


“Oh, hell no.  Don’t want them little buggers pissed at me.”


“Fine,” I retorted. “Tom, it’s your turn.  Feel free to knock some heads together, see if the message finally sinks in.”


“Yeah, fat chance of that,” Tom chortled as he left his chair and aimed for the theater to break up the party so we could eat.  He returned shortly with a large smile gracing his mug as he turned into the kitchen.  “You need any help, Ron?”


“Nope. Thanks for askin’, man, but I got a handle on it.”


“What’re we havin’ tonight?” I asked as I joined them.


“Thought I’d fry up some shrimps for the shrimps.  Toss in a salad and baked ‘taters, and ya got yourself a meal that’ll stick to your ribs for a while.”


“Sounds good, bud.  How soon should we be at the table?”  I asked.


“Two minutes, tops.  Where are those munchkins?  If they don’t get here soon, we’re gonna have to eat off the damn floor.”


“Speak of the devils, here they come,” Tom commented as the herd charged in and started to pull plates and silverware out before he stopped them with, “Don’t you rugrats think you should go wash your hands before you handle our dinner plates and silver?”


“Oh, yeah, good idea, Pops,” Alex laughed as he closed the cabinet and the group disappeared across the house.  They returned soon enough and got busy with their work.  It didn’t take very long before we were ready to sit and eat.  The boys dug right into their shrimp and potatoes and moans of delight filled the room, the three adults joining them in enjoying our meal.  Poor Mike was still leaning to the left, of course, but that didn’t slow him down a bit as he stuffed food into his face.  It took the munchkins a while, but they finally tested their salads and thanks to the cheese and croutons added to their bowls, all six finished them rather quickly.


Though we were lagging behind the others, the six-pack was soon done eating and began cleaning up their own plates and bowls.  By the time all their dishes and silver were rinsed off and dropped in the dishwasher, Tom, Ron and I had finally finished our own meals and Joey came in to retrieve our utensils.  With their part of the cleanup completed, they headed back to the theater to continue their game.  We just hoped it was a game appropriate for the room they were in.


“You want any help cleaning up, Ron?” I asked.


“Not from you crusty old dudes,” Ron replied with a chuckle.  “Now, if Rich were here, I’d be all over him.  Helping, that is.”


“Probably other things, too, once the work in the kitchen was done,” Tom commented with his own fit of laughter.


“No doubt about it, dude.  He’s a hottie, for sure.”


“We’re with ya, Ron,” I agreed, “but we won’t make you share.”


“That’s a good thing, boss, ‘cause I’d fight you for thinkin’ you could have him.  He’s all mine, guys,” Ron added with a crooked smirk as he left his chair and stepped into the kitchen to finish his work.  Tom and I adjourned to the living room where Tom settled into his chair and after lighting a fire, I joined him in getting comfortable.


“So, what do you and Dylan have planned for tomorrow?” I queried.


“I’m going to get in touch with the facility William’s in and try to arrange a furlough for him for next weekend.  I’d really like for him to come down and meet his brother.  Well, the rest of us, too.”


“Are you thinking what I’m thinking with him?”


“Guess that depends on what you’re thinking,” my honey chuckled.


“Him moving in with us, too, so he and Logan can finish growing up together like real brothers should.”


“Yep, we’re on the same wavelength,” Tom grinned.  “I was hoping I wasn’t the only one considering the possibility.”


“Nope, you’re not alone.  I just don’t know where he’d sleep.  All the bedrooms are already filled to overflowing.”


“I’ve got an idea, but I don’t think you’ll like it much.”


“Hit me, hon.”


“Your study,” Tom replied flatly.  I shot him a very dirty look for even thinking such a thing and he was ready with his response.  “It would only be until we get moved into the new house, babe.  You can have your study back then.”


“And just where would I move my desk and such so I can keep writing before we move in?  I’m in the middle of a book right now, ya know?” I asked with some attitude.


“Dylan and I can rearrange our office to make room for you.  Think that would work for you?”


“Well, I think it might be a little snug for all three of us to be in the same room, but yeah, I guess that would work.  For no longer than we’d have to go that route, anyway.”


“Well, I figure it would take a couple months, at least, to figure out what all William’s problems are and know what hoops we’d have to jump through to make it happen.”


“You think you and Dylan bein’ ex-cops might be able to smooth the path forward.”


“Sure can’t hurt, I think, but until we know what we’re dealing with as far as his issues go, I don’t have a real answer.  That’s a question I plan to ask when I talk to them about him coming down for a visit.”


“Sounds good, Tom.  I like the way you think.”


“Gee, thanks.  That’s a pretty high compliment comin’ from you.  What’re your plans for tomorrow?”


“Well, I need to make several calls in the morning and then I thought I’d take the boys to see Lincoln’s tomb in the afternoon since there’s no school.”


“Good idea, babe.  With some luck dealing with things in the morning, maybe I’ll be able to come along.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to see the tomb.  What calls do you have to make?”


“First one is to the airport to make sure the plane will be ready for Tuesday’s trip to see Harry, then I need to call Justine about T.J.’s party to make sure she knows it’s on Wednesday and how many people will be here.  After I’m done with those two, I’m thinkin’ about callin’ Levar to see what plans he might have about when he and his people will be coming to talk to all of us.”


“Oh crap, I’d forgotten all about that.  We’ll have to make sure our parents are available when he’s here since he said he wanted to talk to them, too.”


“That shouldn’t be a problem, hon.  I’m sure they’ll cherish the opportunity to dish to somebody new about our childhoods and what pains in the asses we were,” I laughed.


“No doubt,” Tom agreed.


“Say, what do you think about a rousing family game of Uno.”


“I’m in if you think you can pry the boys away from that stupid X-box.”


I made the call to the theater and after Mike answered, made the suggestion they join us for a game, an idea that was greeted with glee.  We soon heard the herd charge out of the room and while Alex continued to his room to grab the cards, the rest helped us do a quick rearrangement of the furniture by the fireplace to make it easier for everyone to reach the middle of the table where the cards would land.  Mike had gently settled onto the loveseat so he could lean on the arm to his left and still be close enough to reach the table.  Andy sat next to him to help him out.  Once Alex returned with the cards, Tom shuffled the deck and handed them to T.J. for the first deal.


We were enjoying a great game and having a lot fun together despite the interruption of earlier in the day.  The lead was going back and forth between Alex and Joey as those two somehow seemed to always get the damn wild draw four cards.  I’d have accused them of having them stuffed up their sleeves but they, of course, had no sleeves.  Nor anywhere else to hide a card or two.  When the game ended an hour later, it was Alex who became the victor and he lorded it over all of us.


“Na-na, na-na, boo, boo, all ya boobs can all kiss my lily-white ass,” he crowed with glee.


“Alex!  What did we just talk about this afternoon?” I called out interrupting his celebration.


“What, Dad?” he asked with confusion.


“ ‘Ass’ is one of those words you guys are supposed to stay away from.”


“But why?” Logan asked.  “What’s so bad about ‘ass’?  It’s just another word for a donkey or mule, ain’t it?”


“Um, he’s kinda gotcha there, babe,” Tom giggled.


“Well, I guess you’re right about that, but I’d much prefer you guys stick with behind or butt.”


“Geez, Dad, you’re no fun at all,” T.J. moaned.


“You munchkins need to put the cards away and get ready for bed, please,” I replied, effectively ending the conversation on the use of ‘ass’.


“But, Dad, it’s still early,” Logan complained.


“I know, but Tom or I need to help Mike with his shower to try to keep his behind as dry as possible.”


“Yeah, likely story, old man,” Joey grunted.  “You’re just tryin’ to get rid of us.”


“Ya caught me, dudelet,” I giggled.  “Now, y’all move along while Mike comes with me.”


“He better not,” Andy retorted glibly as he jumped off his perch next to Mike.  “He’s all mine, tonight,” he added with a giggle.


“TMI, buddy,” I countered with a chuckle.  “C’mon, Mike, let’s get the rest of you cleaned up since all Doctor Finney took care was that ugly spot on your behind.” 


“My butt ain’t ugly,” Mike complained with a frown.  “Not according to T.J. and Andy, anyway.”


“Well, they’re absolutely right, young man.  You do have a very cute butt.  Except for that one spot right now, but that won’t last long, and you’ll be right back to your regular all-over cuteness.”


“Thanks, Dad,” he replied with a smile that quickly turned into a tight pout when he asked, “Will you give me a ride again?”


“Sure thing, buddy.  Stand up and I’ll take you the rest of the way.”  Mike carefully stood up on the loveseat and held his arms up so he could wrap them around my neck.  And once I had his skinny little thighs nestled on my forearm and his butt hanging in the wind, he did just that.  Before walking away, I turned and asked Tom, “You gonna join us or wait for later?”


“I think I’ll wait, babe.  With all three of us in there at the same time, it might get a little crowded and I don’t want to take a chance of bumpin’ into his behind and hurtin’ him.  Pretty sure he wouldn’t like that much.”  An emphatic negative shake of Mike’s noggin signaled his complete agreement with his Pops’ thinking.


“The three of us can’t take up any more space than Dylan, Malcom and Damon and they seemed to survive the experience in one piece.”


“Fair point, I suppose, but I still think I’ll wait until later.  No sense pushin’ our luck.”


“Fine, just be that way, then.”  I turned back to face my passenger and added, “Looks like it’s just you and me, buddy.”


“That’s all right, Daddy, we can have more fun without him,” he said with a cheesy grin. 


I shot him a questioning look and got nothing back but the same cheesy grin.  When we reached the bathroom, I stood Mike on the bench seat along the back wall before adjusting the shower head away from his small body and turning on the water.  I took a minute to set the water temperature to make sure it wouldn’t be too hot, then grabbed a washcloth from the hook on the wall, got it wet and filled it with soap.  I also plucked a second washcloth from the next hook to flood with just water so I could get Mike wet before trying to soap him up.


Stepping over to the patiently waiting midget, I ran the wet washcloth over the front of his body from his head to his toes.  That accomplished, I dropped that cloth on the bench and went to work with the soapy one, starting at his toes and slowly working my way up his skinny little legs.  When I reached his groin area, I bypassed that spot for the moment and moved up to take care of Mike’s face, neck, shoulders, chest and belly.  Upon reaching his waist, I grabbed the cloth from the bench, stepped back over to the still-flowing water and got both soaking wet again.  I then refilled the one in my right hand with soap before returning to the rugrat.


I had Mike turn around so I could take care of his back and behind, along with the backside of his legs, being extra careful when I reached his behind to ensure I didn’t hit that raw spot with any more soap and water than possible.  Mike giggled quite a bit as I ran the soapy cloth between his cheeks and brushed against his anus.  He looked over his shoulder at me and said, “T.J. always does my butt without the washcloth.”


I took the not so subtle hint and dropped both washcloths on the bench at Mike’s feet before resuming my cleaning of his cute little ass.  As I ran my fingers through his crevice, I brushed his tight pucker again and a low moan of pleasure escaped from somewhere deep inside the tiny body before me.


“Whoops, sorry, Mike,” I muttered needlessly.


“Don’t be sorry, that felt good,” he grunted as he looked at me over his shoulder.  “Do it again,” he added in a demanding tone.


“I don’t think that’s a very good idea with your butt in its current condition,” I replied trying to shut down things before they went too far.


Mike was having none of that as he pleaded, “Please, Daddy.”  Unable to refuse the munchkin anything he wanted, I again ran my fingers through his vertical smile while making sure I brushed his hole with all four fingertips.  The hiss of delight I heard as he sucked in two lungsful of air through his tightly pursed lips left no doubt he was enjoying the intimate touching just as much as I was.  “Oh, god, that feels good,” he muttered to no one in particular while leaning against the wall above the bench with his two hands planted firmly above his head.  “Push one inside me and make sure I’m clean there, too.”


“Are you sure you want me to do that?” I questioned seriously.


“If ya don’t, I’m gonna hafta hurt ya,” he retorted with a demanding note to his voice.


To avoid the beating I was sure would come if I didn’t agree to his request, I carefully slid just my middle finger into his crack, located his rosebud and gave the digit a push.  Mike’s body bucked madly at the intrusion which only served to get my finger impaled even deeper inside him.  I decided at that moment that he was fully in charge of whatever was happening and froze my position, finger buried to the second knuckle inside his tight ass.  About thirty seconds later, I felt Mike’s body subtly shift as he pushed his ass towards my face, allowing the intruding finger to become fully lodged inside him.


To my amazement, Mike held that position for a full minute before he started to pull away again.  Just before my fingertip would have been released from his sphincter’s tight grip, he reversed course, impaling himself again.  And again, and over and over.  This six-year-old horndog was literally fucking himself on my finger.  And it had to be one of the absolute hottest things I’ve ever had the pleasure to be involved in.  He continued his actions for several more minutes before abruptly pulling himself off my finger and turning around to face me, his rampant hardon mere inches from my nose.


“Please suck my little dick, Daddy,” he begged.


At that moment, I would have done just about anything the youngster wanted and I happily leaned into his body, allowing his pecker to invade my mouth.  While I was no longer a stranger to sucking dicks, Mike’s was the smallest, and tastiest, one I had in my mouth so far.  Please, god, don’t ever let Tom pick up that brainwave I thought to myself.  Mike was still fully in charge of this set of events and after he realized that for himself, he started to forcefully hump his sweet and stiff morsel in and out of my mouth.  I was truly enjoying every moment of this encounter with my young son and loved it when his hairless pubis would slam into my nose as he tried to bury his cocklet as deeply as possible in my hot and wet mouth.


“Quick, Daddy, stick a finger up my ass.  I’m about to come,” he moaned with delight.  I followed his demand and slowly re-inserted my middle finger as deeply as I could into his rapidly moving ass.  It wasn’t easy to hit the moving target, but he slowed his movements just enough to make it easier to locate.  With my finger fully embedded, Mike was off to the races again and he continued humping my face with wild abandon and unbridled lust.  As I wiggled my finger deep inside his tight hole, I found his undeveloped magic button and made a conscious effort to bump or stroke that small nodule on each of his movements.


Soon enough, Mike started muttering, “Oh god, oh fuck, yes Daddy, fuck my ass with your finger, oh god, oh, oh, ah, ah-h-h, yeah, right there, uh-uh-uh-uh.”  With one last grunt, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into his belly, burying his pecker as deeply into my mouth as he could.  He squealed with glee as his anal sphincter started rapidly clamping and releasing my finger, and his sweet little cocklet jerked, bounced and danced madly in my mouth as the orgasm took over his young body from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.  If I hadn’t been holding his thighs as snugly as I was, he would have surely landed on the floor of the shower as his steam-slickened body refused to remain in place.  How we managed to get through the whole thing without him slipping from my grasp will remain a puzzle to be solved at a much later time.


I continued to hold Mike up since I knew he couldn’t really sit down at the moment and when he’d finally come back down to earth from his sexual high, he glared at me with the widest and wildest grin I’d ever seen on his face.  As he looked down at me sitting on the bench and still holding his thighs tightly to ensure he didn’t fall over, he said, “Thanks, Daddy, that was fuckin’ awesome.  Oops, shouldn’t a said that,” he quickly added as he clamped a hand over his mouth.


“You’re fine, buddy, I understand.  The feelings you just had override all thoughts.  Besides, this is one of those times you can say anything you want, remember?”


“That’s a good thing or I’d be in really deep shit right now, wouldn’t I?” he giggled madly.


“Without a doubt, buddy.  I’m glad you enjoyed your shower.”


“I freakin’ loved, it, Daddy.  I always want to take a shower with you now.  You’re a lot better at that finger thing than T.J. or Andy.”


“Well, my fingers are a bit longer than theirs, so I can see how you might think that.”


“I don’t think it, I know it.  Now, what about you?”


“What do you mean, Mike?” I asked.


“Well, look at your dick, old man.  It’s harder than I’ve ever seen it.”  I chanced a quick glance below my waist and realized Mike was telling the truth.  I’d been so focused on doing whatever the kid wanted, I hadn’t even noticed my own cock was pointed straight towards the ceiling and leaking profusely.  “We can’t let you go back out there like that, can we?” Mike asked seriously.  “Sit back and let me help you like you helped me,” he added with his trademark smirk.


In no real position or having the desire to argue with him at this point, I followed his order and leaned against the wall of the shower, waiting to see what he had in mind for payback.  I didn’t have to wait long as he quickly climbed down from the bench and stood in front of me before wrapping his small hands around my throbbing meat.  While Tom and I had jerked each other off many times since we got together, nothing in this world can properly prepare you for having your hardness enveloped by the fingers of your six-year-old son.  I was already so on edge from pleasuring Mike that I almost blew my load the moment he had me wrapped up in his tight grip.


“T.J. told Andy and me all about you and Pops shootin’ out your spermies when you come, and I’ve wanted to see that happen ever since.  And now, I finally get to ‘cause I’m gonna make it happen,” the munchkin gloated evilly as he started to slowly stroke my cock.  For my part, I could do nothing but sit there and moan as Mike worked me over.  After a couple minutes of his tender ministrations, he decided to take things a step further as he leaned over and slurped the pre-cum off my cock before it could just run uselessly down the shaft.  Thanks to all the steam generated by the still-running shower, it sure wasn’t needed for lubrication and when Mike was done cleaning out my piss slit, he stood up, looked me straight in the eyes and licked his lips.


“That’s pretty yummy stuff, Daddy.”


“I’m glad you like it,” I smiled.  “You keep strokin’ my cock like that and there’ll be more for you to drink up in no time.”


“Sweet,” he gushed as his hands continued to slide smoothly up and down my aching prick.  Just as I’d promised him, my dick head was soon covered with more slime and he eagerly lapped it up.  After the third or fourth round of me oozing pre-cum and Mike cleaning me up (to be brutally honest, I lost count due to the euphoria I was experiencing), I gave Mike the warning he’d been waiting for.


“Heads up, buddy, it’s about to happen,” I grunted.


“Cool, Daddy, let it go,” he squealed in anticipation.


Mike had no sooner than uttered those words when sweet release hit me and my cock shot six or seven volleys of sticky goo all over the both of us, landing on both our faces, chests and bellies.  One thing I can see Mike needs to learn is how to properly aim an exploding cock to minimize the mess created and the cleanup required after the fact, but that will remain a lesson for another day.  And one I certainly look forward to teaching him.  Completely wasted by the earth-shattering orgasm I’d just experienced at the hands and mouth of my young son, I couldn’t move for a couple of minutes.  While I leaned against the wall and recovered, Mike took it upon himself to start cleaning me up.  With his tongue.


That action brought me back to life and I smiled at my son as he seemed to enjoy the task.  Of course, the continual licking of my chest and belly was causing a physical reaction I’d not expected.  I was getting hard again, simply from Mike’s tongue running across my body and flicking at my nipples. 


“How the devil did you get so good at that?” I quizzed my shower mate.


“Easy, Daddy, T.J. and Andy both love when I lick their boobies.  I figured if they did, you would, too.”


“You got that right, kiddo.  C’mon and let’s get rinsed off so we can get out of here, cover your behind and get you guys to bed.”


“Okay,” he answered as he stepped closer and pulled me into a smothering hug.  “Thanks, Daddy, I loved what we did and I love you, too,” he whispered into my ear.


“I love you more, my sweet baby boy,” I whispered back. 


We finally let go of each other and I stepped Mike back a couple of feet, then grabbed the shower head on the extension hose and let it rain down over Mike to get him all cleaned up and rinsed off.  It just wouldn’t do to have him climb in bed with his brothers while he was splattered with my semen.  Satisfied all evidence of our misdeeds had been washed off his sweet body, I sat on the bench and let Mike return the favor.  With both of us rinsed off within an inch of our lives, I turned off the water and grabbed towels so we could dry off. 


I had Mike stand on the bench so I could help him towel off, and when it was time to dry his shrunken penis and retracted testicles, he giggled madly as he was still a bit sensitive from our previous actions.  When I had him turn around to take care of his back, he promptly bent over at the waist and pulled his good cheek away so I could dry his light pink pucker.  He moaned in desire when I made contact with his tight hole, but I didn’t press the issue, or a finger into him again, despite desperately wanting to do so. 


With the rest of him dried off, I lightly patted the raw spot on his bad cheek to get it as dry as I could without hurting him.  He still jumped once or twice when I made contact but seemed none the worse for wear when I was done.  With his drying completed, he grabbed the other towel and told me to turn around. 


He quickly dried my back and ordered me to bend over.  After I did so, he took his time drying my rear cleft, lingering on my hole a couple of times.  By the time he was done back there, my dick was fully inflamed again, so when he had me turn around to take care of my front, my hardness almost smacked him in the face.  He giggled at that and then spent way more time than necessary to dry my smaller than average cock.  Not that I minded it a bit, and in fact, I rather enjoyed his soft touch.  By the time he was happy with his work, I was damn near ready to pop off a second time, but managed to exert a minor bit of control over my lower half and held on to that thought for later.


With both of us sparkling clean and dry, we finally left the bathroom and headed back out to rejoin the rest of the family.  Ambling into the living room, we drew the whole crew’s attention as they gawked at us.  Tom gave me a questioning look and tapped his wrist where a watch would normally be, alluding to the fact Mike and I were in the shower much longer than we should have been.  Still half hard from the experience I’d just had, all I could do at the moment was shrug my shoulders and try to look as innocent as possible, fully expecting to have to explain our absence when the two of us climbed into bed in a bit.


“Mike, go grab the supplies Doctor Finney gave us and we’ll get your behind covered up so you can get in bed.  When you come back, stretch out on the loveseat so this is easy to deal with.”


“You got it, Dad,” he answered as he bypassed the living room and continued on down the hallway to his bedroom.  I silently wondered about the switch from ‘Daddy’ while in the shower to ‘Dad’ around the others, but not for long as I figured it wasn’t something I’d be able solve by myself.  Sitting next to Tom, he fixed me with a quizzical stare yet again, and I mouthed, ‘later’ in response to his silent question.  I received a thumbs up in acknowledgement from him as Mike came back with the bag of supplies from the doctor’s office.  Seeing Logan and Andy still lounging on the loveseat, he said, “Move your behinds, boneheads.”  He shot us a quick look of cockiness for his word selection and Tom and I both gave him a thumbs up.


Both vacated the seat and Mike climbed up and assumed the position required to place a new gauze pad where it would do the most good.  Two minutes of very gentle work later, he was as ready for bed as he could be.  We hustled the sensational six-pack into their rooms and gave them time to make one more stop in a bathroom before we followed along for our regular nightly rituals.  With all six of them down for the count and after saying goodnight to Ron, Tom and I headed for our own room and a good night’s sleep before a busy day tomorrow.


Or so I thought as I crawled into bed and under the sheet.


“What the hell took you two so long in the shower?” Tom asked while sitting on the bed next to me and giving me a dirty look


“Um, Mike wanted a little special fatherly attention,” I answered with extreme guilt flooding my reply.  I then added some details to my answer so Tom would understand exactly what I was really saying.


“You bastard!” Tom squelched.  “When do I get a turn with one of them?”


“Anytime you want, hon.  You had the chance to join us tonight but decided not to.  It’s not my fault I didn’t know Mike had plans other than just taking a shower.  According to Dr. Finney, he should have help with his bathing for a couple of nights, so why don’t you take tomorrow night and I’ll stay in the living room.”


“Now that sounds like a great idea,” Tom grinned as he rubbed his hands together in anticipation.  “So, did the little rugrat leave anything for me or did he completely drain you?”


“Well, I thought I was done for the night, but not so much anymore,” I replied as I lifted the sheet and exposed my hard cock to my honey.


“Sweet,” Tom hissed as he lowered his head to my groin and began what turned into an hour-long session of lovemaking.  By the time we were both satisfied, neither of us had anything left to give the other, so we limped our way into the shower for a quick cleaning before returning to bed and snuggling together for that good night’s sleep.

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