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My Life


The story you are about to read is the mostly true story of my life.† While the names have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent, the activities described are factual (mostly, with a little fantasy thrown in here and there) and the best I can remember them after all this time.


You should know that I am a middle aged boy lover and have known I was a boy lover from a very young age.† Even today, when out and about with my wife, I am constantly looking at every boy I see and hoping for more than just a look at the many fine specimens roaming the world these days.


I was born in October and grew up in a small town in central Illinois in the 60ís and 70ís.† My dad was a teacher and my mom went back to school after I started kindergarten in 1966 and eventually became a schoolteacher, also.† In fact, when she started teaching fifth grade to replace a teacher taking leave to have a baby halfway through the year, I was in her first class.† I am the youngest of four kids in our family, my brother Wally being 9 years older and my two sisters, Laura and Cathy being 5 and 4 years older.†


In the early years of my life, it was common to see other members of the family naked.† When you have six people in one household all sharing one bathroom for both morning and nighttime rituals, it was unavoidable.† To this day, the only person in my family I donít ever remember seeing naked is my brother.† I am sure, at some point in time, I did, but I was too young to remember it ever actually happening.† He was and still is a very private person and it seemed he was always allowed a little more flexibility in his personal life than the rest of us.† That must be one of the benefits of being the oldest.


Up until I was about six or seven, I was usually taking my nighttime bath with one of my sisters.† I can honestly say that I paid very little attention to physical differences between our bodies during our baths.† It was such an everyday type of thing, it didnít click with me at the time and to be quite honest, I had very little to no interest in those differences.† I can only assume now that they quit sharing the tub with me about the time they started puberty and were thus allowed more privacy.† Nothing was ever said at the time, but it certainly makes sense to me now.† After the bath, we would stroll naked from the bathroom to our bedrooms to get dressed for bed.† When Wally would finish with his bath, he would head from the bathroom, wrapped in his towel, to his bedroom to get dressed.† We threatened a lot to snag his towel from him, but nobody ever did so.†


Even after my sisters quit bathing with me, I still liked to take my time in the tub.† It never bothered me for anyone to come into the bathroom for any reason while I was there.† After my bath, I would always streak through the house to my bedroom to get dressed for bed.† I would occasionally get a few whistles and catcalls as I did so, but I kind of enjoyed those taunts.


As far as mom and dad go, they usually took their baths at night after the four of us were all in bed.† This reduced morning bathroom time for everyone to the bare minimum.† The only person who spent several minutes in the bathroom every single morning was dad so he could shave.† The interesting thing about this was he was always naked while he shaved.† I guess that makes sense due to the fact he slept naked.† He would wake up, get out of bed, and head to the bathroom to use the toilet and then just launch right into shaving without putting any clothes on and the bathroom door wide open.† Everybody else could use the toilet while he was shaving and no word was ever said about the fact that he was naked.† It was just a fact of life and we all dealt with it.


What was unknown to any of them is the fact that I secretly loved to watch him shave.† After waking up in the morning, I would love to go downstairs and enter the bathroom to use the toilet just knowing the old man would be there, one foot propped up the sink top to rest his elbow on and his genitals would just be hanging out in the open, swinging and swaying to the rhythm of his shaving.† After using the toilet, I would share the sink with him so I could wash my hands and face, during which time, I would be staring at the reflection of his penis and testicle filled scrotum just hanging there on full view.† I was simply amazed at the amount of hair he had growing there and the size of his penis and scrotum were awe-inspiring to my young eyes, especially when I compared what he had to what I had happening down there.† He never attempted to cover himself and I never attempted to quit looking.† Sometimes, after finishing with my face and hands, I would sit on the edge of the tub and chat with him just so I could extend the time the show was available.


I well remember one morning, however.† As I entered the bathroom to use the toilet, my dad very quickly grabbed a hand towel from the ring by the sink and actually covered his crotch.† I thought that was a little unusual considering history, but when I went to the sink to wash my face and hands, I was astonished to see this hand towel just kind of hanging there over his crotch area.† Donít get me wrong, I knew that penises would get hard as mine would do so from time to time, but this actually seemed to be a bit of magic from my 7-year-old point of view.


About the time I was eight or nine, mom and dad had decided that it was time for dad to have a vasectomy.† They talked very openly about it and though I didnít understand exactly what was going to happen, I knew it was being done so they would not have any more kids.† The day after dad went to the doctor, I asked him about it during his morning shave.† He told me to wait a minute for him to finish shaving and he would explain it to me.† So there I sat on the edge of the bathtub, watching the swing and sway show while he finished shaving.† When he finished with his shave, he told me to come a little closer and he would tell and show me what the doctor had done.† I did as he asked and was shocked to see him gently lift his scrotum up toward my face and reveal the newly shaved area and the tiny stitches he now had.† This was the closest my face had ever been to the prize between my fatherís legs and I just wanted to reach out and grab a hold of that prize, but considering his explanation of what had just happened, I didnít think he would appreciate a good squeeze just then.† As time passed and I grew up, the time I was able spend sharing the bathroom with my naked father dwindled, although I still loved looking at him as much and as often as I could.† I never again got to be as close to him the day of the vasectomy explanation and I regret not taking matters into my own hands that day.


Now, my dad was not the only guy I liked to look at, he was just the most accessible and frequently naked, so it was really easy to see what I liked to look at.† During the sixties and seventies, it was very common for there to be no partitions in public restrooms, especially at the school.† The boysí restrooms at the school had one long ten or twelve-foot trough for the boys to pee in and a couple of stalls for toilets.† While peeing into the troughs, I was constantly checking out my neighbors, seeing how we all compared in penis size.† Not surprisingly, we were all about the same in the penis size department, but that sure didnít stop me from looking.† I loved being at the trough with five or six other boys and I would be checking out every single one of them every single time.† I donít think I really expected any changes from the day before, but I had to make sure.


I especially liked to use public restrooms at other locations.† With no partitions between the urinals, it was just too much temptation to keep my eyes on my own task.† I was always scoping out any other guy who was there next to me.† Most of the time, my dad was next to me and while I saw him plenty, I never passed up the opportunity to look at him again.† Occasionally, I would get to stand next to another man or boy I had never seen before and, again, I would be checking them out as well.† I enjoyed seeing the wide range of sizes and shapes of male genitalia of all ages.† I am amazed that I was never told that I should mind my own business, but maybe guys were a little more tolerant in those days.†


I started out life like most kids and wore pajamas to bed the first few years.† About the time I hit five or six, I had reduced myself to wearing just underwear to sleep in.† I found I was much more comfortable through the night and would not wake up with the pajama top or bottoms twisted all around me.† After my nightly bath, I would usually have about another half-hour or hour I could stay up and watch TV or read or play a game.† I would spend that time dressed in nothing but my underwear and nobody ever said I should put on more clothes.† It is a good thing they didnít because I would have refused to do so.


After a short time of wearing just underwear to bed, I decided that if my dad could sleep with no clothes on, by golly, I could too.† I would streak to my room after my bath and pull on a clean pair of underwear to hang around in until it was finally time to actually go to bed.† At bedtime, though, I would go to my room and remove my underwear and climb into my bed stark naked.† In my young mind, I was being rebellious and at first just enjoyed that feeling.† In the morning, I would wait until my brother and sisters were all downstairs before I would crawl out of bed and pull my underwear back on to head downstairs for my morning bathroom time.†


About the time I hit seven, I discovered that sleeping naked also provided much more than just pure comfort.† It also provided the immediate possibility of rubbing my penis on the sheets to make me feel extra good.† Now, since nobody ever talks to 7 year-olds about sex and masturbation, I had no idea what I was really doing, but since I got such pleasure from doing it, I sure was not going to stop.† I enjoyed rubbing my little dick on the sheets so much, I would end up doing it in the morning, after school and again just before going to sleep.† I even figured out that if I propped my elbows just right, I could look down between my stomach and the bed and watch my hard little soldier as I relentlessly pushed him up and down against my sheets, just waiting for that special feeling to happen.† After school, I was usually the first one home so I would go up to my room, strip and then climb in bed and rub my tiny hairless circumcised penis against the sheets until I felt so good I thought I was going to die.† I didnít bother with closing my room door because I thought that would take time away from what I really wanted to do.† I was always re-dressed and downstairs by the time my siblings got home, so they never knew what I did every day after I got home.


Now, my best friend growing up was Danny.† His mom and dad were also both teachers, so it kind of made sense they were friends with our family.† Danny had an older sister, Nancy, and a brother, Tommy, who was 4 years younger. †Danny was 9 months older than I was, but he was a year behind me in school because he was held back one year.† Danny and I were almost closer to each other than I was to my own brother.† That is not too surprising since the age difference was so much closer.† It seems that we did almost everything together including going to the bathroom.† We would head to the bathroom together, pull out our penises, and proceed to pee in the same toilet.† We, of course, had to be looking down to make sure our aim into the toilet was accurate, but I was always looking at his penis, also.† And I have to tell you I liked what I saw.† Iím pretty sure he was checking me out at the same time, so I didnít feel bad checking him out.


Danny and I moved from peeking while peeing into playing doctor.† When it was just the two of us playing together, one of us would pretend we had been shot in groin.† This injury would, of course, have to be thoroughly examined by the other participant.† The examination would require the dropping of pants and underwear to at least our knees and stretching out on the exam table, or in our case, the bed.† We would lay there, exposed and vulnerable to whatever manipulations the Doctor thought were required to determine the extent of the damage and the following repair to the damage.† Once we were healed, we would return to playing whatever mindless game was in progress when we were so rudely interrupted by somebody being shot on the groin again.† Invariably, within a few minutes of returning to the game, the other one of us would get shot and need the care of the Doctor.† If we were together and nobody could find us, it was a sure bet where we were and what we were doing.† While we both enjoyed this new little game we had created, I secretly desired more than just a few minutes of wiggle the worm.† Amazingly, for no particular reason I can think of, we never played Doctor long enough for either one of us to get hard.† It seems we were always in a hurry to avoid getting caught, so the play never lasted long enough to get really interesting.


Not too long after my awakening to sleeping naked and the joys that can be had while doing so, Danny was going to spend the night at my house for the first time.† Since I had my own room, it was decided that we would just sleep there.† Having seen each other naked multiple times previously and playing Doctor every chance we could, at bath time, we both hopped in the tub together and proceeded to take our baths.† The whole time we were supposedly getting clean, I was looking at Dannyís penis and wondering what, if anything might happen later.† I had not told Danny I slept naked and was not sure how he would react when the time finally came for us to go to bed.† We dried ourselves and I pulled on clean underwear while Danny pulled on pajamas.† I could not believe he was still wearing pjs to bed, but kept my disappointment to myself.† We headed up to my room and played a little while before crawling into bed.


When it came time to actually go to bed, I peeled off my tighty whities and crawled between the sheets, moving up against the far side of the bed so Danny would have enough room to get in also.† When I turned back to look at Danny, he had a look of disbelief on his face.† When I asked him what was up, he said he could not believe that I was going to bed with no clothes on and just where he was supposed to sleep.† I told him I always slept naked and he was going to sleep in my bed.† I donít think he liked that answer very much, but he very slowly got on the bed and proceeded to lie down on top of the covers.† I could tell he was freaked out, but I was not going to change my sleeping habits just to make him feel more comfortable.† In the morning, when we got up, Danny climbed out of bed and waited for me to get up.† He had a little tent in his pjs because he had to go pee and I also was hard for the same reason.† I threw off the covers, exposing my hard little penis to him, climbed out of bed, and proceeded to pull on my underwear, not once bothering to cover up until I pulled my briefs up to finally hide my little soldier.† I figured, why bother, he had the same problem I did.† Danny was the first person ever to see me fully naked and with an erection, at least since I started going to the bathroom by myself, that is.† Who knows who saw what before then?


Whenever Danny and I spent the night together, it was usually at my house since I had my own room and he shared a room with Tommy.† After about five or six or times staying with me, Danny finally asked me about why I slept naked.† I told him first about switching from sleeping in pjs to underwear and how much more comfortable it was.† Then I told him about my dad sleeping naked and that I had decided to try it and how once I had tried it, there was no going back to even underwear because it was just that much more comfortable being naked.† I told him how he could do it also, despite sharing a room with his brother.† He could put his pjs on like normal and then once he was in bed and under the covers, he could take them off and stuff them up by his pillows to pull back on in the morning.† Since he didnít wear underwear with his pjs, he would then be naked also.† He said heíd think about it maybe try it some night.


A couple weeks later, Danny got to sleep over again.† Everything proceeded as usual right up until we went to bed.† I peeled off my undies and crawled in naked like I always did.† When I looked back at Danny, much to my surprise, he was removing his pjs.† He got naked and crawled into bed with me.† Now it was my turn to look at him in disbelief.† When I quizzed him about his sudden change of heart about sleeping naked, he told me he had done as I suggested and had been taking his pjs off after crawling under the covers.† He had been sleeping naked the past week and loved it.† It was a little tricky to get re-dressed under the covers, but he had finally figured out how to do it without being too obvious.† He told me how glad he was that I had told him about sleeping naked and I was suddenly looking forward to many more sleepovers with my best buddy.


Danny and I got into a fairly normal schedule of spending the night together about every other week.† I always looked forward to those nights together.† We spent a lot of time playing various games I could never get my siblings to play and we had bunches of fun just spending time together.† I think he was just happy to get away from his family for the night.† One night, during summer vacation, it was hotter than hell.† Since our house didnít have air conditioning, we had to rely on open windows and fans to keep cool.† Since it was so hot, I was usually uncovered during the night and had started sleeping with my door closed.† I didnít really care if anyone saw me sleeping naked, I just didnít want them seeing me enjoying my latest pastime, which could occur with no notice.


When it was time to go to bed that night, Danny and I headed to my room.† I closed the door, which surprised him a little bit.† I just told him that since I spent most of the night uncovered due to the heat, I had started closing my door.† I peeled off my undies and crawled onto the bed as usual.† Danny followed suit and he started to pull the top sheet up.† I told him not to because it was too hot.† He must have agreed with me because he left the sheet at the foot of the bed.† There we both were, naked, uncovered and loving it.† I especially loved it because I could see my best bud from head to toe, though, to be honest, I really didnít spend much time looking at either his head or his toes.† My attention was riveted almost entirely to his tiny hairless penis as it lay there like a limp little noodle.†


I must have been loving the view just a little too much because I was soon getting stiff and knew Danny could see me just as well as I could see him.† I didnít really care that he could see me that way, but since he seemed a little more hesitant about being naked in the same bed with me still, I rolled over on to my stomach to hide this new development.† Boy, was that ever a bad idea.† My penis had no sooner than touched the sheet than I knew what I had to do at that instant.† I almost immediately started rubbing my penis against the sheet.† I tried to do it with as little movement as possible, but could not help myself and was soon going at it just as if Danny were not in the same room with me, let alone the same bed.† If you thought he freaked out the first time I crawled into bed naked with him, you should have seen him now.† He practically came unglued.


He asked me what the hell I was doing.† I didnít even stop humping my bed while I explained my actions.† I asked him if his penis ever got hard after he got naked in bed.† He hesitantly admitted that it did, but that didnít explain what I was doing.† I snuck a glance over at Danny and could see that his penis was hard as a rock and sticking straight up towards his belly button.† Up to this point, despite seeing him naked many, many times, I had never seen Dannyís penis in this state and it just added fuel to the fire I was feeling.† I told him he should roll over and do what I was doing.† He reluctantly did so and I could tell very shortly that he was enjoying himself as much as I was.† After a couple minutes of us both rubbing our hard penises on the bed, he said he had to pee.† I told him that, no, he really didnít and to keep rubbing and he would soon feel something he never had before.† Soon, we both lay there panting and recovering from a feeling so good we didnít want it to stop.


We both lay on our stomachs a little bit longer and then finally rolled back over onto our backs, our limp little penises flopping around into a comfortable position.† Danny told me he could not imagine anything ever feeling so good and he would have to try that some more.† I told him how much I did it and that I had been doing so for several months.† He got upset that I hadnít told him about it sooner, but I reminded him how freaked out he had been the first time he stayed over with me being naked and I was really scared to say anything else.† I told him I knew that in time, I would get up the nerve to tell him more and things would happen when the time was right.† This turned out to be the right time.† The next several sleepovers pretty much followed along with what had happened that night, except when I stayed at Dannyís.† We didnít want to risk his brother knowing what we were doing, so we behaved those few times.


Now, when Danny stayed over, we pretty much knew what was going to happen.† He finally got over me watching him rub his penis on the sheet and I reveled in the fact that he was watching me.† One night after we had pleasured ourselves, I decided to roll over on my side at just look at him.† I loved Danny more than anyone else in my life and I was ready to try something new.† I knew how good it felt to gently hold my penis and testicles in my hand after rubbing the sheets and I wanted to find out what it was like to hold someone elseís.† I slowly moved my hand over until I was touching his side.† I then, even more slowly, moved it up to rest on his chest.† Danny didnít say anything and for all I knew he was sound asleep.† I moved my hand lower and lower and lower until it was resting just above his penis.† Danny still had not said anything, so I very gently cupped my hand around him.† He had spread his legs a little bit and I was able to get his whole package enveloped.† With Danny still silent, I began to slowly massage his penis and felt an almost immediate reaction to my manipulations.† To my immense surprise, he was getting hard and, as a result, so was I.†


Danny rolled over to face me and I realized he was not asleep.† He reached his hand over to me and didnít waste any time.† He went straight to the hard little pecker that was pointing at him and started to gently cup and massage me like I was doing to him.† Oh my god, I was in heaven.† I had never felt anything like that and I didnít want it to stop, ever.† As good as it felt to play with myself, it felt ten times better having someone else do it to you.† I knew he had to be feeling the same way, so I just continued.† We didnít say a word to each other, we didnít have to.† We just kept massaging and stroking and playing until we both got so tingly all over we thought we would pass out.


After we both came down from our blissful high, I scooted closer to Danny to give him a hug.† He was hugging me back and we were both kind of moving around a little to get more comfortable when the inevitable happened.† Our now limp, bare naked, hairless little penises touched for the first time.† As can only happen in youth, we both got immediately hard.† I donít know if I started first or if it was Danny, or maybe we just got the same idea at the same moment, but we started rubbing our dicks together.† With each stroke, we tried to bury our little cocks deeper and deeper into the otherís, lost in all these new feelings we were having.† I felt the tingling start up and that made me grind my dick into his even more forcefully.† It was not very long until both our dicks started twitching and jerking and our whole bodies were quaking with pleasure.† We both lay there, spent, tired, and hugging each other and slowly drifted off to sleep.†


When morning came, we awoke still in the same position, hard little penises trapped between our bodies, but we both had to pee really badly.† I told Danny we should go pee and we reluctantly crawled out of bed and took a moment just to look at each other, sun shining through the window highlighting our naked bodies, our penises sticking straight out at each other.† Danny had seen me in this state several times before at night, but this was the first time in our lives, in the daylight anyway, we had ever both been naked as the day we were born, stiff little peckers standing up as if to say good morning to each other and neither one of us felt the least bit ashamed or awkward to be like that.† We pulled on the bare minimum of clothes and headed downstairs to relieve ourselves.† I could not take my eyes off Dannyís penis as we peed and I donít think he took his eyes off mine.† After eating some cereal in our underwear, we headed back to my room to get dressed.†


Or so Danny thought.† As soon as we got to my room, I closed the door, walked over to Danny, and gave him a big hug.† As I was hugging him, I started to gently grind my crotch into his.† I was hard almost instantly again, despite the underwear separating us.† I could feel Danny responding to my actions and he was soon returning the movement.† I reached down, grabbed the waistband of his underwear, and gently pushed it down, exposing his hardness to me.† He returned the favor and we were soon both naked again, hard dicks grinding into each other.† We sidestepped to the bed, hugging and grinding until we fell onto it.† I wanted this moment to last forever.† There we both were, in broad daylight, fully visible to the other, grinding our hard cocks together and rubbing ourselves silly.† I pushed Danny back a little so I could actually see the action going on down there and it was just the most amazing and beautiful thing I had ever seen.† Two hard, hairless, circumcised little peckers doing battle with each other and the only thing to do now was to keep going to see who won the battle.† And I really wanted to see it happen.† We both rapidly approached the point of no return and both of our peckers seemed to just twitch and jump all over the place as we ground them together.† I would have to say we both won that battle, and what a glorious battle it was.†


As we recovered from our mutual bliss, we just lay on the bed together stoking each otherís body and relishing the time we had spent together.† We finally got ourselves composed enough that we thought it was time to actually get dressed and join the rest of the family.† Danny had to go home soon and we wanted to play outside before he did.† As Danny left to go home that day, we were both already anxiously awaiting the next sleepover.


The next couple of months continued in pretty much same manner.† We played a lot of Doctor and whenever Danny could spend the night at my house, we would be humping ourselves sillier at night and in the morning.† I finally decided it was time to add a new element to our play when he stayed over, so one night I told Danny I had a surprise for him.† After going to bed, I told him to just lay still and let me try something new.† I proceeded to stroke and rub Dannyís body from head to toe, bypassing one spot in particular.† We were both hard as could be and when I could not wait any longer, I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked Danny from the bottom of his tight little scrotum to the very tip of his very hard little penis, which jumped madly at the touch of my tongue.


The reaction from Danny could most accurately be described as shock and awe.† Shock that I just licked his dick like a lollipop and awe at how good it felt.† He sucked air into his lungs like a dang vacuum cleaner and blew it back out like someone had poked a tire inner tube with a knife.† He looked down at my face and asked me where I had come up with that idea.† I told him I had read about it one of the little books dad thought he had hidden in the top his closet and that from the description in the book it sounded like it might be fun and feel really good.† From my side, it had definitely been fun to see and feel Dannyís reaction to his first lick and from Dannyís side he said it definitely felt awesome.†


That was all the encouragement I needed, so I lowered my head to his crotch and licked him again, and again, and again.† I could tell Danny was really getting into it and after a few more licks, I took the next logical action.† I opened my mouth, sucked his whole pecker into my mouth, and proceeded to swirl my tongue all around that hot little poker.† Danny was really starting to get into the action and he soon started lifting his hips to match my downward movement, ensuring that his little two-inch rod was being completely buried in my mouth.† I gotta tell you, I was having as much fun giving my first blow job as Danny was getting his first.† I continued to lap, slurp, suck, and inhale until I felt his pecker start jerking all over.† I pulled my head back so I could see this action up close and was amazed at how much Danny was arching his back while his dick was just stuck out from his body doing this funky little dance.† That had to be the coolest thing I had ever seen in my whole eight years of life.


After Danny finally came back down to earth and was lying flat on his back again, I slowly crawled up to his head, put my mouth next to his ear and whispered, ďyour turn.Ē† It didnít take much coaxing this time and Danny pushed me back onto the mattress and proceeded to do to me what had just been done to him.† By the time he got to the first lick of my pecker, I was about ready to crawl out of my skin with anticipation.† When he actually did take that first lick, I think I did.† I was definitely having an out of body experience and he swallowed my cock into his mouth and proceeded to give me my very first tongue bath.† I was now beginning to understand his reaction a little better.† I had waited so long for my turn, that I didnít last very belong before I started getting tingly all over and my little pecker was soon making the same little funky dance moves I had seen Dannyís perform.† Now it was my turn to come back down to earth and re-enter my body.† We were both so spent that we just lay in each otherís arms, enjoying the closeness and savoring the moment.† I reached over to give Dannyís cock and balls a little caress and discovered he was hard again.† That didnít surprise me too much because I was too.† I rolled over on my side to face him and pulled him over so he was facing and we started grinding our hard little peckers into each for quite some time, just enjoying the moment.† When we were both totally wiped out and spent, we curled up together and fell asleep.


The next several months were amazing.† Danny and I could not get enough of each other.† Every time we were together, we almost always had some kind of penis play going.† It didnít matter to us where we were or who was around.† When we went to the bathroom, we would not be holding our own penis to pee, but holding each otherís.† When we would play outside, we would find some way to grope the other, and when watching TV with family, we usually laid under a blanket to cover what our hands were doing.† The time we spent in my room playing, we were almost always naked, hard little peckers sticking out, even if we were playing some board game.† We even got so bold as to start playing games when we were at Dannyís house.† We would head up to his room, quietly close the door and proceed to play Doctor and give each tongue baths during the examinations.† We were horny 8 year olds and were loving every single minute of our times together.


And then the inevitable finally happened, we got caught.† There I was, laid out on the exam table, pants and underwear shoved down past my knees, Danny fully into his examination of my gaping wound.† I was half hard, not that you could really tell since I was still so small, but nonetheless fully exposed when we heard the rattle of the door knob.† Now there is absolutely no way to pull pants and underwear back up to normal position when you are flat on your back on a bed, but I sure as hell attempted just that trick.† I was up to about mid-thigh when the door swung wide open.† Tommy.† Damn, Danny and I just knew we were dead meat.† But Tommy actually surprised us more than we thought he could.† He quietly closed the door and asked us what the hell we thought we were doing.† Danny and I, stunned at this development, told Tommy that I had been shot in the nuts and Danny was acting as my Doctor to get me all fixed up.† Well, Tommyís jaw dropped in surprise, but I could tell by the look in his eyes that the wheels were madly turning in that noggin of his.† My first thought was to protect Danny and myself from getting in deeper trouble with Tommy telling our parents about what was going on, so I blurted out that he could be the next patient and Danny and I could both be his Doctors.


What happened next both surprised the hell out of me and pleased me all at the same time.† Tommy promptly grabbed his crotch and started screaming heíd been shot and needed immediate help.† I crawled off the bed with my dick still hanging out, finished pulling up my pants and I helped our new patient to the examination table.† After we got him laid down, Danny and I wasted no time in getting his pants and underwear pulled down so we could start our examination of Tommyís wounds.† Tommy was a cute little kid and his pecker was just as cute as the rest of him.† Danny and I started checking him out, playing with his soft little pecker and rolling his nuts around in their tight sack.† Since Danny and I were now pros, in no time at all, we had Tommyís pecker hard and it was sticking straight up from his body.† He was obviously enjoying his exam as much as we were.


So there were the three of us, Danny on one side of the bed, myself on the other and Tommy laying on the bed, getting his first grope from the two of us.† Tommy had his eyes closed and his back arched a little as Danny and I proceeded to fondle his hard little pecker and roll his balls around.† Well, I just had to taste the hot little morsel that was standing at attention so I looked at Danny, stuck my tongue out and nodded down at Tommyís crotch.† He just kind of shrugged his shoulders, which I took for a yes and slowly leaned over to give Tommy a lick from the base of his balls to the tip of his pecker.† He just about jumped right out of his skin.† I remember what my first lick felt like so I knew exactly what he was feeling.† He looked down at me with shock in his eyes and I asked him if he liked that.† Since he was unable to speak properly at that moment, he just nodded.† I then took his whole pecker into my mouth and proceeded to slurp on that tasty little morsel just as much as I possibly could while Danny continued to manipulate his marble sized balls.† Tommy was coming unglued at this point and when he put his hands on the back of my head I knew he was getting maximum enjoyment from my actions.† It didnít take long before he broke down completely and his dick started doing the now familiar dance I had been waiting for.† I continued to lick and suck him until he could not take any more and pulled my head off his pecker.† That was the start of many fun times the three of us had together.


About the time I was 8, I met a cousin named Andrew.† Andrew was 15 or 16 and was a very good looking young man, at least to my eyes.† The first time we met was when my dadís sister came to visit us one summer with her husband, daughter and his nephew, Andrew.† My uncle owned a peach orchard and every summer about the same time, they would come to visit us for a weekend and bring fresh peaches to share with the family.† Whenever they visited, my cousin Sharon would share a bedroom with my sisters.† The few times Andrew made the trip with them, he would end up in my room, where he usually got the bed and I got a sleeping bag on the floor.† The first night we shared the same room and it was time to go to bed, Andrew and I went to my room and proceeded to get ready to crawl in.† Arely wasted no time stripping down to his underwear and crawling under the sheets.† I did notice when he was slipping under the sheet that he had quite the bulge in his briefs and I was secretly hoping to see more before the night was over.† I was a little slower getting ready due to my attempts to peek at my cousin, but I finally stripped naked and crawled into the sleeping bag.†


Andrew couldnít believe that I was going to sleep with no clothes on.† Just like I had done with Danny, I just told Andrew how much more comfortable it was and that I never wore anything to sleep in.† He wanted to know if I had ever been caught naked in bed and I told him it was no big deal in this house as dad slept the same way and everyone knew I did also.† Andrew asked me if it would be okay if he tried it and told him to go right ahead and do whatever he wanted.† I could see him wiggling around under the sheets as he removed his briefs.† I could not believe this hot dude was being this modest, especially considering I knew he was much larger that I was and he had already seen me in my full glory as I crawled into the sleeping bag.† He finally pulled his hand out from under the sheet and dropped his briefs on the floor with the rest of his clothes.† We lay there and chatted for a bit before finally dropping off to sleep.


In the morning, I was the first to wake up.† I had not zipped the sleeping bag the night before and had kicked off most of fold-over flap, so I was laying there exposed to the world.† And I didnít care.† I looked up at Andrew in my bed and could see a rather large lump under the sheet in the middle of his body.† I just had to get a look at the cause of this lump and quietly crawled to the edge of the bed and proceeded to carefully lift up the sheet.† My eyes about popped out of their sockets when I finally got a glimpse of his penis.† He was about 6Ĺ to 7 inches long, probably 1Ĺ inches in diameter and stiff as a board.† He had a very well developed patch of hair above his penis and on his scrotum and I was just in awe of the beauty before me.† Andrewís penis was the first fully erect mature penis I had ever seen in my life and I wanted more, but I knew that now was not the time for it.


I gently laid the sheet back down, crawled back to my sleeping bag and half covered myself and my morning erection.† I called out to Andrew to let him know it was time to get up.† He slowly woke up and stretched his lithe body under the sheet.† I told him I had to go to the bathroom, but if he needed it, he was welcome to go before me.† He finally realized, I think, he was naked under that sheet and told me I could go ahead and he would go after I was done.† I told him okay, threw back the part of the sleeping bag that was covering me and stood up facing him, stiff little pecker pointing straight out from my body.† His eyes snapped wide open as I stood there and stretched, trying to make my penis stick out as far as possible.† I took my time grabbing my underwear, walked over, and sat on the edge of the bed to pull them on.† I grabbed my shorts, pulled them on, and headed out of the room to make my first visit of the day to the bathroom.† When I returned to my room to finish dressing, Andrew was sitting on the edge of the bed in just his underwear.† I could tell he was not fully hard still, but he also had not gone completely soft.† He pulled on his shorts to head downstairs and shortly came back up to finish dressing also.


We spent day playing various games with everybody, both inside and outside.† Everybody had a great time and sooner than we all wanted, the parents were telling us all it was time to go to bed.† We all grudgingly headed to our rooms and prepared to crawl in for the night.† Just like last night, when Andrew and I got my room, I stripped off my clothes and headed for my sleeping bag on the floor.† Unlike last night, Andrew stripped naked without hesitation and headed for the bed.† This was my first chance to see him soft and I loved how he looked.† His penis was about 3Ē long, just absolutely beautiful and hung limply, swaying side to side as he moved.†


I still wanted more than just a few peeks at his glory and asked if I could sit on the bed and talk a bit before we went to sleep.† He said sure, come on up.† I went to the bed and sat down on the edge, pulling the sheet down a little as I did so.† I managed to get the sheet to about halfway down his belly as I sat facing him, cross-legged and not bothering to cover my hairless penis and tiny scrotum.† As we talked, I noticed him taking quick, furtive glances at my crotch.† He seemed to especially like it when I would make small adjustments to my position so he could see even more of me.† I finally managed to move into a position where I was laying on my side, head propped up on one hand, about even with his thigh and my feet pointed toward his head.† This position put my crotch less than 12 inches from his head and my head was even closer to his.† I had also managed to pull the sheet down even further, just exposing the top of his pubic hair.


I noticed as we continued to talk, his penis had started to grow a bit.† The bulge in the sheets was definitely bigger than it had been when I first sat down.† He finally asked me if it bothered me to be naked and lying so close to him like I was.† I told him it that it didnít bother me at all, obviously, or I would not be doing so.† I also told him that I spent as much time naked as I could and really enjoyed the time I was.† By this time, both our dicks were half-hard and I decided it was time to push the envelope a bit more.† I laid my right arm over his stomach and just started to rub it lightly around in small circles.† I noticed an almost immediate response from Andrew as his breathing changed and the bulge under the sheet grew.† I slowly moved my hand down his stomach until I was just barely making contact with the hair I had earlier exposed.† Andrewís hand finally moved over and had started to rub little circles on my belly, also.†


I finally just went for the prize I had been seeking since last night, moved my hand under the sheet and wrapped my small 8-year-old hand around his now fully erect cock.† It felt marvelous.† As much pecker play as Danny, Tommy and I had, this was a brand new world to me.† Andrew sucked air into his lungs like the world was about to end.† I just started slowly stroking his cock under the sheet as he lay there panting.† But I didnít want to just feel his cock, I needed to see it also, so I took my other hand and pulled the sheet down to his knees, completely exposing his beautiful mature cock to my young eyes.† What a glorious sight I had before me.† My hand could not even come close to surrounding the cock before me.† I changed my body position some so I could get my other hand involved in this action.† I started playing with his balls, gently rubbing the bag of loose fitting skin surrounding them.† The more I played with Andrewís cock, the closer and closer my face got.† I finally got close enough to wrap my lips around the head of this beautiful pecker and that just about drove poor Andrew right over the edge.† I gently started sucking his cock, but I could only get about 3 inches of it in my mouth.† Thatís all right, I figured, as one hand was still stroking the remainder and the other hand was manipulating his balls.† I was in heaven playing with him.†


I was so wrapped up in what I was doing to Andrew, I completely lost track of what he was doing to me.† Until he sucked my little cocklet into his mouth and proceeded to give me the tongue bath of my short life.† Now, I was no novice at this time to either giving or receiving a blowjob, but I could tell Andrew had way more practice at it than I did.† He knew just how to curl his tongue to wrap it around my pecker and he was giving me fits.† And those fits turned me into a dick sucking vacuum.† I was working his pecker just as hard as I could until he pulled his mouth off mine, arched his back and told me he was going to shoot.† I had no idea what he was talking about, so I pulled my mouth off his pecker but kept on stroking him and playing with his balls.† In no time, he had some weird fluid shooting out of his cock all over his chest and stomach.† Since neither Danny, Tommy nor I could perform this bit of magic ourselves just yet, I was dumbfounded that anything besides piss could ever come out a cock.† When Andrewís flood had reduced to a trickle, I slowed my stroking to light finger motions as he came back down to earth.† When I asked what the milky stuff was, he told me that was what men make in their balls to make babies.† This was all news to me and I was eager to learn.†


I grabbed some Kleenex from the box on my desk and started to clean up Andrewís chest and stomach, paying special attention to the fluid still leaking from the tip of his cock.† When I had him all cleaned up, I begged him to help me finish as I hadnít gotten that real tingly feeling I was waiting for just yet.† Andrew leaned over and in one shot had my tiny two-inch cock and marble-sized balls enveloped in his mouth.† He kept working on me until my pecker was dancing around in his mouth and I finally begged him to stop because I just couldnít take any more.† We spent the rest of the night in the same bed, me wrapped up in Andrewís arms and his man-sized pecker nestled in my crack.†


When we woke up in the morning, I could feel his pubic hair pressed up against my ass and his hard cock was sticking between my legs and jutting out in front just under my balls.† I reached down to give my hard little pecker a stroke or two and my hand just naturally found the head of Andrewís cock as I played with my own.† As I started to massage the head of his cock, Andrew started moving his hips a bit to rub his cock between my legs and I would rub its head each time it came out far enough to do so.† It didnít take very long before Andrew tensed up and I felt his slimy emission coating my hand.† I rolled over to my side facing him after he was done and proceeded to rub my hard pecker against his thigh as he rubbed my back and ass cheeks.† His fingers would occasionally slip into between my cheeks and gently rub my virgin pucker.† After a few minutes, I felt his finger push its way slowly past my tight ring and enter my asshole.† This was a first for me and was initially disgusted, then surprised and finally in ecstasy as he worked his finger deeper and deeper while I was humping his side.† My pecker started twitching and I didnít want this action to stop, but I knew we had to put in an appearance downstairs soon so I slowly disentangled myself from Andrew so we could get dressed.† As I moved around, I pulled the sheets off us, completely exposing Andrew and his beautiful cock to the full light of day.† I took my time getting up so I could imprint this view into my brain and never forget it.† My aunt, uncle, and cousins headed back home later that afternoon and I didnít know if I would ever see Andrew again.† Since Iíd only met him once in 8 years, I was sincerely hoping I wouldnít have to wait another 8 years to see him again.


Danny and I continued our semi-regular sleepovers at my house in pretty much the same fashion as we had before I had met Andrew.† And my times at his house were spent playing doctor up in his bedroom with his brother.† As good as it was to have Danny to myself at my house, it was just as much fun to be at his house where we could all have two sets of hands and 2 mouths striving to deliver as much pleasure as possible in the shortest time possible.† I had asked Danny several times if he ever told his brother about what we did at night when he stayed over and Danny swore he didnít.† There were apparently still a few things he was hung up about despite all the things that had happened between the three of us the past several months.† I had finally started asking Danny if Tommy would want to spend the night at my house, but for some reason or another, it never seemed to happen until a couple months after Andrew had been here.†


The time had finally come for all three of us to spend the night at my house about the time I turned nine.† Danny and Tommy came over in the middle of the afternoon and we played outside until time for supper and then watched TV until it was time to go to bed.† At bedtime, we headed for my room with my thoughts on what fun we were about have.† I donít know what my best buds were thinking about, but I was hoping it was the same thing.† When we all got to my room, I closed the door behind us and started to get ready to crawl in bed, which, of course, meant getting naked.† Danny was used this by now and he was naked and headed for the bed right behind me.† Tommy just stood in the middle of room with a Ďdeer-in-the-headlightsí look on his face.† I realized at that moment that he never seen me completely naked before despite the number of times we had played doctor together.† I assume he and Danny took baths together so I didnít think seeing his brother naked should be a big surprise, but seeing me that way was probably a bit of a shock to the poor kid.† And I donít think he was quite ready for me to see him naked, either.† He asked what the heck we thought we were doing and where he was supposed sleep.† I told him we were going to bed and he could either use my sleeping bag on the floor or he could share the bed with Danny and me.†


Danny and I sat on the edge of the bed, naked, and waited for Tommy to make up his mind about what he was going to do.† He finally decided he would join the two of us in the bed, but he wasnít going to be naked.† We said that was fine with us and waited as he stripped down to his underwear.† I climbed in bed first so I was against the wall, Tommy was second, and Danny crawled in third.† Tommy asked why we were sleeping with no clothes on, I told him about how comfortable it was, and that I had been doing so for a couple years now.† Danny admitted to Tommy that he also slept naked, he just waited until he was in bed and covered up before he peeled his underwear off and then pulled them back on in the morning.† Danny and I finally convinced Tommy it was okay to sleep naked and that he should try it at least once.† Tommy finally decided we were probably right and that there was no better time or place to try it than with the two of us.†


He struggled to get his underwear off while staying covered up and eventually tossed his briefs to the floor with the rest of his clothes.† Well, with three of us in the same bed under the same sheet, I started to get pretty warm and decided to throw the sheet off for a few minutes to cool off.† The sight that greeted me was something Iíll never forget.† Three naked boys, hairless except for our heads, limp little penises just lying there.† I was about to change that.† I reached over Tommy and started playing with Dannyís penis and he was almost immediately hard.† Danny returned the favor to me and I responded the same as he did.† Poor Tommy, laying between us, was starting to freak out.† I fixed that when I grabbed his tiny penis with my other hand and brought him to full erection in no time at all.† The three of us spent the next hour or so playing with each other in just about every way our young minds could think of.


When morning came and the sun was streaming through the window, I threw the sheet off us just so I could look at my two best friends, naked and hard and I did just that for several minutes.† When I decided I was not going to wait for them to wake to start having some fun, I leaned over Tommyís crotch and sucked his morning wood into my mouth.† While sucking Tommy I reached over so I could play with Dannyís little stiffy with my hands.† They both woke very quickly and seemed quite happy with what was happening.† We spent quite some time that morning fondling, sucking, and humping each other until we all could not take it anymore.† The next several sleepovers continued in the same manner, with no hesitation any more from anybody.† All three of us really looked forward to the times we could spend the night together.


During Christmas break that year, my dad decided the family should head south to see his sister and spend a couple days visiting.† I was hoping Andrew would be there also, but since he was just their nephew, I wasnít sure what to expect.† Upon arriving at their house, I was ecstatic to find Andrew was not only there, but they had already planned on my sisters sharing Sharonís bedroom and Andrew and I would be in the other bedroom together.† Boy, I could hardly wait until bedtime to see what, if anything, might happen.† When it was finally time to get some sleep for the night, the boys and girls headed for their respective bedrooms.†


After we got in the bedroom, Andrew turned on the light and closed the door.† The room had two twin beds and Andrew said he would take the one by the door and I could have the other one.† For once, I took my time getting undressed as I had decided to let Andrew lead things tonight.† I was not disappointed when he stripped off his clothes including his underwear.† He sat down on the edge of his bed facing me while I continued to remove my clothes.† The whole time I was getting undressed, I was looking at his beautiful body, especially the package of meat that hung suspended between his wide-spread legs.† Once I was finally naked also, I sat on the edge of my bed facing him and said I guess it was time to get some sleep.


He hesitated for a moment and finally said he thought we should talk about what happened that summer up at my house.† I said, yeah we had some fun, didnít we?† He responded by saying we had way more than just some fun and he felt uneasy about what had happened.† I told him it was no big deal to me since my two best friends and I did the same thing every time they stayed over at my house.† His jaw dropped in surprise as that thought swirled around in his mind.† Then I asked him if he had actually enjoyed what had happened.† He slowly admitted that he not only enjoyed it, he loved it and had been waiting for it to happen again.† I told him that as long as we both enjoyed what happened and agreed to be careful, there was no reason we couldnít continue.† I motioned for him to come sit beside me and after he sat down, I turned to him and gave him a great big hug.†


After I broke the hug, I wasted no time in wrapping my little hand around his sweet piece of meat and started to stroke him to full mast.† I was already fully hard, so when his hand found my pecker, I knew the game was on.† After about 15 minutes of hugging and stroking each other, I wanted more, so I started moving my head down his body, giving him a little kiss every couple of inches, but not releasing his cock from my grip.† When my face finally reached his crotch, I stuck my tongue out and gave Andrew a lick from the back of his balls all the way up to the very tip of his cock.† I then proceeded to slowly insert his cock in to my mouth as my hand kept a firm grip and stroking action going on the lower part of his cock.† I sucked on his cock for several minutes before Andrew started moving around on the bed into a better position.† Once he settled, he grabbed me by my sides and started to flip me around so my pecker was at his mouth.† The whole time he was moving us around, I never let his cock slip out of my mouth.† Once he got me in position, he started to work on my pecker and balls, first just licking them all over and finally taking the complete package into his mouth.† I continued working him over, sucking and stroking his cock and occasionally licking his balls.†


After about 10 minutes of mutual sucking, Andrew released my package and asked if we could try something new.† I had no idea where we were headed at this point, but said sure, what the heck.† He leaned over and removed a jar of Vaseline from the nightstand drawer.† When I asked what that was for, he told me to just wait, I would find out soon enough.† Andrew told me to roll over onto my stomach with a pillow underneath me and I promptly followed his instructions.† He then sat behind me between my legs.† The next thing I knew, I could feel his finger slowly running up and down between my cheeks, pausing once in a while at my asshole.† He would run his finger around my asshole, pressing gently and then move on.†


After a couple minutes of that, I felt his finger, now slicked up with Vaseline, enter my rear-end.† He pushed just enough in to get the first knuckle of his finger in my hole and then he pulled it back out.† He came back with more Vaseline and inserted his finger up to the second knuckle this time.† He left the finger there for a bit, just twisting it around and wiggling the tip inside me.† My belly was doing flip-flops.† He pulled his finger almost all the way out and then proceeded to push it all the way into me.† He left his hand in that position while I got used to this new feeling and then started twisting and wiggling again.† After a few minutes of that, he pulled his finger all the way out and started to insert two fingers at the same time.† Having two fingers inside me was the best thing I had felt so far.† He pulled and pushed those two fingers for several minutes and finally said that I was probably ready.† For what, I had no idea.†


I got the idea pretty quickly as I felt him moving around on the bed and soon enough, his cock was lined up with my asshole.† He slowly inserted the head past my tight little sphincter and waited for me to get used the new feelings I was having.† He continued to slowly push his cock into me until I could feel his pubic hairs mashed against my butt cheeks.† He rested in that position for a minute and told me to let him know when I was ready.† I still wasnít sure what was going to happen, but I knew I was going to like it from what I was already feeling.† I finally told him to go ahead and thatís when he started moving his hips up and down, drawing his cock out and then pushing it all the way back in.† I was in heaven.† I never knew I could feel this good.† Andrew was very gentle on his strokes in and I donít remember ever feeling any pain at all.† He continued to hump my ass for several minutes until he pushed his cock all the way in and held it there.† I could feel it twitching around inside me and I knew he was shooting that white stuff deep into my ass.† When his cock quit twitching, he just laid down on my back for a minute while he recovered.† His cock slowly deflated and eventually exited my asshole with a soft pop.


Well, my little pecker was as hard as it had ever been when Andrew rolled over onto his stomach and told me it was my turn.† I looked at him in disbelief.† I mean, my pecker was only about two inches long still and I didnít see any way I was going to be able to get into him, but if he was willing to let me try it, I was more than willing to do so.† I slicked up my pecker with a dab of Vaseline and then put some around his hole and played with it a bit, sticking my finger inside him.† He finally told me to try it, so I climbed up on his ass as he spread his cheeks apart for me and got my pecker lined up.† I gave a push and my dick head popped right on in.† Iím sure he wasnít feeling the action near as much as I was when he was in me, but that didnít stop me from giving it my all.† I was so on the edge after he had been in my ass that it didnít take me very long before I was buried as deep as I could get and just held that position as my pecker danced all around in his ass.† When my pecker was finally done dancing, I flopped down on Andrewís back to recover and I popped out of his ass immediately.†


We lay like that for a few moments and I finally got off his back and lay down on the bed next to him.† As we lay on our backs, he asked if I enjoyed that and I told him that was best I had ever felt.† I also told him that my friends and I had never done that because our dicks were all too small.† He said to just wait until we were a little bigger and we could add that to our playtime together.† He rolled over to the edge of the bed and pulled out an old towel he had stashed under the bed and proceeded to clean us both up.† I realized then that he had either planned or at least hoped that what had just happened between us was going to happen and was prepared just in case.† By the time he got done cleaning us up, we were both hard again and started sucking each other.† We sucked each other until we both came again and he finally said we should probably get some actual sleep now.† He gave me hug good night and retreated to his bed so we could rest up for tomorrow.


When morning showed up, we were told it was time to get up and get ready for the day.† I climbed out of bed, making no attempt to cover my morning erection and went to Andrewís bed.† After what we had done the night before, it seemed ridiculous to even think about covering up.† I pulled back his sheet to expose his morning wood standing up as if to greet me.† I reached over and gave him a stroke or two and then got dressed and headed for the bathroom.† When I got back to the room, Andrew was still just lying there with his eyes closed like he had gone back to sleep.† I woke him up really quick when I wrapped my lips around his hard cock and started to give him a little good morning tongue bath.† He pushed me off his cock, telling me he had to pee really badly.† I was a little disappointed, but understood what he was saying.† I let him get up and dress so he could go to the bathroom.†


After we had breakfast, we headed down to the basement and played some pool for a while.† After we got tired of that, we watched a little TV.† When there was nothing good left to watch, I looked at Andrew and asked him what was next.† He took me over to a little room that was in the basement and asked me I wanted to have some more fun.† I answered him by getting naked.† He wasted no time getting undressed either and we both got busy stroking and sucking each other.† Shortly, he was rolling me over onto my stomach and since we didnít have a jar of Vaseline handy, he started to lick my asshole.† I could not believe he was licking me there, but I sure was not going to stop him.† After he licked me for a bit, he started to stick his cock in my ass again.† Without the Vaseline this time, it hurt some, but not too much, and he soon had his cock buried to the hilt in my ass.† After several minutes, I could feel his cock start twitching and knew he was about done.† Once he pulled out of me, he just lay down on his stomach, pulled his ass cheeks apart, and told me to go for it.† I rammed my rock hard two-inch pecker into his ass and although I knew he could not be feeling what I felt, I didnít slow down until my pecker was doing its little happy dance again.†


We rolled over to hold on to each other.† I ended up laying on top Andrew and we were cock to cock and both hard again.† I started rocking back and forth, humping my pecker into his cock, just as I did with Danny and Tommy.† I continued to hump Andrew until we both could not take any more.† We finally got dressed again and headed back upstairs to join the rest of the family for the rest of the day.† That night would end up being repeat of the previous night, except this time, we stayed in the same bed to sleep.† As close as I was with Danny and Tommy, I felt even closer with Andrew after having his cock up my ass.† Andrew set the alarm so he could wake up and move to his own bed before anyone else was up.† In the morning, as we woke up and I started packing my stuff up to head home that day, we both stayed naked the entire time with the occasional grope, stroke, and lick.† After we were both dressed and headed out to see everyone else, we were both pretty wiped out.† Before we were to head home later that afternoon, Andrew and I had another play session in the little basement room.† When we finally left that room the final time, we were both completely wiped out and spent.† As we piled in the car for the 4Ĺ to 5-hour drive home, I knew I was going to miss my cousin horribly and slept most of the way home since I was so tired.† I only saw Andrew 3 or 4 times after that Christmas, but every time we were together, we would pick up right where we left off.† I often wonder where he is now, but I have not heard anything from or about him since I was about 11.† I also wonder if we were to ever see each other again, just what might happen.†


Back at home, life continued.† About every two or three weeks, Danny, Tommy and I would be together, just humping and sucking our brains out.† I finally got up the nerve one night to start rubbing my hard little pecker in their ass cracks, but never pushed the bounds of entering their assholes.† They liked that action and returned the favor to me many times.† I thought about it a lot, but I enjoyed what we had so much, I didnít want to take a chance and lose that by totally freaking them out.†


The next summer, when Danny and I were 9 and Tommy was 5, our families went on a camping trip together with three other families.† Our family had a 6-person tent and a small two-person pup tent at the time, Danny and Tommyís family had a camper and the other three also had campers.† Once everyone had arrived and set up their camps, it was time to go swimming.† Danny, Tommy and I grabbed our gear and headed for the pool.† We were the only ones there at that time and had the locker room to ourselves.† We took a little longer to get changed than we should have and almost got caught in the act by one of the groups fatherís when he came in.† We quickly got into our trunks and headed out to enjoy a nice swim.† After swimming, we headed back to the campsite and were told to head to the showers so we could wash all the chlorine off before we ate supper.†


We trudged off to the shower building, not knowing what we were going to find.† As we entered the small building, there were two urinals, three toilet stalls, three or four sinks and one eight foot by sixteen-foot shower room with about ten shower heads spaced around the outside walls.† And nobody else was there.† We all stripped off our dripping swimsuits and headed in the shower room and picked three showerheads together.† As we proceeded to get ourselves clean, we just couldnít help ourselves and had a fair amount of play time.† We washed each otherís backs and then decided to wash the fronts as well.† By the time we were done with the soap, our peckers were all sticking straight out, just waiting for the next grab.† Two of the other boys from the group finally showed up to shower, so we turned our backs to them and let the water just run over us as we waited for our peckers to soften up again.† We managed to get out of there without the others knowing what had been going on and headed back to the campsite once again.


After supper and ghost stories around the campfire, it was time for bed.† Danny, Tommy and I headed to my pup tent.† Itís a good thing we were all still pretty small because it was a tight fit getting the three of us into a two-person tent.† We had set it up so the opening was not facing the rest of the camp and had one sleeping bag laid out on the ground and planned to use a second one as a cover.† The three of us were naked within seconds of closing the flap and crawled under the top bag to have some fun.† We screwed around in that tent for the next two hours before we all so tired we had to get some sleep.† The three of us slept spooned that night and all woke with erections the next morning, just like always.† We got dressed and headed to the shower building for quick piss and grab before heading back to camp for breakfast.†


After breakfast, the three of us went for hike in the woods.† That hike would end up being the first time each of us got a blowjob outside.† And it all started pretty innocently.† As we were walking through the woods, I tripped and fell into to Tommy who in turn fell into Danny.† All three of us ended up sprawled out on the ground, pretty much head to crotch.† Well, I couldnít resist the opportunity and in moments I had unsnapped Tommyís pants, pulled them down and had my head buried in his crotch, little pecker growing harder with each lap of my tongue.† Tommy took the not-so-subtle hint and proceeded to attack Dannyís crotch the same way.† Danny and I had to do some wiggling and maneuvering, but finally we got into position so Danny could suck my pecker at the same time.† All the movement was done in such a manner that nobodyís pecker was without a mouth around it.† We all lay on the ground with a pecker in each mouth until I decided I wanted to suck Danny.† We took a very short break and repositioned ourselves so I was sucking Danny, Tommy was sucking me and Danny was sucking his little brother.†


As much as I loved getting my pecker sucked and loved sucking either of their peckers, but I always got very hot seeing Danny suck his little brother.† I donít know why I reacted like that, but I did and my little pecker started dancing in Tommyís mouth not too long after we had switched positions.† That must have started Tommyís pecker dancing in Dannyís mouth, which apparently got Dannyís pecker dancing in mine.† Once we had all regained our composure, we got up, pulled our pants back up and headed back to camp.† After lunch, it was time to hit the pool again.† The three of us headed up before anyone else and again had the locker room to ourselves.† We took longer than needed to get changed again, but were more careful today than yesterday and knew well before someone else was coming in.† The after-swim shower was much like the one the day before and bedtime was even better.† The next day was Sunday and time to head for home.† We said our goodbyes to everyone and hit the road.


Back at home again, the three of us continued our games for next couple of years.† When I was 11 and started the sixth grade in school, I was still scoping out the other boys at the piss trough.† It was no big deal, I guess, because we were all scoping out the other guys.† About half way through the year, it was announced in the bathroom one day that one of the guys in our class had hair starting to grow around his pecker.† Well, this was a must see thing and fortunately he absolutely no problem turning around and showing all the poor hairless schmucks surrounding him the 3 hairs that had sprouted around the base of his dick.† I noticed that his pecker had started to get a little bit longer and bigger around to go with his new hairs.† Damn, was I ever jealous?† He packed his pecker back into his pants and we all left the bathroom.† About once a week, he would gladly show us his new growth to us and we were all properly impressed.


About the time I turned twelve, Danny suddenly decided he didnít want to play around anymore.† Well, that was just fine with Tommy and me.† Just because Danny seemingly lost interest didnít mean we had.† It was very common to find the three of us in my room, Danny reading a comic book or doing something else and Tommy and I would be on the bed, naked and pleasuring each other.† Danny didnít seem to mind the fact that we continued our fun and left him out, or if he did, he just never said anything.† Tommy and I would be playing with each otherís little peckers anywhere and everywhere we thought we could get away with it, whether it was my room, camp out, locker rooms, you name it.†


One night, both our families were visiting some friends who were staying at a local Holiday Inn with a Holidome.† Tommy and I spent most of our time in either the hot tub with our hand down each otherís swim trunks or in the menís sauna.† The menís sauna was part of the menís restroom in the middle of the Holidome so we could go from one to the other easily.† At one point while we were in the hot tub, my mom came over and lowered herself in also.† She had absolutely no idea that Tommy and I were playing with each under the cover of bubbles.† When we head into the sauna, Tommy would brazenly take his trunks off and sit in that hot room naked, little pecker standing at full mast.† To make sure we were not caught doing something we shouldnít be doing, I went in and out of the restroom a couple of times to see if we could hear the door closing.† Once we determined we would be able to hear anybody who might come in, Tommy wasted no time in pulling my trunks down so he could start sucking my dick.† Since he was already naked, I felt it was only fair to repay the favor and proceeded to suck his little pecker.† On one of our visits to the sauna, Danny joined us, but he promptly left when Tommy yanked my trunks down and started sucking my pecker again.† We were both hoping Tommy could spend the night after getting back home so we could continue our play, but his parents would not allow it.† We were both terribly bummed out because we were horny as hell that night, but we managed to survive it alone.


Starting 7th grade was both a blessing and a curse to me.† It was a blessing because we started real P.E. classes at school and it was mandatory that we take showers after class.† It was a curse because at the age of 13, I had not started puberty and still had my tiny hairless cock and balls.† While I anxiously waited for shower time for the opportunity to see 25 to 30 naked boys together, I also dreaded having to show them what little bit I had in the penis department.† I was also terrified that my penis would reveal my secret by standing up to be counted while we were all soaking wet.† I obviously didnít mind Tommy or Danny seeing me naked or hard because of what we had done the past several years, but I think thatís because we were all still hairless and little.† By the time I had to start taking those showers, most of the other boys in the class had hit puberty and started growing pubic hair, their testicles had dropped some, starting to hang a bit and their penises had started their growth to adult proportions.† There were only three or four of us little guys still and we usually got our lockers together to minimize the abuse from the others for having such little peckers.† Why are young teens so cruel to others??


Sometime during my 14th year, Danny decided he was tired sitting on the sidelines while Tommy and I had all the fun and he wanted to join back in our games.† I was glad to have him back and was amazed at his growth during the past two years.† While I was still hairless and rather small, Dannyís penis had grown from the little boy penis I had loved into a full-sized man penis during his sabbatical.† When he was soft and limp, he was about three inches long and 2Ĺ inches in diameter.† When he got that monster hard, it was well over 8 inches long and 3Ĺ inches in diameter.† That didnít stop me from wanting to suck it though.† I think I wanted him more now than I ever had before.† The three of us picked up right where we had left off, only I spent a lot more time working on Danny now than Tommy.† I could only get about three to four inches of that monster piece of meat in my mouth at one time, but I always kept the rest of it wrapped neatly in my moving hand.† Whenever Danny was ready to come, I would pull my mouth off and continue stroking his cock while his brother played with his balls until he shot his load all over his chest and stomach.† Tommy and I would then clean him up with Kleenexes and when that job was completed, we would continue to work on each other until we could not take any more.† I would have an orgasm in Tommyís mouth, but even at 14, I was not shooting semen yet, so he kept right on sucking me.


The time Danny and I spent together without Tommy was great.† When he and I were the only ones in my house, we would take a shower together until the hot water was gone and would then stroll naked, erections pointing the way, to my bedroom where we would pleasure each other for hours.† The same was true for when it was just Tommy and me together.† We would spend as much time together as we could, just enjoying the pleasures of each otherís bodies.† The only thing the three of us never did was anal intercourse.† While I had done so with Andrew before and enjoyed it immensely, Dannyís penis was so much larger than Andrewís, I was very afraid of how much it might hurt to let that monster enter my ass.† Danny tried on occasion, but I always clenched my sphincter muscle as tight as possible to prevent entry.† I think he got frustrated with my refusal to let him enter me, but he never complained about it.


The summer of my 14th year was an amazing time for me.† During that summer, I finally started having real ejaculations.† I still didnít have any hair growing anywhere but the top of my head, but, by God, I could actually produce semen.† I knew that the hair growth should be starting soon now that I could shoot.† During a campout that summer with the same group of families with whom we always camped, Danny, Tommy and I got to use my familyís six-person tent since mom and dad had finally bought a basic tent camper.† After getting camp set up, the three of headed for the woods for a hike and when the rest of the campground disappeared from sight, we all three got naked and spent the next hour just wandering the woods, carrying our clothes.† There was a fair amount of penis play going on as we strolled and we were all perpetually hard the entire time.†


By the time we got back to camp, it was time to eat lunch.† After lunch was pool time.† We headed for the pool and one of the other boys on the trip with us asked if he could go, too.† His name was also Danny, he was about a year younger than Tommy and we said he was more than welcome to join us.† The three of us basically behaved in the changing room at the pool since we had a fourth member with us.† Having a fourth didnít stop us from checking each other out, though.† All three of us took great interest in our friend as we had never seen him naked before and we were not disappointed in what we saw.† Young Danny was just as cute as could be, from head to toe.† The three of us just looked at each other and grinned.† After the swim, we headed back to camp and then to the showers to wash the chlorine off.† Danny, Tommy and I took three showerheads next to each other while young Danny moved away a little bit to take a showerhead by himself facing the corner.† The three of us could not resist temptation and proceeded to act like we always did, playing grab-ass, grab-pecker, basically, grab whatever you felt like grabbing.† I could tell young Danny didnít think much about what was going on, but we didnít stop until it was time to head back to camp for supper.†


That night, in the big tent, young Danny asked if he could join us and we said it was fine with us as long as it was okay with his parents.† His mom and dad gave their okay and young Danny moved his stuff into the tent.† When we finally went to bed, we all four got inside and zipped the big door flap closed.† As soon as the door was zipped, Tommy got naked and lay down on the top of his sleeping bag.† Big Danny and I stripped down to our underwear and lay down on our bags.† Young Danny just lay down in his pajamas and I could tell he was a little freaked out about Tommy laying there naked.† After a couple of minutes, Tommy rolled over, proceeded to stick his hand inside my underwear, and started stroking my pecker.† I had waited for this all day long, but whispered to Tommy he should just chill out since young Danny was here and probably didnít want to get involved in anything.† Bold Tommy, rolled back over to face young Danny, his hard dick pointing the way and promptly placed his hand right on young Dannyís crotch.† Young Danny flipped out totally and said he was going back to his familyís camper.† With that, he unzipped the door, grabbed his sleeping bag and departed into the night.†


Undeterred, Tommy just walked over to the door, hard little pecker leading the way, zipped it shut again and then came over to me, pulled my underwear off and sucked my pecker into his warm moist mouth.† While he was sucking me off, he moved himself around to position his pecker by my head and I wasted no time inhaling his hardness and letting him fuck my mouth while I fucked his.† Big Danny, for some odd reason, stayed on the other end of the tent all by himself.† After everything that we had done earlier in the day, it didnít take long for both of us to come that night.† The second night of the campout, it was just the three of us and we all three spent several hours pleasing each other and ourselves.† Upon returning home, the three of us kept up with our play every chance we could.†


During Christmas break of my first year in high school, shortly after my 15th birthday, my English teacher asked me stop by her classroom after school.† I was in no position to say no, so after school I meekly entered her classroom thinking I had done something wrong.† I was quite relieved to find out that she just wanted to ask me babysit for her and her husband on New Yearís Eve so they could attend a party at another teacherís home.† I gladly told her I would happy to since I knew they had two sons.† On the appointed night, the boysí father picked me up and took me to their house.† I was introduced to their sons, Mark who was nine, skinny as a bean pole and cute as a bug, and Paul who was seven, and also cute enough, but a bit overweight.† The boys were told to follow my instructions and that bedtime was going to be 8 or 9 that night.†


At about 7, I told the boys they should probably start getting ready for bed, expecting them to just change into pajamas for the rest of the evening.† Well, the two of them just stood up in the living room and started removing their clothes.† While I was enjoying the show, I stopped them long enough to ask them what they were doing.† Mark told me they took their baths at night and thatís what they were getting ready to do.† I said that was fine, but donít you usually go to the bathroom before you start getting undressed?† They told me they didnít and finished their little strip tease right there in the living room.† After they were both totally naked, they headed to the bathroom together and proceeded to take their bath.† Mark was even cuter naked than he was clothed.† His little pecker stuck out about a half inch from his body and balls were snugged up tight in their little sack.† Paulís little pecker, on the other hand, due to his being overweight, was all but swallowed up in the extra fat he carried.†


When they had spent about 20 minutes in the tub, I headed that direction and let the boys know it was time to get out.† They climbed out of the tub and let me help dry them.† I dried Paul first and he headed to their bedroom to get some clothes.† I took my time drying Mark so I could spend a bit more time checking him out.† I decided that just drying this cute young pup was not going be enough time to fully enjoy the view, so I wrapped the towel around his belly, marched him to his room to get underwear and then back to the living room where I made him sit on my lap naked.† The view was just wonderful.† As much as I wanted to do so much more to this young god sitting on my lap, I was content to look at him and his cute little pecker, especially since his brother was laying on the floor right in front of me.† After about 10 minutes, I let Mark up so he could pull on his underwear and they shortly headed to bed.†


Their mom and dad returned home later and their dad took me home.† As soon as I got home, I went straight to my room, stripped off my clothes and proceeded to jerk off while thinking about the young cutie Iíd had sitting in my lap naked.† I was allowed to babysit these 2 boys for several years and every night pretty much followed that first night.†


A couple years later when I was 17, Mark and Paulís parents had to go out of town for a weekend and wanted to know if I was available to watch the boys while they were gone.† I told them I would be happy to do so, but it would probably be easier and I would be more comfortable if they could stay at my house for the night.† They were fine with that idea and thought it would probably be better that way also.† By this time, I was the only kid still living at home, so there were three empty bedrooms in the upstairs of our house and I figured the boys could have their own room for the night.†


Since we were at my house and it was the weekend, I let the boys stay up later than normal and we all headed to bed about the same time.† I led each of them to their own room and I headed to my room.† I left the light at the top of the stairs on in case the boys got up in the night to go to the bathroom.† About 5 minutes after crawling under the covers, Mark stuck his head in my room and asked if he could sleep in my room.† I said that was fine with me and he crawled his underwear clad ass in the bed with me.† He was more than a little shocked to find that I was naked, but he hadnít given me any time to warn him.† Mark moved as close to the wall as he could and curled up to go to sleep.† A few minutes after that, Paul stuck his head in the door saying he was scared and wanted to know if he could sleep in my room also.† I told him he could, but he would have to use a sleeping bag on the floor since my bed was already full.† He didnít like the idea of sleeping on the floor much, but with no other option, he accepted.† He went back to his room to grab a pillow.† While he was gone, I slipped out of bed, pulled my sleeping bag out of the closet, and was just unrolling the bag when Paul came back.† He was astonished to see me naked, but really didnít say much.† He just crawled in the sleeping bag, never taking his eyes off me.† I crawled back in my bed with his brother and lay there unsure about what I should do, if anything.† There I was, naked, in my own bed, with a young cutie, clad in only his underwear, next to me.† And my mind was racing.†


I waited until about a half hour had passed and decided I needed to go to the bathroom.† While I was downstairs, I grabbed a flashlight from the closet next to the bathroom.† After crawling back in bed, I waited a bit longer to make sure both boys were sound asleep.† After assuring myself they were both sleeping soundly, I pulled the covers over my head and shined the flashlight to Markís underwear covered crotch.† There was a very nice little lump in the middle of his stark white briefs and I just had to see what was causing that lump.† I very carefully lifted up the waistband of Markís underwear and was rewarded with a beautiful close up view his little pecker.† I slowly let his waistband back down and thought about things.† A few minutes later, I couldnít resist the urge and lifted his waistband again for another peek.† This time, though, I used my finger to very lightly stroke the head of his pecker.† I was rewarded almost immediately for that stroke when his pecker started to extend toward his bellybutton.† I continued to flick my fingertip across the head of his beautiful little pecker until he had reached his full length of about 2 inches.† I didnít do anything more that night because I was scared to death Mark would wake up.† I wanted to do way more, but was able to somehow control myself.


In the morning, I was the first to wake up and I just watched these two sleeping boys for a few minutes.† I was naked, hard as a rock and needed release.† I snuck a peek under the covers at my bedmate and was rewarded with the cutest little tent I had ever seen.† I poked Mark in the arm to wake him up and then swung my feet off the bed to wake up Paul.† Both slowly started to awaken and realize where they were.† I made the first move of the morning, got out bed, and reached over to the chair to pull on a pair of shorts so I could head downstairs to the bathroom.† Since both boys had seen me naked the night before, I made no attempt to cover my now half-hard pecker.† Mark and Paul were both surprised at my openness, but I just figured Iíd seen both of them naked so many times the past couple of years, it was time I returned the favor.


My baby-sitting stints with Mark and Paul continued for several years and each time I would hold Mark on my lap naked just so I could see his cute little pecker.† My times with Danny and Tommy continued in pretty much the same manner as they had, also.† Whether it was just 2 of us together or all 3, we would eventually end up naked and working each other into a sexual frenzy.† Several months after Mark and Paul spent the night at my house, they got the opportunity to do so again.† By this time, I had moved into another of the 4 bedrooms in the upstairs that was considerably larger than the one I had been in.†


At bedtime, I showed Mark and Paul to their rooms to use for the night and retreated to my own to get some sleep.† I had just crawled under my covers and closed my eyes when my covers were yanked from my body, exposing my nude form to whoever had done the yanking.† With the stairway light on and being just outside my roomís door, plenty of light made its way into to room to highlight me completely.† There stood Mark, giggling his skinny little butt off at the fact he could now see me fully exposed.† I pulled my covers back up and told him to go back to bed.† Not five minutes later, Mark returned and pulled my covers off me again.† I really didnít mind the fact that he liked seeing me naked and vulnerable, but since it was winter and our house didnít have direct heating upstairs, it was colder than hell and I was starting to get a little ticked off.† I pulled my covers back up to try and warm up and told Mark again it was time to get in bed.


He came back 2 more times and pulled my covers off me.† I finally got fed up and told him that if he wanted to stay in my room for the night, he was welcome to do so, but he had to quit taking my covers off me as it was cold.† He was up for staying in my room, so I crawled my naked ass out of bed, walked to my closet, and grabbed my sleeping bag.† I unrolled it on the floor, told Mark to go get a pillow and he could use the sleeping bag.† He was back in a flash with a pillow and crawled into the sleeping bag about the same time I was starting to curl back up in my bed.†


About 5 minutes later, Mark started complaining that he was cold and wanted to know if he could get into bed with me to help him get warm.† I told him that he was welcome to do so and he had to go to sleep, but I was secretly hoping sleep was the last thing on his mind.† I moved over as far as I could to make room for him and he crawled into the bed and under the covers.† I was laying on my right side facing away from Mark and he curled up right behind me, snuggling in close to get warm.† This was certainly a development I had not anticipated, but I was also not going to kick this young pup out of my bed, either.† Needless to say, I was more concerned with other developments that were happening, namely, my cock getting as hard as a rock.†


After about a minute of lying there like that, I could feel something cloth covered and hard poking me in the ass.† Having felt the same thing before with Danny and Tommy, both covered by cloth and not, I knew exactly what it was.† Shortly, Mark started rocking his hips back and forth a bit, so his underwear clad hard little pecker was running up and down my crack.† I let him continue his actions for several minutes before I decided, what the hell, and rolled over onto my left side to face him.† He immediately quit rocking his hips and became still.†


I waited for a few minutes and felt him slowly start moving his body closer to mine again.† Soon enough, his body was back in direct contact with mine, his hard, cloth-covered pecker resting against my hard naked pecker.† Once pecker-to-pecker contact was established, Mark wasted no time in resuming his humping motions, stimulating both of us.† I slowly reached over to Mark and put my right hand on his waist, then started moving it around to his ass.†


While my right hand was finding a position it liked, my left was working its way under his side.† Once I had both hands on Mark, I ever so slowly started lowering his underwear from his bubble butt, eventually moving them down to his mid-thighs.† During the entire time I was removing his underwear, Mark never stopped his thrusting except for when it was time for the waistband on the front to move down past his hardness.† He paused for about five seconds and lifted his hips from the bed to help me out a bit, but as soon as his pecker was freed from the confines of its cloth prison, he stuffed it right back into my pecker and continued his humping.† In all the years I had been babysitting these two boys and after seeing Markís cute little pecker countless times, this was the first time I had ever touched his pecker with mine.†


I was in heaven and judging by Markís movements, breathing and the sounds emanating from deep within his young body, he was too.† So as not to be seen as the aggressor or instigator in what was happening in any way, I just lay there and let Mark take the lead.† Eventually, he brought his left hand over and rested it on my hip.† It didnít remain in that position very long as it magically found its way down between us somehow and wrapped itself around our two hard cocks.† Mark continued rubbing his pecker into mine while holding both of them in his hand.† My left had found its way back to Markís ass and gently pulled him even closer.† The increased pressure was more than Mark could take and I soon felt his cock start twitching and dancing all over the place.† Somehow, I had managed not to shoot a load between us, but was aching to do so.†


As soon as Markís pecker quit twitching around, he rolled over to face away from me.† I scooted up to his back and was getting ready to wrap my arm around him when he stood up, pulled his underwear back up and walked out of the room.† I heard Mark return to his bedroom and shortly after that, heard him heading down the stairs.† I wondered what was up, but, since I was still hard as a rock, I had to finish something off before I could go see what was up.† I quickly took care of myself, pulled on a pair of shorts and headed down to see what was going on with Mark.


I found him sitting in the dark family room, alone and holding his legs with his arms.† I sat on the coffee table in front of him and asked what was up.† He told me that what had just happened between us was not a good thing and he felt really bad for it.† I asked him if he had enjoyed what just happened and he said he did, but it still didnít fix the fact that it was wrong.† I told him he was wrong in thinking that and that as long as he wasnít forced into to doing something he didnít want to do, I was cool.† I went so far as to tell him about some of the things I had done with some other boys, how much fun we all had and we were all fine with it.† I also told him he shouldnít feel so bad for doing something that makes you feel so good.† We talked for about five minutes and by the time we were done, he was feeling a little better than he had been.† I managed to get Mark back into his own bed for the night and I crawled back into mine wondering about what I had done to precipitate the nightís events and feeling more than just a little bit of guilt for Mark feeling bad about it.† In the morning, nothing was said about the previous night and Mark and Paul stayed until their parents got back to town and picked them up.†


I continued to babysit the boys whenever I was needed and I continued to enjoy holding a naked Mark on my lap for a short time after their baths.† He never tried to fight it or say anything about it.† I noticed that his penis had started to get just a little bit longer and bigger around and he actually seemed pretty proud to sitting with me and letting me see his growth.† It took every bit of restraint I had to not reach down and start playing with and stroking that cute little cock, but it didnít seem appropriate to do so in their living room with Paul laying on the floor watching the TV.† Weíll just forget the fact of how inappropriate it was for me have a naked boy sitting in my lap in the first place.† I would often get erections while Mark was sitting with me and I knew he could feel it slipping up into his crack, especially when he would give just a little wiggle of that cute little ass, making both of us more comfortable.


Several months later, the boysí parents were headed out of town again and asked if they could stay at my house.† I quickly agreed and made the proper arrangements.† When they showed up Saturday morning and it was time for me to take over, I welcomed them into my home as always and led them to the rooms they would have that night.† Inside, I was hoping for a repeat of the events from the last time they stayed, but considering Markís reaction then, I wasnít going to hold my breath.† Despite his newfound joy in proudly showing his bit of development, I didnít know where his mind was.† I would just have to wait and find out later.


At bedtime, we all headed up the stairs and split off into different directions to head to our respective rooms.† I was pretty tired after a long day of dealing with the boys, but I was also anxious as to what, if anything, would happen next.† I didnít have to wait very long to find out.† Less than five minutes after I had stripped down and crawled into bed, Mark was in my room and pulling my cover off.† I noticed this time that he stood to the side a bit so more light would be shining on me so he could get a better look.† His position also allowed me a better view of him in his underwear and I could easily tell he was already erect.† I sat up and without grabbing the cover asked him if this was how it was going to be.† He just giggled and returned to his room.† I lay back down and had just gotten the sheet back over me when Mark came in to again pull off my cover.† I rolled onto my back and let him pull the sheet.† He was again standing to the side a little bit so more light was highlighting my body as the sheet was removed.† I noticed the head of his little pecker was just starting to peek out the slit in the front of his briefs and I was pretty sure he had arranged it that way before he came in.


He giggled again and returned to his room.† To save time for what I was sure this was all leading up to, I got out of my bed and strolled naked to his room.† I walked around the bed and crawled in the other side, pulling the covers over me as I did.† He asked me what I thought I was doing and my answer to him was I was just saving some time.† This night, I rolled onto my left side facing him.† As before, I let him lead and set the pace of whatever was going to happen.† Mark slid over toward me and once he was close enough, I reached over, put a hand on his back and helped him out by pulling him gently to me.†


Once his cloth covered pecker touch my naked pecker, it was all over.† This time, he removed his own underwear and after taking them all the way off, he tossed them on the floor.† He promptly started humping his cock into mine, occasionally pulling back far enough that he stabbed me in the balls several times.† I was losing myself in his actions and reveling in the contact I was having with this sweet young lad.† I could tell without seeing that he had definitely grown some since the last time he had spent the night at my house and was wondering if he was able to shoot a load at his age.† I moved my hand under the covers and gently wrapped both our cocks while he continued to thrust back and forth.† Within about 5 minutes, I could feel Markís little pecker jerking and twitching in my hand and knew he was coming.† It felt so neat to have him twitching and writhing around while I held our cocks together.† I didnít want that feeling to ever end.


After Mark returned to earth again, he got all quiet and still for a moment, then he got out of the bed, got dressed and left the room.† My mind was racing with thoughts about what I had just done, but I also still had a raging hard-on that had be dealt with.† I took care of myself again, then got some shorts from my room and went to find Mark.† He was sitting in the dark family room, holding his legs and looking really depressed.† I did my best to calm him down and cheer him up and finally got him to go back to bed.† I went to my own bed feeling horrible, like I might have forced the issue by climbing into bed with him, but then realized had I not done so, he probably would have ended up in my bed with me.†


Shortly after that last visit with Mark and Paul, their parents finally decided the boys were old enough to be able to stay at home by themselves and I didnít get to babysit them again.† I was a little bummed out about not being able to see the boys and spend time with them, but thatís the way life is.† Play times with Danny and Tommy continued just as much as they always had up until the time I graduated from high school.† With me out of school and both of them still in, I didnít have as much free time as I used to and we just couldnít get our schedules worked out to be together very often.† The few times we were able to get together, we had just as much fun as we always did.


My first job after graduation was working in a toy store.† I applied for the job just thinking about how great it would be to work there.† I wasnít even that much concerned with the fringe benefits I would have before I started the job.† I realized soon after starting that there were going to be all kinds of boys coming in the store and I would have lots of opportunities to just ogle them.† I never tried to do anything with any of them because I knew I would be going to jail if I did and that just wasnít on my list of things to do with my life.† Needless to say, I would end up at home at night just horny as hell from watching the boys that would come in and wander the aisles.† There were a few times when I couldnít wait until I got home and would go into the bathroom at the store to relieve some pressure before heading home.†


After Danny graduated, he joined the army and left Tommy and I to continue on our own.† The two of us wasted no time and got together as much as we possibly could and every time we got together, we would be humping and sucking each until we each had relieved any tensions that had accumulated since our previous visit.† One thing we never did was shoot our load in the otherís mouth and swallow it.† Iím not sure why we didnít, but we still enjoyed seeing our emissions shoot up our torsos.† We went through a bunch toilet paper in the cleanups that would follow, but that was all just part of the fun.


After working at the toy store for three years, I had finally attained a position that allowed me to take an actual paid vacation.† I decided to take a trip to Utah to see some of our former camping friends that had moved from Chicago area to Salt Lake City.† While the thought of driving from Illinois to Utah was exciting, it was also a bit scary as I had never gone that far from home by myself.† I decided I wanted to take someone with me just to have some company on the long road out and back.† The first person I asked was, of course, Tommy.† I could just imagine the fun we could have in the motel rooms, just the two of us.† Unfortunately, he had gotten a job for the summer and was unable to get the time off for a road trip.


I thought quite a while about who else I could invite and finally thought about asking my little buddy Mark.† While Mark wouldnít be able to help with the driving since he was only 14, he would still be good company and would be able to help keep me awake and focused.† I called Markís parents and asked if I could come over and talk to them about something. They said sure, they would be home all afternoon and I could come over any time.† After I arrived at their home, they sent the boys out to play so we could talk and the three of us sat at their kitchen table for our discussion.† Mark had grown up quite a bit from last time I had done any babysitting and I was pleasantly surprised to see he was still just as cute as he always had been.†


I told them about my upcoming trip and asked if they thought Mark would like to go with me.† They were a little surprised by the question, but I went on to explain that I had asked Tommy and he couldnít go due to his summer job.† We talked about the idea for a while and I finally got their approval for Mark to go with me.† We brought the boys back in and asked Mark if he was interested in going on the trip.† He jumped out of skin with excitement at the opportunity to be able to get away from his brother and parents for a week.† Plans were made and everything was set up over the next couple of weeks.† Mark was really excited about the trip and could not wait to hit the road.†


I made all the arrangements for places to stay on the way out.† The first night would be at an auntís house, the next 2 nights would be in motels, and 3 nights at my friendsí house in Salt Lake.† The return trip would have 1 night in a motel, one at Markís cousinsí house and then on back home.† The night at my auntís house, we slept in sleeping bags in her living room.† While I hadnít really expected anything special was going to happen, we werenít laid down for more than 5 minutes before Mark started moving closer to me.† Considering how he had reacted the last time we spent time together, the last thing I thought would happen would be Mark showing any interest in doing anything.† I gently told him that while I would like to continue, I didnít think it would be a good idea considering where we were.† He was dejected, but understood and rolled over to go to sleep.†


The second night of the trip, we got to the motel just before dark.† I checked us in, got the room key and moved the car to the room door.† The room I had reserved had just a queen bed and Mark didnít seem too thrilled about the prospect of sharing a bed with me.† I was a bit surprised at his reaction considering what had been about to happen the night before, but didnít argue with him either.† I made the offer to sleep in my underwear if that would make him more comfortable and he said he didnít care what I wore.† He finally resigned himself to the fact we were going to be in the same bed and gave up arguing.† I was pretty tired after the dayís drive and started to get ready for bed.† Mark was sitting in a chair watching something lame on the TV and finally got up and said he wanted to go for a short walk.† I told him that was fine, but he needed to stay close and come back soon.† I crawled into the bed, naked as usual, after he had left the room.


He returned about 20 minutes later and knocked on the door.† I crawled out from under the covers, padded to the door, and opened it so he could come back in.† I could tell he wasnít thrilled about me being naked, but he didnít say anything.† I curled back up in the bed facing away from the side Mark would be using.† He stripped down to his underwear and crawled in the other side.† I said good night to him and he just incoherently mumbled something back.†


A few minutes passed and I could feel Mark starting to move around a bit and I assumed he was just trying to get more comfortable.† I was shocked after a couple more minutes passed and I felt his arm drape across my side and his hand came to rest on my stomach.† He moved closer to me, and shortly I felt his soft, cloth covered cock nestling in my crack.† I took a deep breath and slowly rolled over onto my other side so I was facing Mark, being very careful to avoid skin contact between our bodies.† I thought to myself, if something is going to happen, Mark was going to be the leader, and I would let him do whatever he wanted.†


As I rolled, Mark didnít move his arm or his hand and it ended up resting on my other side and back after I was facing him.† Mark started moving his body closer to mine, inch by painfully slow inch.† We finally touched body to body and naked cock to cloth covered cock.† The cloth didnít stay in between us very long as I reached over and helped Mark remove his underwear.† After that task was done, he slid back over to me and our cocks came together for the first time in over 2 years.† I was in heaven and while Mark was pretty hesitant to start anything, once it was started, he wasted no more time.† He started rocking his hips back and forth, rubbing his cock against mine and enjoying every move he made.† After a few minutes, I couldnít take it any longer, wedged a hand between the two of us, and wrapped it around both of our cocks.† For only the second time since I started babysitting these boys some 6 years earlier, I had my hand wrapped around the prize for which I had longed.


I could tell by feel that Mark had definitely grown quite a bit since the last time I had seen him and I loved the feeling of his pubic patch brushing the back of my hand with each stroke he took.† Mark was definitely the one in charge of this experience and I was more than happy to let it play out however he wanted it to.† The hand on my back pulled me in closer and that just increased the friction being created between us.† In less time than I had hoped, I felt Markís cock start twitching and jumping, doing the dance that I loved so much.† I also felt something new, a dampness on my hand and stomach.† This sweet young lad had just shot his load on me.† At that moment, I didnít think life could get any better.† Mark rolled back over onto his other side and lay there for a minute while I was left high and dry, hard cock waiting for its own sweet release.†


He finally got out of the bed and stalked naked to the bathroom, carrying his underwear.† I couldnít wait any longer, took matters back into my own hand, and achieved my own release only moments later.† I waited for Mark to come back out of the bathroom and crawl back into bed but after five minutes had passed, I knew he didnít want to.† I got out of bed, pulled on some underwear and spent the next ten minutes talking to him through the closed and locked door.† He finally unlocked the door and just stood there.† I walked up to him, wrapped my arms around him and just held him for a minute.† I knew he felt guilty about what had just happened and I did too.† While I loved this young boy with all my heart, I hated to see him hurting.† I reassured him that everything was fine between us and I was very glad for what had happened.† He was still a bit pouty, but I was finally able to get him to crawl back in bed and we both fell asleep.


The next day we headed on further west and arrived at our next motel late in the evening.† Our room this night had two queen beds and Mark seemed pretty happy with that.† We changed into swim trunks, went for a short swim in the pool, and then headed back to our room.† I proceeded to strip down, took a quick shower, and got ready for bed, making no effort to hide my body and I crawled into the bed naked.† Mark got ready for bed and crawled into his own bed.† While I had hoped for a repeat performance of the previous night, it was not going to happen.† We were both just too damn tired and we fell asleep rather quickly.


The next morning, I got out of bed, walked the two steps to Markís bed to wake him up and headed for the bathroom.† Again, I made no efforts to cover up.† I figured that after what had happened between us, it was kind of stupid to try hiding anything.† After I was done in the bathroom, I came out to get dressed, but had to wake Mark up again.† I stood there, nude, as he opened his eyes and made sure the first thing he saw was my pecker.† I turned around to start getting dressed and Mark finally climbed out of his bed and headed to the bathroom.† I was rewarded with a very nice view of his tented briefs and cute bubble butt as he walked past me.† I was just wishing he would let me see some more, especially in daylight, but that was not going to happen.† Not today, anyway.


We arrived at my friendsí house the next evening and spent the next 3 days having a blast in and around Salt Lake City.† Mark and I shared a bedroom with two twin beds those three nights, and while I made no effort to hide anything from Mark, he seemed more determined than ever to keep me from seeing him in anything less than his briefs.† The day finally arrived when we were to head back to Illinois and we hit the road fairly early so we could get a jump on the drive home.† We arrived at our motel late that night, and it was the same one where we shared the bed on the way out.† We got a different room from the one we used previously and I think Mark was hoping for two beds this time, but he had no such luck.


We were both very tired and I started to get ready for bed as soon as were in the door.† I asked Mark if he wanted me to wear underwear tonight since were going to be in the same bed again and he said he didnít care.† I stripped down, headed to the bathroom and then crawled in the bed.† After I was curled up, Mark finally started getting ready for bed also.† When he came back from the bathroom, I was pleasantly surprised to see he was naked this time.† My suspicions on his growth the last two years were proven to me as his soft three-inch pecker bounced lightly on his low hanging scrotum as he walked toward the bed.† I was glad I had left the room light on when I crawled into bed so I could see the show he was putting on.†


When he got in the bed that night, he moved right up behind me and I could feel his softness sliding into my rear cleft.† I wasted no time and rolled over to face him, brushing my soft cock against his.† I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into me, pressing our cocks together.† Mark showed no resistance tonight and immediately, we both started to get hard.† I started rocking my hips to rub our cocks together and Mark began doing the same.† After a few minutes, I decided I needed to see what was happening and pushed the cover off, exposing ourselves fully to each other.† I looked down between us and was rewarded with one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen.† Markís perfect 4Ĺ inch, circumcised cock was rubbing back and forth against my own 6Ĺ inch circumcised cock and our patches of pubic hair were becoming entwined.† While neither pecker was truly impressive in length or girth, seeing both of them together as they now were took my breath away. †Seeing his 14-year-old body this close and intimate with my own 20-year-old body was something Iíll never forget.


After several minutes of mutual humping, I decided to take things to a new level and told Mark to lay on his back close his eyes.† He promptly followed my instructions, unsure what was going to happen next, and for just a moment, I lay there and enjoyed the view.† I finally started kissing Markís forehead and proceeded down his body to his toes, bypassing the throbbing piece of perfection just below his waist.† It was so cute to watch his pecker bounce each time his heart beat while I continued kissing him and rubbing my hands all over his silky smooth body.† After reaching the toes on his second foot, I started moving back up his leg toward his head.† As I reached his waist, I stopped and then slowly took his complete 4Ĺ inches into my mouth until my nose was buried in his sparse patch of pubic hair.† I could tell by the movement of his cock in my mouth that Markís heart went from beating rather quickly to racing.


I slurped on Markís cock for quite some time, taking small breaks from that to also suckle on his balls from time to time.† I could tell from his bodyís movements that he was feeling things he had never felt before and I was extremely happy that I was the first one to do so.† I proceeded to give Mark the best tongue bath I had ever given anyone and was soon the recipient of a small load of thin semen.† I had never tasted anything so sweet and was glad Mark was the first one to ever unload in my mouth.† After Mark came back down from cloud nine, he asked if I expected him to do the same thing to me.† I told him he didnít have to if he didnít want to.† He was pretty hesitant to do so and I didnít push him considering our past encounters.† He did finally wrap his hand around my cock and started to slowly stroke me.† I laid back on my pillow and told him he could do as little or as much he wanted, never taking my eyes off the movement of his hand.† Well, he moved around on the bed and laid his head on my stomach to get a better view of what he was doing.† I encouraged his hand movements and gave him a few tips on how to make it feel really good.† While he continued to stroke my cock with one hand, he started manipulating my balls with his other.† Getting both hands into the action required he move his head a bit closer to the action.† I was rubbing his back with one hand and mussing his hair with the other while he worked me over.


As the moments passed, his head kept moving closer and closer to my cock until he finally got close enough to lash at it with his tongue.† I must have jumped a bit in surprise because he stopped everything and asked if I was okay or if he had hurt me somehow.† I told him he was doing just fine.† With that, he resumed stroking me and then started licking the head of my pecker each time it popped out of his hand.† He must have finally decided that licking someoneís dick didnít taste that bad because he moved his head one more time and then sucked me right into his mouth.† Being inexperienced, he nicked me with his teeth a few times, but quickly learned to keep them covered with his lips as he proceeded to suck me.† Mark turned his body around so he could look into my face while he was working on me and I saw that he was hard again, or maybe still.† Iím not sure which, but I didnít care either.† I asked him to move around some more so his cock was at my mouth.† He managed to accomplish this rearrangement without ever letting my cock leave his mouth.†


I promptly sucked him back into my mouth while he continued to suck me.† After just a few more minutes, I couldnít take the feeling any longer and warned Mark I was about to blow my load.† He pulled his head back, wrapped a hand around my shaft, and continued to stroke my spit soaked cock.† I continued to suck on his precious meat and once I felt it start jerking, depositing another load of sweet young semen in my hungry mouth, I shot my load in between our bodies.† Mark collapsed on top of me, his dick still in my mouth and smeared my semen all over the both of us.† I continued to tickle him with my tongue until he couldnít take any more and pulled his now soft pecker from between my lips.† He rolled off me onto his back and we both just lay panting for a few minutes, savoring the moment.†


I suggested we clean up and actually get some sleep since we still had another long drive ahead of us the next day.† He agreed and headed to the bathroom, wagging his finger at me, telling me to come with him.† I was certainly not going to turn down the invitation from this sweet young lad and I joined him in the shower.† As we cleaned each other up, one thing led to another and soon, we were both hard again.† Even though we had just had the best time ever together, there was no denying the fact that we were both horny as hell.† I turned Mark around, pulled his body back into mine so my cock was snuggled in his crack, then I reached around his body, and wrapped my hand around his willing cock.† I proceeded to rub my cock in his ass while stroking him.† Even though we were both tired and spent, it didnít take long for this new action to get both of us shooting another load out into the shower.


We cleaned each other again, stepped out of the shower and dried each other off.† It was such a joy to see the changes that had happened in Mark, from being afraid to enjoy our time together to relishing it.† Once we were both dried off, we headed to bed, climbed in, and Mark backed right up into my arms, my soft cock nestled snug between his buns and we quickly fell asleep.† We awoke in the morning to the sun shining through the slit in the curtains, still in the same position.† Mark wiggled his cute little butt against my cock and got me hard in an instant.† In return, I moved my arms down his body and wrapped one hand around his already hard pecker and cupped his balls with my other hand.† Mark rolled over to face me and gently ground his crotch into mine.† I can think of no better way to wake up.


Even though we had a long dayís drive ahead, neither of us really wanted to get out of bed.† Mark tossed the covers off and moved down my body to take my hardness into his mouth again.† Okay, maybe there is a better way to wake up.† As he continued to suck me, he moved his body around so I could return the favor and we were soon on our way to bliss.† While I continued to suck his perfect piece of meat, I let my hands wander around to Markís ass so beautifully situated above my head and started to gently probe his tight virgin pucker.† I slowly started to insert a finger into him and got the desired reaction when I felt his sphincter clamp tightly around it.† I eventually got to the point where I realized I had to taste his ass and ran my tongue from the tip of his dick, down the shaft, over his balls and right up to his hole.† Mark almost jumped right out of the bed with surprise, but quickly returned to his position, sucking my cock while I fingered and licked his hole.


After several minutes of working him with one finger and sucking on his cock and balls, I slicked up another finger with some spit and started working two into his ass.† Mark started bucking back and forth on my fingers, all the while, he continued to suck my cock.† Soon, he couldnít take any more and asked if he could sit on my dick.† I hadnít expected that question, but was more than willing to let him if thatís what he wanted to do.† He got up and squatted over my midsection, wrapped a hand around my cock and proceeded to guide me to his rosebud.† When he finally felt my cock make contact with the intended target, he hesitated just a moment.† Then he slowly lowered himself until the head popped past his sphincter.


He waited a few heartbeats and then continued to lower his body until his ass was sitting on my thighs and his balls were resting in my pubic hair.† I raised my legs up behind his back so he could lean back against them while he got used to being impaled.† After a minute or so, he leaned forward and slowly started rocking back forth, pulling off my cock and then settling back down on it.† His pecker was rubbing back and forth on my belly as he continued his movements, bringing even more pleasure to himself.† I told him to take it as slow as he needed to as I was in no hurry to leave the tight confines of his ass.† Mark built up his speed and distance so he was leaving just the head of my swollen cock in his ass before sliding back down.† The feelings I was getting from his movements and sight of him impaling himself over and over were just too much.† I told him I was about to shoot and he just sat down, completely burying my cock in his ass.††


He continued to wiggle that tight little ass around and around until he could feel my cock jerking and twitching in his ass.† He knew I was cumming and that was all it took for him.† He started pumping shot after shot of cum on my chest and belly, the spasms of which I could feel as he clenched his ass with each shot.† After we were both done shooting, he laid down on me, spreading his cum between us.† My dick slowly started to soften and finally exited his ass with a light popping, slurping sound.† We both chuckled at the sound and just lay there for minute, enjoying the closeness.†


I eventually noticed that, as can only happen with youth, Mark was still hard as a rock.† I slid my hand between us, grabbed his hardness and made some smart comment about him apparently not being done yet.† He looked me straight in the eyes and softly said, no, Iím not.† I asked him what was next and he answered me by moving around on the bed, sucking one of his fingers into his mouth and began probing my ass.† I lifted my legs up to give him easier access and no sooner had I done that, than Mark began inserting his finger into my hole.† He moved his finger in and out slowly, but soon had added a second finger.† As he continued to finger fuck my hole, my dick started to stiffen until it was as hard as it had ever been.† I knew what was going to happen and anxiously awaited the moment.†


When Mark finally decided I was ready, he removed his fingers from my pucker and positioned himself between my legs, lining his dick up with its intended target.† He started pushing his cock into my ass and once the head had popped in, Mark kept slowly pushing until he was buried in my ass and his pubes were tickling my balls.† There is no way I can adequately describe with words what I was feeling at that moment.† Mark started pulling back and pushing forward, moving a little more with each stroke until just his dickís head was staying inside me.† He grabbed my hard cock and started stroking it as he continued pummeling my asshole.† He must have been very close to the edge when he started fucking me as he started cumming in my ass way too soon.† It was now my turn to make a mess on my torso, as his cock twitched and his hand stroked, sending me over the top and sending shot after shot of cum onto my chest and stomach.


With both of us totally spent, he flopped down on my torso, mixing his cum and mine together again.† Both our cocks finally softened up and we got another chuckle as his dick popped out of my ass.† I looked up at him and told him that we really had get on the road.† He begrudgingly agreed, climbed off the bed and me and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.† Without waiting for an invitation this time, I was right behind him as he bent over to turn on the water.† I couldnít resist as I walked up and let my soft cock slide in between his spread ass cheeks.† He reached around, slapped my thigh and climbed in the shower.† I followed him in and we proceeded to clean each other again.


We finally hit the road and headed east to our stop for that night, his cousinís house.† Along the way, Mark would tease me by pulling his shorts and shirt off and riding down the road naked.† It was all I could do to keep the car on the road.† Every stop we made for food, gas, and bathroom breaks, he would get redressed and as soon as we were on the road again, off would come the clothes.† Let me tell you, itís harder than hell to drive when you have a beautiful 14-year-old sitting next to you, naked, stroking his hard cock.† He would occasionally reach across the console and give me a quick squeeze, but it was mostly just him being naked at 70 miles an hour.†


The night was uneventful as Markís younger cousin and I all slept in the basement, me on the couch and the two of them on the floor in sleeping bags.† We got up the next morning and headed out for the final stretch to get back home.† Again, Mark spent a good part of the trip naked and stroking that beautiful cock of his.† I would reach across the console from time to time to give him a few strokes also, but really had to keep the car on the road, so I didnít get to participate as much as I wanted.†


Upon returning home, Mark and I had several serious discussions about life, love and what would happen to us.† I explained to Mark that I truly loved him with all my heart, but I didnít see any way possible for us to pursue a future together.† I let him know that with our age difference it would be very likely that I would end up in prison or worse should our love for each other be discovered by anyone.† I also told him that he was still young enough to truly be sure whether he was gay or not, despite the fact that I certainly knew I was.† He didnít like what I was saying at all, but after several conversations, he finally saw the wisdom in what I was saying.† We parted the best of friends and I still think fondly of the time I got to spend with Mark and I hope he still thinks of me from time to time.


Shortly after my last time with Mark, I finally moved out of my mom and dadís house.† Still working a minimum wage job at a toy store required I get creative in where I moved.† I was perusing the ads one day looking for possibly sharing an apartment with someone when I found something that caught my eye.† A woman who worked a night shift job on a state hotline had a 10-year-old son and was looking for a nighttime babysitter with a possible live-in situation.† My perverted mind kicked into high gear.† I called the number in the ad and made arrangements to meet the lady, Peggy, and her young son, Doug.† Upon meeting the young lad, I was instantly in lust, and as luck would have it, I got hired and was allowed to move in the next weekend.


Life settled into a fairly regular routine rather quickly.† My responsibilities were actually pretty minimal.† Dougís bedtime was 8:30 or 9:00 PM and Peggy would still be at home to make sure he was bathed and in bed well before she had to leave for work about 11:30PM.† My main job as a babysitter was to be at the home while Peggy was working just in case some type of emergency came up.† My second and more favorite job was waking Doug up in the morning and getting him ready for and off to school.†


It was my good fortune to discover that Doug had long ago given up pajamas and slept in only his tighty-whitey briefs.† To make things even better, he slept in the top bunk of his bed so he was right at eye level.† Oh, and he slept with his door open, so I could enter the room without making any noise.† It was a great pleasure to walk into his bedroom first thing in the morning and find him lying on his back with the covers kicked off.† I was often greeted to the sight of what I was sure was the perfect little tent pole holding the front of those briefs well above the rest of his young, smooth body.† On those particular mornings, I would often just stand at the side of his bunk bed for a minute or two and just gaze at the wondrous sight before me.† I so wanted to reach out and wrap my hand around that bulge, but I never did so.† Occasionally, Doug would have his legs located in just the right position to expose a bit of extra skin to tantalize me even further.†


When I would finally give in to the time issue, I would wake Doug by gently poking him in the ribs which would make him squirm around and complain a bit.† I kept hoping for a sudden appearance from below the waist of the tantalizing morsel that was well hidden, but it never happened.† It didnít keep me trying help it happen, though.† When he finally decided he had to move, he had absolutely no qualms about hopping out of bed and stretching before stalking down to the bathroom dressed in only his skin tight briefs.† It was a beautiful sight to see, both going and coming back.† After Doug would be off to school on the bus, I would often have to head back to my bedroom and give myself some quick relief before heading off to a day of boy-watching at my toy store job.


While I was living with Peggy and Doug, I continued to sleep nude so I slept with my room door closed.† I wouldnít want to be accidentally seen in my full glory by someone just strolling by.† Doug was aware that I slept nude, but I donít know if his mother ever figured it out.† Shortly after moving in, I bought a queen-sized waterbed since the bed Peggy had provided was fairly old and uncomfortable.† It was a tight squeeze into the smallish bedroom I was using, but I managed.† On the weekends when I usually didnít have to work and Doug didnít have school, the wake-up role was often reversed, with Doug coming into my bedroom to wake me up.† Sometimes, he and I would go places his mom didnít want to go to and he would want to make sure we got a semi-early start on the dayís activities.


Doug would quietly open my door, step into the room and then close the door.† He wasnít nearly as subtle as I was in waking a person.† Dougís method was to just drop himself onto the bed thus creating a rather vicious wave action that could make a person seasick.† Fortunately, for both of us, I never had a problem with seasickness.† If the drop and wave trick didnít work, then Doug would start tickling me through the covers.† Occasionally, as I would roll around trying to get away from the mad tickler, I would end up exposing a little more than I intended.† I know there were many times that Doug got mooned more than he expected and there were certainly a few times where he got a full frontal view.† That never bothered me as I hoped it could lead to more in the future.† When it would finally get to the point that I had get up or piss the bed, Doug would take his leave and let me get up.† Iíd pull on a pair of shorts, head to the bathroom and then get ready for the day.†


I lived with Peggy and Doug for about 2 years and in that whole time, I only got to see the little cutie fully naked once.† It was shortly before I moved out, but it was a day Iíll never forget.† I had gotten Doug up for school and he had to take a shower that morning since heíd begged off the night before with his mom.† I waited patiently in my bedroom for the sound of the shower to stop.† When it finally stopped, I waited about half a minute and headed to the bathroom to spur Doug along a bit.† I popped open the door to tell him to get a move on at the same moment he was drying his hair and was rewarded with a beautiful view that is permanently embedded in my brain.†


The towel Doug was using was swirling around his head and his perfect two-inch soft circumcised pecker was swaying freely in rhythm to the hair drying.† There was a tiny patch of light blond hair just above that perfect pecker.† Once I opened up my mouth to tell him heíd better get a move on, the towel left the top of his head and flew to his crotch.† He moved so fast Iím surprised that he hadnít really hurt himself, but Iíd already taken the snapshot for which Iíd waited two years.† It was well worth the wait.† Iím sure Doug has no idea that image is locked away, ready for retrieval when needed.


During my last summer of living with Peggy and Doug, I met a lady who would later become my wife.† I had changed jobs the previous winter and started working at an appliance and electronics distributor as an assistant buyer.† Around late April 1984, a lady came into the office whom I had never before seen.† She spent some time talking with a few of the other office personnel and then finally headed to break room upstairs to have a discussion with the businessí owner.† The next time I saw her was when she showed up the next Monday morning.† She came over and introduced herself as Julie and let me know she was coming back to work after working somewhere else for a year.†


As time passed and I got to talk to her some more, I found out that she was planning to leave her husband and move into a duplex with her two young children.† There was a daughter, Michelle, who was 15 and had recently had surgery on her leg, and a son, Brad, who was 11.† She was just waiting for the school year to end before she made the move.† In trying to figure out a way to meet her son, I asked if she needed any help in moving or anything else and she told me that the duplex she had found needed a paint job and cleaning before they could move in.† I volunteered to help her with the painting secretly hoping I would meet the kids, especially Brad.† We made plans to meet the next weekend at the duplex along with a couple other people to get the place painted, cleaned up and ready for the move.


On the appointed day, I rode my bike the 15 miles from my current home to the duplex and found the kids had not come to help.† I was disappointed at not being able to meet Brad, but we painted and cleaned for a few hours, then I rode another 25 miles to my mom and dadís house for a family get together.† The next day, I rode the 25 miles back to Peggyís house.† In early June, Julie and her kids had finally made the move into the duplex.† She somehow managed to get moved without my help.† It wasnít until a couple weeks after the move that I finally got to meet the kids.†


Julie wasnít able to take her bed when she moved as she had left it for her soon-to-be ex-husband and she asked me if I could help her pick out something.† Since I had gone through the same thing not that long ago, I suggested a waterbed since they were so cheap at the time and she didnít have a lot of extra cash.† She thought about that idea a bit and after comparing prices for a regular box spring, mattress and frame, she agreed that the waterbed was probably all she could handle at the moment.† I told her where I had purchased mine and made arrangements to meet her there on Saturday so she could buy the bed, then weíd load it up in my Mustang and take it to her new home for setting it up.


I somehow managed to arrive at the duplex before Julie did.† I went to the front door and knocked, hoping the kids would be there.† I heard a voice tell me I could come in, so I opened the door to find Julieís daughter sitting on the couch with her leg in a cast, resting on a pillow.† I found out very quickly she was home alone and that her brother Brad was playing at a house across the street.† She knew I was coming and pointed out Julieís bedroom and I started unloading waterbed pieces from my car and had it about half put together when Julie finally got back home.† We finished with the bed and Julie offered to fix supper to thank me for helping with the bed.† I accepted as Brad still had not returned home and I really wanted to meet him.† When it was time to eat, she yelled out the door for Brad to come in so we could eat together.† I was finally going to see the lad for myself and was not disappointed.†


Brad strolled in and we were introduced.† My heart skipped a few beats as I took in the angel standing before me.† He was about 4 and half foot tall, maybe a 110 pounds, blondish hair cut medium length and he was wearing a tank top and shorts with tennis shoes.† He appeared to be just a bit chunky for his size, but that didnít bother me a bit as I was much the same at that age.† We shook hands and I hoped he wouldnít notice how mine was sweaty and shaking at finally seeing him.† Brad decided he would sit next to me while we ate supper and I was delighted to be able to spend some time so close to the youngster.† After we finished eating, I got ready to head back to Peggyís and my bed when Brad asked me to stay a little longer and play some games with them.† I couldnít deny the request from such a cutie and ended up staying several hours, finally heading for home when it got dark.


Over the next couple of weeks, I found I was spending more and more of my free time at Julieís house spending time with her and the kids and I was really enjoying myself.† In the evenings, when the kids would get ready for bed, I was nicely surprised to find that Brad was your typical 11-year-old boy.† He would get his bath or shower and then come out to the living room in just his tighty-whitey briefs and lay on the floor to watch TV until it was time for bed.† I spent loads of time watching that cute little bubble butt covered in just a thin layer of cloth and imagining the prize that was hidden on the other side of his body.† When he would get up to finally head for bed, I just couldnít help taking a quick peek at the front side as he gave his mom a hug.† Due to the chunkiness of the rest of his body, there wasnít much of what youíd consider to be a real bulge, but there was definitely something there.† I just had to figure out some way to see this cute lad in his full glory.


After a couple weeks of being relentlessly teased by Brad, I finally had a flash of brilliance.† It was the middle of July and getting hotter as each day passed.† It finally hit me that I should offer to Julie that I could take Brad to the local water park to enjoy a day on some waterslides and other attractions.† Julie thought that was a grand idea and asked Brad if he wanted to go with me.† Brad was thrilled at the idea.† It would give him a chance to get away from his sister for a day and spend some time with me.† Michelle wanted to go with us, but since her leg was still in a cast from her recent surgery she would have to stay home with her mom.† Plans were made for us to go the next Saturday.† I could hardly wait as I knew my devious plan was really going to happen.


On Saturday, I showed up at Julieís after lunch time to pick up Brad for an afternoon of water fun.† He was already dressed in his swimsuit and a t-shirt and he had clean clothes to change into when it was time to head for home.† On arriving at the park, I paid our admission fee and we headed to the locker room where we picked a locker to store our towels and clean clothes.† God, this kid was cute.† While I was looking forward to spending the afternoon with Brad, I also couldnít wait for the time to leave.† Brad and I spent several hours on the water slides and other attractions when we finally decided it was time to go.† We headed for the locker room to get cleaned up and ready to head for supper.†


Upon our arrival at the locker room, we discovered there were three other boys already there also getting ready to leave.† Brad and I retrieved our towels and clean clothes and headed for the showers.† When we got to the shower area, I was gladly surprised to find the three other boys already under the showers washing off the chlorine from the park.† They had stripped down and were all three naked as the day they were born.† There were only two shower heads in the tiny area and all three were under one and having a blast.† Brad seemed a little taken aback at the three being naked, but we both sat on the bench to get ready for our own shower.†


I wasnít in a great hurry to shower as I had a great show going on right in front of me, but still, Brad and I had to get some supper.† While I removed my swimsuit, Brad just sat there watching the other boys playing under the water.† After I was naked, I prodded Brad and told him to get a move on so we could get under the other shower before someone else came in.† I could tell he wasnít thrilled about stripping down with the other boys around, but he finally realized he didnít have much choice.† He slowly removed his swim trunks with one hand and he kept his groin covered with his other hand.† Once he was finally naked, I stood up next to Brad and turned to face him.† His jaw dropped as he couldnít believe I was standing there naked.† I held out my hand and told him letís go.† He slowly stood up, grabbing my offered hand while holding his other hand over his crotch.†


We hadnít been under the shower very long when the other 3 boys decided it was time to leave.† They dried themselves, dressed and headed out of the locker room leaving just Brad and myself under the showers.† Once the boys were gone, Brad became much more open.† He grabbed the bar of soap from my hand and proceeded to lather up, finally removing his hand from crotch.† The sudden change of attitude from being shy about his body to complete openness caught me off guard, but I was certainly not going to complain as I was, at last, granted the view I had been waiting for and I was not disappointed.† My guess about Brad being rather small in the penis department was confirmed.† I know part of the issue was spending the afternoon in cold water (I was suffering from cold-water shrinkage just as he was), but even that, alone, could not account for the lack of size when compared to the other three boys.† He was so much like I was at that age that I fully understood his reluctance to expose himself to the other boys.†


We had been under the warm water about five minutes when I told Brad that it was time we got the heck out of there and got some supper.† By the time we were getting dressed to leave, our dicks had returned to normal size and, in my mind, he was just right for his age.† His dick was about an inch long and maybe a half-inch in diameter.† His balls were still closely held in his shriveled, hairless scrotum and maybe the size of a marble, but that wasnít stopping me from looking.† I was completely and utterly enraptured by Brad.† As far as I was concerned, he was perfect in just about every way.† I canít tell you what he was thinking at the time, but he had no problem with both of us being totally together and I really liked that.† I was totally in love with Brad and my mind was already thinking about how I would be able to see him naked again.


Time passed and I ended up spending way more time with Julie, Michelle and Brad over the next few months.† Whenever I would be visiting in the evening and it was time to get ready for bed, it became pretty normal for me to head to bathroom with Brad when he was ready to take his bath.† He seemed to always want my help and I was more than willing to provide whatever help he might ask for.† Most often, it was just sitting on the toilet seat talking about things while he washed himself.† Occasionally, Brad would talk me into washing his back, which I was more than happy to do.† I would have Brad stand up and I would put one of my hands on his stomach to help hold him up while I was washing his back.† Inevitably, the hand on his stomach would slowly slide down his body and lightly brush his penis during the process.† I noticed several times that his penis seemed just a bit bigger after his bath than it was just moments before.† Brad never seemed to mind that this would happen and never told me that it shouldnít.† In fact, he usually had a devious little grin on his face whenever we finished telling me he enjoyed out little time together.


After several months, I was getting closer and closer to all three of them, much more than I ever thought possible.† Part of it, of course, was my love for Brad, but for some reason I couldnít explain, I was also starting to love Julie and Michelle and I hated not being with them.† Sometime in late August I was staying really late.† Both Brad and Michelle had gone to bed and Julie and I were watching TV.† As it got later, we started talking and at one point, Julie just kissed me right on the lips while one of her hands landed in my crotch and gave me a squeeze.† I about jumped out of my skin.†


My body had a physical reaction that I never expected would happen to me around a woman.† I got an erection.† In 23 years of life, I had never been this close to the opposite sex and certainly never thought I would be.† Yes, I was a virgin, as far as having any kind of sex action with a female.† I had never even considered such a thing prior to that moment.† I knew in my mind, and more importantly, my heart, that I was gay and loved boys, but here I was, lusting after Julieís son and wishing we could be together while she is grabbing my crotch and giving me an instant hardon.


Well, one thing led to another and in a bit we were headed back to Peggyís house.† Itís a good thing Peggy and Doug were out of town that weekend.† I was to learn that night that even though I loved boys, I could also have sex with a woman and in some twisted manner, even enjoy it.† The whole time we were coupled, I was thinking about Brad and his cute little body that I had played with just a few hours ago.† I was confused as hell.† Just how could I fuck a woman and enjoy it and yet still be a boy lover??† I finally figured out that the dick has its own mind and will follow just about any leader, or hand or mouth.† All it cares about is sweet release, it doesnít care about how that release is attained or who does it.


After we were finally recovering from the activity in my bed, I kinda broke down and told Julie some things about myself that hadnít come up in prior conversations but figured she should know, especially after what had just happened.† I told her about Danny, Tommy and I and all the things we had done growing up.† I left out any mention of Paul and Mark, especially the love that had developed between Mark and me. †I also left out any mention of cousin Andrew.† I guess I figured she could handle the information about Danny and Tommy since we had been best friends growing up and were pretty close in ages but was quick enough to figure out that the age difference with the others would really freak her out.†


I also told Julie that she was the first woman I had ever had any kind of sex with and that I had never thought that it would happen.† For some odd reason, none of what I told her seemed to bother her.† Not even when she learned that Danny and I had been screwing around since we were 8, or that Tommy had joined in the games about a year later.† I just figured that since she was 9 years older than I was, she knew a whole more about sex and such and that maybe I was really straight the whole time.† Iím pretty sure she thought that now that I had finally screwed a female, I would be as straight as she was.† But in the back of mind, I was holding a picture of her cute son, naked as a jaybird, dick sticking straight out from his body if full hard mode and trying to figure out how I could possibly see and do more with him.


About a month later and several more encounters between Julie and I, she found out that she was going to be able to move their very small duplex into a 3-bedroom house across the street.† The house was almost twice the size and the rent really wasnít that much more than the duplex.† I, of course, volunteered to help her move.† That was probably one of the worst decisions of my life.† Moving always sucks, but moving across the street is a royal fucking pain in the ass.† Not a lot gets packed and most of the junk just gets carried from place to place.† It took the better part of the weekend to get everything moved and set up, but by Sunday night, Julie and the kids had a new home.


Once ensconced in their new home, I started spending more and more time there and about halfway through October, we decided that I should just move in also.† I relished the thought of actually living with them as that would give me more time to be around Brad and I was looking forward to it.† I moved in early November and the four of us became a family.† I continued my practice of sleeping nude and we slept behind a closed door.† Both Brad and Michelle knew they had to knock on the door and wait for an answer if they ever wanted to come into our bedroom.† The sex with Julie was enjoyable, but what I really wanted was to pleasure Brad.† I had finally stopped helping Brad in the bath at night, but I would secretly watch him afterward just to further impress the vision of his bubble butt and tiny bulge wrapped in tight white cotton into the furthest reaches of my brain.†


One of my favorite times of the day was morning as it was usually my job to wake the kids up while Julie was in the bathroom.† I would open Michelleís door and tell her it was time to get up, then head to Bradís room.† Brad slept with his door open and usually had kicked off the covers.† Many times, I would stand for moment in his doorway just staring at this sleeping angel and the tent he would have in his briefs.† When I couldnít take it anymore, I would slip into his room and start to tickle him.† Inevitably, as he would writhe around trying to escape the tickles, he would roll his hard little pecker into my strategically placed arm or hand.† I would sometimes give him a little squeeze or rub just to stoke his furnace a bit more and really get him going.† After a couple minutes of the tickle fight, Julie would be done in the bathroom and it would be my turn to use the bathroom.†


Since about sixth grade, I always took my showers in the morning.† I didnít change that habit when I moved in with Julie.† It was ideal since the house we living in had only one bathroom.† When it was my turn to have the bathroom, I would hop in the shower but not lock the door, knowing that Brad would soon be coming in to use the toilet soon.† Ever since our trip to the water park, I never made any effort to cover myself when Brad was around and the two of us got quite use to being either partially exposed or fully nude when the other was around.† I loved watching Brad come into the bathroom in the morning, pull his briefs down and try to pee through the hard-on he had gotten during the tickle fight.† Unfortunately, my glasses would always be on the sink so I couldnít see him very well.


The first time Brad and I ever had any kind of mutual sex play came that winter.† Julie and Michelle had laid down to take a nap one afternoon when there was about six inches of snow on the ground.† Brad and I decided that we should go out and play.† We spent about an hour having fun in the snow and we finally decided we were getting pretty cold and we should probably head back inside and get warmed up.† The two ladies were still dozing.† The best way I could think of to warm up was to hop into a nice warm bath.† Brad and I headed to the bathroom and I started running warm water in the tub for him.†


As the tub started to fill, Brad started undressing, getting ready to climb in.† I just waited for him and when he was about half undressed, he asked me what I was waiting for. †I told him he should probably go first and I would go after him.† He told me that I had to be just as cold as he was and we could share the bathtub.† I think my brain exploded.† I couldnít get undressed fast enough, not with an invitation like that.† Brad still was ready before I was and I could tell from the shrunken condition of his genitals that he was, indeed, very cold, not that I was in any better shape than he was.† He climbed in the tub facing the spout.† Once I finished undressing, I climbed in the tub also and sat down behind him with my legs running up on each side of him.† He slid back into me after I had gotten settled and then wiggled that cute little ass of his just right to get my soft pecker to slip in between his butt cheeks.† Needless to say, I didnít stay soft for very long and Brad noticed rather quickly that something was poking him in the backside.


He decided that he should turn around and sit down by the spout and face me and asked me to help him up so he could.† I did as he wanted and noticed as he turned around to sit back down that his pecker was no longer shrunken due to the cold.† It was rock solid, about one and half inches long, half an inch around, sticking straight out from his body and no more than 10 inches from my face.† Now, I had seen his little pecker plenty of times by now, sometimes even with a little chub going on, but this was the first time I had ever seen it completely bare and standing at full attention.† I wanted to reach around his hips, grab his ass cheeks and pull that sweet little morsel into my mouth.† I think the only reason I didnít do just that was I didnít want Brad to scream out in surprise and wake Julie or Michelle.


Brad slowly sat back down and he did so in a manner that had one of his legs between mine and one of mine between his.† I donít know if he planned it that way or it just happened, but I wasnít going to suggest any changes at that moment.† We continued to let the water flow into the tub to help warm us, although I was already pretty hot without the water.† After a minute or two of sitting that way, I couldnít help but notice that we were still both hard as rocks.† I decided to give my foot a little wiggle into his cock and balls and as I did I innocently asked just what that was under my foot.† He giggled and then promptly wiggled his foot into my junk and telling me it was the same thing I had going on right there.† I almost shot my load at that instant but somehow managed to keep from polluting our bathwater.


We spent about 10 more minutes in the tub and when our skin started wrinkling, we decided it was time to get out.† Both of us had lost our erections by then.† We climbed out of the tub and Brad let me help dry him off.† I took great pleasure in doing so and spent and extra bit of time making sure his crotch was dry.† By the time I was certain he was dry enough, he was hard again, but didnít seem to mind that his dick was sticking straight out and that I had been the cause.† He then grabbed my towel and proceeded to dry me off much in the same way I had just done to him.† By the time he was done with me, we were both rock hard again.† I looked at him like, now what dude?† He just wrapped his towel around his body and headed out of the bathroom to his bedroom to get dressed.† I was afraid to go into my bedroom to get dressed because thatís where Julie was still sleeping.† I sure didnít want to take a chance on her waking up and her seeing me with a hard cock and knowing she wasnít the reason why it was hard.† I took a few minutes by myself in the bathroom to jerk off and give my dick a chance to get soft before I went to get dressed.


The next May, Julie and I bought a mobile home together and we moved into it with plans to get married sometime that year.† The home had three bedrooms and two bathrooms.† The kids had their bathroom at one end of the home and Julie and I had ours at the other end.† We settled into life together in our new home and things continued pretty much the way they had been.† Julie and I would have sex on fairly regular basis and I would get my jollies sneaking peeks at Brad whenever I could.† Julie would often go to bed before I would and that would give me chance to sneak down the hall to Bradís bedroom door, which was right next to the hallway light, and look in on him.† It was such a pleasure just to watch him sleep, knowing I could look all I wanted and not get caught.† I especially enjoyed the times when Brad was sleeping on his back with his covers kicked off so I could gaze wantonly at the bulge in his briefs and fantasize about what I would like to do with that bulge.† Most nights, after watching him for a bit, I would have to relieve my sexual tension before going to bed.


After a few months in the trailer, Brad decided, much like I had done many years ago, that since I slept naked, there was no reason he couldnít also.† He didnít make such an announcement to everyone, but I found out in very short order.† Late one night after Julie had gone to bed, I crept down the hall to his bedroom door to watch him for a bit.† Imagine my surprise when I peeked around the door frame and saw his bare ass peeking out from under the covers.† I was erect almost instantly.† I waited and watched for a few minutes, hoping he would change positions and give me a frontal view, but it was not to happen that night.† I most definitely had to jerk off that night before crawling into bed with Julie.†


As the months went by, I would peek in on Brad almost every night and about half the time I would be graced with a view of his beautiful little pecker, soft and limp, laying between his legs.† There were a few times when it was standing at attention like a soldier on guard duty.† Those would be the nights that I would stand and stare at him for 10 or more minutes, trying to be as quiet as I could.† It wouldnít be good for him to wake up and find me hovering over his bed like a vulture.† A few of those times, I would slowly pull my hard cock out of my shorts and start stoking myself right there, almost daring Brad to wake up and see me.† I never stroked myself to point of orgasm as I couldnít trust myself to not make too much noise, but I would have to finish myself before going to bed.†


Shortly after Brad turned 13, Julie decided it was time for someone to have a discussion with him about sex and the realities of life.† Fortunately, she thought I would be the perfect person for the discussion and I wasted no time in agreeing with her.† I waited until one weekend when Julie and Michelle were gone to ďhave the talkĒ.† I had Brad take his shower and then meet me in my bedroom.† I was waiting for him with a book called the Visual Dictionary of Sex.† I was naked and under the covers with the book on the bed when he strolled in in his tight little briefs.† I noticed, for perhaps the first time, that the bulge in the front of his briefs seemed to be just a bit bigger that I remembered.


He asked me what was up and I told him that his mom had asked me have a discussion about sex and life with him so we could be sure he knew what was what.† I could tell he was embarrassed as hell, but he climbed in the bed and under the covers so we could talk.† He noticed that I was naked and asked me why.† I told him that I was naked in case he wanted to see anything demonstrated that he didnít understand or wanted more information.† He had seen me naked plenty of times so he didnít seem too surprised.


I started by asking him if there was anything he may have heard about from friends that he wanted to talk about.† We covered the basics of male and female anatomy and the basic mechanics of how sex between men and women worked.† I could tell he was flustered and uncomfortable, but reminded him that we are all that way when we have this chat with our parents.† The book was a great help in the discussion as it was quite graphic with lots of pictures that answered many of his questions.† Needless to say, my dick was hard from almost the very beginning of the discussion.† I glad I was covered up or Brad would have not only seen me extremely hard, but also leaking copious amounts of pre-cum.


We finally got to the chapter on masturbation and this is where the talk got real interesting.† I told Brad about the basics of masturbation and he stared dumbfounded at me that anyone would ever do such a thing.† I told him that masturbation was so common that if someone told you they didnít play with themselves, they were lying.† He told me that had never done such a thing and for some reason I believed him.† I asked him if his penis ever got hard when he didnít think it should.† He told that that particular event was happening more and more lately and it really bugged him as he didnít seem to have any control over it.† He was used to having the regular morning erection that would disappear after going to the bathroom, but he was starting to get hard at school, on the bus, basically anywhere and everywhere, and he hated it.† I let him know that every boy goes through the same thing and that we all dealt with it the same way.† Masturbation.


We went through the chapter a little bit with me explaining different methods that boys and men use to pleasure themselves.† I could tell by the glowing look on his face that he was intrigued at the possibility of reducing the number of unwanted erections and how to do it.† We finally got to the point of the conversation I was waiting and hoping for.† Brad finally asked for me to give him a more detailed explanation of masturbation.† Boy, was I ďupĒ for the challenge.†


I told him Iíd be happy to do so, but I wanted him to show me the method about which he wanted more information.† He flipped a few pages back and pointed to the section of the chapter and said this one, right here, where it tells about rubbing your penis on the sheets.† I asked him if his penis was hard right now and he sheepishly nodded his head.† I then asked him to show me what he thought the description in the book was telling him to do.† He rolled over onto his belly and started sliding his body up and down on the bed a bit.† I told Brad he was close to the method as described in the book, but he was not doing it quite right.† I asked him to toss off the cover so I could really see what he was doing.† He hesitated just a bit, but finally did so.† I could plainly see that he was very hard as his little cocklet was about pop out of the fly in his briefs.† He started sliding up and down again, still in his briefs.† He went on for about 15 seconds then stopped and looked at me with a questioning look in his eyes.


He asked if that was right and again I told him close but not quite.† I asked him if he felt anything good in his groin and he said not really.† I then suggested he pull down or even take off his briefs and try again.† He looked at me like I had grown a second head.† Brad asked me if I really wanted him to get naked right now and I responded by telling him he only had to do so if really wanted to learn how to stop the random popups that were happening.† I also reminded him about how many times we had each seen the other naked and even hard and that it wasnít really that big of a deal. I also reminded him that I was already naked under the covers but if he didnít want to get naked, he didnít have to.† It wouldnít be as easy to show him what he wanted to know, but we could still do it.†


He told me that he didnít think he wanted to get totally naked right now because he was embarrassed that he was 13 and still didnít have any hair down there.† I told him not to worry about that.† Again, I reminded him about how many times we had seen each other and I already knew he didnít have any hair growing yet. †In an effort to make him feel even more at ease, I also told Brad that I didnít start growing hair around my cock until I was about 14 and a half.† That seemed to make him feel better because he had seen how much hair I had growing there now.† He thought about it for another moment and finally decided, what the hell.† Brad rolled over onto his back and slowly peeled off his briefs.†


I could definitely tell he had grown some since our moment in the bathtub together.† His pecker was now about 2 and half inches long and three-fourths of an inch around.† Brad was still hairless but he definitely had one hot little poker and it now on full display.† I asked Brad to try the method from the book again.† He rolled back over and started sliding up and down on the sheets.† I could tell right away that he was actually feeling something really good this time because his eyes got kind of glassy and he was just staring at the wall.† I asked him if that felt better than before and all he could do was nod.† He seemed to have lost his voice.†


Next, I asked him if he wanted it feel even better and Brad nodded again.† I instructed him that instead of sliding his whole body up and down the bed he should raise his butt a little bit and just rock his hips back and forth.† He tried that and seemed to like it even more but it looked a bit off to me.† I told him to take a break and watch me do it.† I tossed back the covers on my side of the bed, exposing myself to him.† I rolled over onto my stomach and proceeded to show him the proper movement to receive maximum pleasure from this particular method.† I pleasured myself for about 15 to 20 seconds, all the while staring at his hard pecker standing at attention, and asked him to give it another try.† Actually, I had to stop before I made a mess on the bed that would have to be cleaned up.† Brad rolled back onto his belly, raised his cute little ass about an inch off the bed and started the rocking motion he had seen me do.† He was getting real close to the proper movements and I asked him if he would mind if I helped him just a bit.† He said sure so I put one hand on his ass and slid the other under his belly to help him out.† I began to direct his movements and I could tell that he was now really getting into it.† I would lower my hand holding his belly while pushing his butt down toward the bed and up toward his bellybutton.† Invariably, every time we would hit the full down position, the back my hand would stroke the top of his cock.†


We continued like this for about a minute and he suddenly stopped and started to get out of the bed.† I asked him what was wrong and why he was stopping and he said he had to take a pee.† I kind of chuckled and told him, no you donít have to pee, you are just getting really close to an orgasm.† He was like, really??, I said, yeah get back here and try it again.† He climbed back on the bed and with my help, got his motion going again.† The hand on his belly was still stroking the top of his cock every stroke, but that was really just enhancing the experience.† I could see he was getting really, really close to his orgasm as his speed started increasing and his breathing was getting very heavy and erratic.† Brad was damn near panting.


After another minute or so, he finally hit that moment we had been waiting for.† It happened on the down stroke as his cock brushed my hand and I could feel it start twitching and jerking.† Brad held that final position until his cock stopped twitching against the back of my hand. It felt wonderful to know that I had helped my young stepson achieve his very first orgasm.† Since Brad had not entered puberty just yet, there was no semen to clean up, but I would have been all too happy to do so had it been necessary.† I slowly removed my hand from between his cock and his belly, trying to minimize any additional stimulation at the moment as I knew how sensitive his cock would be right now.† Brad just lay there for few minutes like a limp noodle, his breathing slowly returning to normal and coming back down to mother earth.


After a few minutes, he finally looked over at me with a glazed look in his eyes and just said WOW, that was great.† All I could do was smile and I let him know that he had just had the first of the many orgasms he would have in his life.† I also made sure he knew that I was glad I was able help him out and would be glad to do so at any time, all he had to do was ask.† He finally sat up on the bed and asked if there was any more I could show him.† As can only happen at his young age, he was still hard as a railroad spike and I could tell he was ready for more right now.† An evil grin developed on my face as I thought of all the things I would love to teach my young stepson, but I casually just told him there was plenty for him to learn and plenty of time to do so.† Without taking his eyes off my still unfulfilled erection, he asked to see the book again.† I gladly handed it to him to browse.


He flipped a few more pages and settled on the section of the chapter dealing with using your hand to stimulate yourself to orgasm.† He read for a minute or two and finally asked for some direction on exactly how that would work.† I was only too happy to show him.† We both laid back on the bed and I proceeded to demonstrate the method on myself.† I wrapped my had around my throbbing and dripping 6ĹĒ cock and started slowly stroking myself.† Brad laid there and watched me for a few moments before grabbing his own cock.† He was unable, of course, to use his whole hand since his pecker was so short, but he seemed to be making pretty good progress using two fingers and a thumb to stroke himself.†


I watched him for a few minutes while I continued stroking myself and asked him if he was feeling anything yet or if he needed help.† He said it was okay, but maybe he wasnít doing it quite right and wanted some help again.† I moved closer to Brad and grabbed his hot little poker between my thumb and two fingers and started stroking him.† As soon as I touched him, he immediately took a very deep inhalation, so I knew he was feeling something very good at the moment.† I stroked him for a few minutes, changing stroking speed every 10 to 15 seconds just to give him an idea of what can be done and finally asked him if he wanted to try it again.† He said sure and just as I was about to take my hand away so he could take over, he surprised me by reaching over and gently wrapping his small hand around my cock and started stroking me.† I was shocked beyond belief because up until that moment, Brad had never touched me like that.† It took every bit of control I could muster to not cum immediately.† I somehow managed to refrain and we continued to stroke each other for several minutes.†


I finally could tell that Brad was getting close the point of no return and I really started concentrating on making him cum.† His stroking of my cock slowed down to a crawl as he got closer and closer to release.† I could tell the instant he started his orgasm as he arched his off the bed, pushing his little pecker into my hand just as hard as could.† I kept stroking until he couldnít take it anymore and pushed my hand away.† He was in seventh heaven and coming down from one of the strongest, hardest orgasms I had ever seen anybody have.† When his voice finally returned, he told me that that felt great, but he was disappointed that he didnít shoot any semen.† I told him not to worry about that as it would happen when it was time and not before.† He said he knew that but he really wanted to see it shoot out of his pecker.† I let him know that if he wanted to see some semen, all he had to do was let me finish myself off and he would definitely be able to see some.†


He was cool with that and sat right next to my hip so he could see everything.† I laid back and started stroking my still leaking cock while Brad watched intently, not wanting to miss a thing.† After a just a couple minutes of additional stroking, I could feel my balls start pulling up and my cock was really starting to tingle.† Brad was about to see what this masturbation thing was all about.† He could see I was getting real close and the feelings were only enhanced when he reached over and gently squeezed my scrotum.† That sent me over the edge and the cum started to fly.† The first shot hit my neck just below my chin.† Bradís eyes were bugging out of his head with awe.† I continued to stroke my cock while Brad squeezed my balls and after about six good shots, I finally started to peter out.† My chest and stomach were covered and my pubic hair was becoming a matted mess.† I asked Brad to get some toilet paper from the bathroom so I could clean myself up and he not only got it, he helped out with the cleaning.†


After I was all cleaned up, I asked Brad, since we were both still naked, hard and ready, if there was anything else he wanted to know about.† He said that he was willing to learn anything I was willing to teach him.† I told him to lay back down on the bed and I would show him something that would feel even better than the last time.† He actually jumped back on the bed and lay on his back, ready and willing to see what would happen next.† As I climbed on the other side of the bed and moved close so I was sitting by hip this time, Brad watched my every move with great anticipation.† I slowly reached out with my right hand, grabbed his hot little poker again between my thumb and forefinger and began to slowly stroke him.† I moved my left had to gently cup his balls and extended my fingers down toward his virgin asshole.† While I stroked his cock, I kept massaging his balls in their tight little sack while continuing to move my left hand closer and closer to his pucker.†


Once I finally touched his hole, I started to slowly push my finger into it.† Brad gasped out loud as my finger slowly penetrated.† I stopped my advance and just let my finger rest a minute, buried to the fist knuckle.† When I felt Brad was ready more, I started to slowly move my finger in and out just to the first knuckle.† After just a few more small pokes, Brad instinctively raised his legs up to give me better access.† Once he had done that, I began inserting more and more of my finger into his virgin anus until I had it buried all the way.† My young stepson started a rocking motion while one hand was stroking his pecker and the other hand had a finger buried up his ass.† He kept that motion going for several minutes while being stimulated front and back.† I finally twisted my hand around a bit and crooked my finger just right to hit his magic spot on his next rock up.†


Brad went ballistic.† He did everything he could to make sure my finger hit that spot on each upstroke in his rocking.† He continued rocking and I kept up my stroking, varying pressure and speed, until I finally felt his asshole clamp tightly on my finger and his pecker started twitching and jumping in my hand.† Brad finally got to the point where he couldnít handle any more and just froze his position in mid rock.† I slowly extracted my finger from his ass and my hand from his cock so he could recover.† His recovery took a little longer this time and when he finally opened his eyes again, I noticed that his pecker had actually gone soft.† I looked closer at his cute little rod and also noticed that, for the first time, there was a small drop of clear fluid at the tip.†


Brad looked up at me and asked me about what I touched inside his body that made him feel that good.† I explained about the prostate and how, with the correct methods, it could enhance the feelings of orgasm.† I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to know and he told me he didnít think he could handle any more today.† Not wanting this moment to end just yet, I told him that I had one more thing Iíd like to show him today that would literally blow his mind.† He thought for just a second before letting me know that he was willing to try one more thing today.†


I helped him move to the middle of the bed while I knelt between his outstretched legs.† I told Brad to close his eyes as I wanted this to be a surprise.† He promptly did so and I reached out with my hand and gently grasped his soft pecker and started to manipulate it just a bit.† When I was sure Bradís eyes were solidly closed, I leaned forward and took his cock and balls directly into my mouth.† As soon as my lips touched the skin of his pubis and below his scrotum, I swirled my tongue around his soft little morsel.† His pecker grew to its full 2Ĺ inch length in record time.† While not a mouthful, his cock tasted as delicious as anything I had ever tasted.† I flipped the tip of my tongue across his piss slit and he went crazy.†


I continued to slurp and slather his sensitive prong and balls for several minutes, all while trying to hold him still so his tasty little morsel wouldnít slip from my mouth until I was ready for that to happen.† I finally decided to give him a little break and removed my mouth from his cock, gently lifted his legs and swiped my tongue across his hot hole.† I hadnít licked an asshole for many years, but I had been waiting for this one for too long.† I feasted at his back entrance for several minutes and decided it was time to finish him off.† I moved my mouth back to his cock and balls and continued his tongue bath.†


While my mouth was busy on the front side, my fingers began to work at the back side again.† I slowly inserted one finger into Bradís ass again, although it went in much easier this time thanks to the lubrication from my mouth and my previous entry into this hallowed ground.† After a minute or so, I pulled out the one finger and started working two fingers back in.† It was tight again, but I expected that.† Brad didnít.† As soon as I had both fingers buried to the hilt, I found his tiny prostate and started rubbing it all over.† It only took a few rubs of that magic spot and I felt Bradís hole clamp around my fingers again and his pecker started twitching like mad in my mouth.† I felt a little something extra this time, also.† My tongue was moving up his pecker from balls to tip and when the tip of my tongue brushed the tip of his cock, I felt a small bit of liquid moisten my mouth even more that it already was.†


My stepson had just deposited a small bit of pre-cum in my mouth.† What a moment.† I had hoped and hoped for this to happen since the first time I laid my eyes on this lad and it finally had.† Brad was in ecstasy and sensitive as hell from all the stimulation.† He lay silent on the bed several minutes as he recuperated from the action.† His dick lay there just like the rest of him, limp and used up.† When he finally got his voice back I asked him how that was.† He didnít have the words except to say it was beyond belief.† Brad then looked at me a bit sheepishly and asked if I expected him to do that to me.† I told him only if wanted to.† I let him know how much I loved him and that I would never, ever hurt him or force him to do anything he didnít want to do.†


I laid down beside Brad and pulled him into my arms so we were facing each other.† I just held him to let him know that everything was okay.† After a few minutes, I asked him if he okay with everything that had happened the past couple hours and he said he was.† I knew he was okay with it when he asked his next question.† He wanted to know when we could do it again.† I said, whenever you want, as long as your mom and sister arenít around.


Life proceeded normally for a while.† Brad and I hadnít done anything together for about a month except for me watching him sleep, just waiting for the covers to get kicked off.† I relished the moments of standing there, watching my naked stepson sleep, little dick getting hard then soft, then hard again.† Occasionally, I would reach a finger out and just give him a light, little stroke from the base to the tip when he was hard.† I loved to watch his pecker bounce when I did that.† I asked him later, when it was just the two of us, if his problem of random erections was under better control than it used to be and he said that it was and he thanked me for showing him how he could maintain some type of control.


Not long after that conversation, Brad came to me one afternoon when Julie was out doing some shopping and Michelle was out with a cousin.† He said he had a little problem and asked me to help him out.† I had no idea what he was talking about, but said sure, letís sit down and talk about it.† He looked at me and said, not here, back there, pointing to my bedroom.† I said, okay, letís go.† When we got in the bedroom, he closed the door and turned to face me.† I asked him what the problem was and he said heíd have to show me.† I still had no idea where this was headed, but I had my hopes.†


He turned around and slowly dropped his shorts and underwear to expose his cute little bubble behind.† Brad looked over his shoulder at me and asked, do you see it.† I told all I saw was his bare ass.† He snaked a hand around his body, pulled his right cheek a bit and pointed to spot just inside his crack.† Now I saw his problem.† My sweet stepson had a pimple on his butt and since he could only feel it, he didnít think heíd be able pop it.† He knew that his mom took care of pimples on my ass, but he sure wasnít going to let her work on his.† He was pretty open to things, but not that open.† I told him to hop up on the bed and Iíd be happy to take care of him.


Brad took his shorts and underwear off and laid them on the dresser before he got on the bed.† I, of course noticed that his pecker was soft as he did that.† I pulled the needle that my wife used out of the nightstand and climbed on the other side of the bed, moving in close so I could perform the delicate operation.† As I pulled Bradís butt apart to gain access to the offending pimple, I noticed a few others that he had not found yet.† I told him this will take a few minutes since he had developed several zits.† He said no problem.† I promptly took care of a the first three, gently letting my hands glide across that soft, smooth ass and doing my best to minimize any possible pain.† As I started to head for the next one, Brad said just a sec.† He lifted his belly up off the bed and then laid it back down.† I assume he had to make a minor adjustment to get more comfortable.†


When I had finished working on his ass, I asked him if there were more I needed to take a look at.† He said he didnít know and that I had found more than he knew about so it wouldnít hurt to look.† He rolled over onto his back and I discovered the reason for his earlier discomfort as he did, his pecker was as hard as a rock and pointing directly at his chin.† I gave it little flip with my finger and asked him if I needed to pop that one.† He gave me a cheeky little grin and said maybe, but I better look for more pimples first.† I searched his groin area very closely, moving his pulsing, stiff rod back and forth as I did so.† I didnít find any more pimples, let him know we were done and he was free to go.†


He looked directly into my eyes and said not so fast there, bucko, you forgot one more thing that needs to pop.† I grasped his pecker between my thumb and two fingers and said, you mean this?† He said, yeah, itís been like that almost all day and I canít take it anymore.† I reminded him that he was fine when he climbed on the bed and he reminded me that that was before I spent ten minutes playing with his ass.† I have to admit that I couldnít argue with his logic, or his hormones.† Or mine, for that fact.† I started to gently stroke his cock with one hand while the other played with his marble-sized balls and nutsack.† Since it had been over a month since the last time, I wasnít sure this was ever going to happen again, but I wasnít going to look a gift cock in the pee hole.


Well, actually I was.† I laid my head down on Bradís stomach just to get a better view of what I was doing, and what a view it was.† Bradís sweet little cocklet was pointed directly at my nose and the skin from his shaft would wrap partially around his pink helmet with each stroke.† After a few minutes, Brad asked me to stop for a minute and said somethingís wrong.† I sat up, looked at him and asked him what could possibly be wrong. He promptly sat up, peeled off his shirt, then looked at me and said, youíve got too many damn clothes on.† I thought this was just going to be about helping my stepson, and I was happy to do just that, but when somebody invites me to remove my clothes, Iím not going to disappoint them.† I quickly removed my shirt and shorts and asked him what now.†


He patted the bed and told me to lay down, which I did.† He then crawled on top of me so our cocks were plastered between our bodies.† I reached around Bradís back to hug him closer to me.† He just lay there for a minute or two and then started rocking his hips back and forth.† There isnít much more I love in my life than direct cock to cock contact and stimulation and I was finally getting it from the young lad I loved so much.† Brad was definitely the one in charge and he was letting me know just what he wanted.† And I was all too happy to give it to him.† After several minutes of rubbing our dicks together, Brad rolled off me as and asked me if I would suck him.†


I was in no position to deny this angel any request, so I moved around on the bed to place my mouth at his cock.† I flicked my tongue out and just lapped at the tip for a few seconds before I moved my head to a new position and then swallowed him whole.† Brad forcefully arched his back, trying to completely bury his pecker in my mouth.† I didnít need to hear from his mouth, but I could tell this was an urgent need and I started moving my mouth up and down his cock while swirling my tongue all around that delectable little morsel.† In a few minutes, I took a quick break so we could catch our breath and while I was paused, Brad moved around on the bed so his cock was at my lips and my cock was positioned at his lips.†


I started working on Brad again and he slowly took a few tenuous laps at my cock with his tongue.† I removed his pecker from my mouth and reminded him that he did not have to do that unless he wanted to.† He responded by saying it didnít taste half bad and then swallowing my dickís head in one shot and running his tongue across the piss slit.† I decided that if thatís what he wants, he can have it and I went back to work on his pecker.† After several minutes of mutual sucking, he stopped and said he wanted to try something else.† I asked him what he wanted to do and he told me to lay on my stomach so he could rub his pecker up and down my ass.


I followed his instructions and he was soon doing just that.† It felt so great to have a pecker running up and down my crack again that I almost shot my load right then.† Iím glad I didnít because Brad had another surprise up his sleeve.† He pulled his body back, spread my ass cheeks with his hands and slowly lowered himself so his cock was lined up with my hole.† I hadnít had a dick up my ass for a long time, but I was anxious for this to happen.† I knew it wouldnít hurt since Bradís pecker was still only 2Ĺ to 3 inches long and about ĺ of an inch around.† Brad started to push a little and when he did, I flexed my sphincter out and just like that, his dick head popped right on in to me.† He held the position for a moment before he started pushing again.† Brad took his time and entered me very slowly even though he heard no complaints from me.† I think he was just dealing with all the new sensations he was experiencing.


Once his bare pubic mound touched my ass, he paused like he was unsure about this.† I looked back at him over my shoulder and prodded him to continue.† I told him it felt great to have his cock up my ass and to letís do this.† That was all the prompting he needed.† Brad started thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking my ass like a pro.† I was in heaven.† My 13-year-old stepsonís cock was buried in my ass and making me feel things I hadnít felt for years.† He had to be careful when he pulled back so his pecker didnít slip out of my ass, but he quickly learned just how far he could move his hips and still keep at least the head in.†


Brad fucked me for several minutes and once he got his rhythm down, he reached around my body, grabbed my cock and started stroking me.† With his hand stroking my cock and his cock buried in my ass, it didnít take me long before I started to cum.† As I did, my ass was clamping down on his cock with every shot and with the third clamping, I could feel his cock twitching inside my ass.† Brad rammed his cock as deep into me as he could and held that position until we were both done with our orgasms.† I couldnít believe what had just happened.† I had hoped for it since the day we met, but never really believed it would happen.† We slowly got dressed and I cleaned up the mess I had made on the bed.† We were back in the living room watching TV just in time for my wife to return from shopping and needing help to bring stuff in.† Brad and I got everything in and when Julie asked us how our afternoon went, I just looked at her, smiled and said we had a great afternoon.


Several months passed and during that time, about once a week, Brad would come to me and ask for me to help get the ďowiesĒ on his behind.† I had told Julie about me performing this task for her son and she had no problem with me doing it as she was sure he wouldnít let her do it.† Whenever Julie or Michelle were at home, weíd adjourn to the bedroom, I would pop some pimples for Brad that he couldnít see or reach to get on his own.† Once that chore was completed, I would then proceed to stroke his cock until he would have his orgasm.† A couple times, I would suck his little pecker into my mouth and give him a quick tongue bath until he came.† We would always exit the bedroom like nothing extra special had happened and no one else was smart enough to know better.


The times Brad would come to me when we were the only two home were always much more involved.† It would always start innocently enough, but it never stayed that way.† Brad would come tell me he had some owies I needed to work on and he would head to the bedroom for some very minor surgery.† Brad would lead the way to the bedroom, removing his clothes as he did so he would be naked before we ever got the bedroom door.† He would lay his clothes on the dresser and then hop up on the bed and lay on his belly waiting for me to take care of business.† I always took my time working on his backside, gently massaging his beautiful globes as I popped a few pimples.† It never failed that when he would turn over for me check the front side, his pecker would be pointed directly towards his chin, aching for sweet release.† I would occasionally have a few owies to deal with on the front side, all the while gently moving his hard little poker out of the way as needed.† Once the front was done, Brad would wait for me to get undressed, anxiously awaiting the coming action.†


Once I was also naked, we always started out with a nice hug, grinding our cocks together between us.† I had started kissing my stepson and Brad eagerly returned the kisses.† He became quite adept at breathing through his nose as we kissed and hugged each other.† After kissing a while, I would slowly begin licking my way down his body, lapping at his nipples until both were standing at attention.† I would then move down his belly to his cute little belly button and spread some love there.† After that, I would move on down to his cock and balls, lavishing them with a very thorough cleaning.† Brad would have, by that time, moved around on the bed so he could be bathing my groin area with his own tongue.† We would often spend 15-20 minutes just sucking each other, reveling at the pleasure we were both giving and receiving.† Many times, I would end up with a finger or two up Bradís ass, massaging his prostate to further enhance his pleasure.†


While I fully soaked up the love Brad was giving me, in my mind, this was all about him and allowing him to see just how awesome sex between two guys could be.† Brad never asked or seemed worried that what we were doing with each other was ďgayĒ.† He just knew I loved him with all my heart and would never do anything that would hurt him.† He, of course, also knew how great he felt when we were together and he enjoyed the time just as much as I did.†


After about our sixth or seventh time together, Brad finally asked the question I had been waiting for.† After we had been sucking each other for some time while I also finger fucked his tight virgin ass, he pulled his mouth off my cock, looked me in the eyes and asked me what it felt like to have a cock buried in your ass.† I told him that I really couldnít explain the feeling, but to me, it was just about the best feeling a guy could have.† He admitted that he always liked when I had a finger or two buried in his ass and he thought he was finally ready to try the real thing.† I was dumbstruck he made the request but all too willing to be the first one to stick his pecker where no pecker had ever been before.† I asked him if he was absolutely sure he wanted that to happen, and after a very short pause, he said yeah, letís try it.† I warned him that this would probably hurt a bit as while my dick wasnít what anyone would call big, it was definitely bigger than the two fingers I usually had stuffed in there.†


I went to the bathroom and grabbed the baby oil that we had stored there.† When I returned to the bed, I had Brad roll onto his belly.† Then I dribbled a little oil into his crack and started to really massage his hole to help lubricate and stretch him just a bit more before we tried the real thing.† Once I had his ass and anal sphincter well lubed, I dribbled a little more oil onto my cock and lightly spread it until I was fully lubricated also.† I knelt over my stepsonís ass and lowered my cock until the head was resting right on his tight little pucker.† Despite my desire for this moment, I gave Brad one more chance to change his mind.† His response was to lift his ass off the bed and before I knew it, my cock head had slipped past his sphincter and into the warm confines of his body.† Brad sucked in air and held that position for a minute as his ass became accustomed to this new, slightly larger intrusion.† I was willing to wait as long as needed for him to be ready for the next step.†


It didnít take as long as I thought it would and he was soon pushing further back toward me, allowing my cock to slowly slip deeper and deeper into his body.† When he had pushed back as far as he could go, my pubic hair was tickling his ass cheeks and my balls were touching his.† I was sure I wasnít going to last too long, his ass being as tight as it was, but I was determined to make Brad feel good.† When he finally said he was ready for me to continue, I slowly moved back, pulling all of my cock except for the head out of his ass.† I started a slow but steady pumping action, sliding my hard cock in and out of his tight hole.† For his part, Brad started rocking back and forth also, adding more motion and stimulation.† I could tell he was really getting to like the new feelings he was getting from having my cock buried in his ass.


I reached around Brad and wrapped a hand around his pecker and let our natural motion help me stroke his hardness as I fucked his ass.† Brad then reached his right hand back and cupped my balls, starting to gently squeeze them.† Once he started that, it really didnít take me long to reach the point of no return.† I let him know that I was about to come and he told me to go ahead and come in his ass.† He wanted to know what it felt like.† I felt his cock twitch and his sphincter tightly clamped around my cock as his orgasm started.† That was all it took for me and I buried my cock deep into his ass and let loose with my own orgasm as shot after shot of semen flooded his bowels.†


When we were both done with our orgasms, I gently rolled us onto our sides, being very careful to keep my cock as deep in Bradís ass as I could.† As my cock slowly wilted, it eventually removed itself from Bradís body with a light popping sound.† Brad couldnít help but chuckle.† I admit, I had to chuckle a bit also.† Brad rolled over to look me in the face, then slowly leaned in and planted the sweetest, softest kiss on my lips that I could ever imagine.† God, I loved this child.† He then rolled onto his back with a look of extreme satisfaction on his cherubic face.† Amazingly, his pecker was still hard as a rock and looked like it was still aching for relief.† Ah, the glory of youth.† I started to slowly suckle his prong and quickly brought Brad to another quaking orgasm.†


We talked for quite some time that afternoon about life, love and where we were to go from here.† The whole time we talked that day, we were sitting on my bed, naked, and it seemed the most normal thing in the world.† I let him know that due to his age, he was probably still sorting out if he was gay or straight and that that was quite normal.† He admitted that when he pleasured himself, he mostly thought of some girls from school, but he also enjoyed the times that we were together and he was getting really confused about what was what.† Of course, he didnít have a true girlfriend at the moment, so he didnít have any other outlet for his sexual desires besides his own hand or accepting the love I was more than willing to share with him.† I let him know I was fine with whatever happened and I that I was also very pleased to help him through this time while he figured things out.†


About 8 months after our first encounter with our ďtalkĒ and initial demonstrations, Brad finally sprouted his very first pubic hair.† I found it for him during one of our sessions getting owies.† I had also noticed that Bradís cock had grown some and his ballís had started to grow a bit also.† His pecker was finally hanging down a bit, gotten a little bigger around and his balls had dropped some in their wrinkly sack, so I was sure that the first hair shouldnít be far behind those other developments.† Brad was pleased as punch and threatened me with serious bodily harm after I offered to remove it for him.† He told me that day that he was the absolute last boy in school to get any hair ďdown thereĒ and if I removed it, he would remove all mine.† With duct tape.† I passed.† Within about a month of the first hair, Brad had about 15-20 hairs growing and his pecker was definitely showing signs of some growth.


One afternoon, when it was just the two of us home again, he came to me with the familiar complaint of owies to get.† He also said he wanted me to measure his rod so we could keep track of its development.† I was only too happy to do so.† He headed on back to the bedroom while I grabbed a ruler from the desk.† By the time I got there, he was naked and laying on the bed, waiting for me work on his ass.† I took care of his few pimples and rolled him over to check out the front side.† I was greeted, as always, with a stiff poker standing up to greet me.† I check the front side for pimples, found one and dealt with it in very short time.† It was now time for a measurement.†


I gently grasped the head of Bradís pecker and held his stiffness straight up.† I placed the ruler on his pubic mound between his pecker and waist, then closely eyed the ruler to let Brad know where he stood at the moment.† The final tally on that first measure was 4ľĒ long and 7/8Ē in diameter.† Brad was just about the happiest Iíd ever seen him.† He had hair, was over 4Ē long and getting bigger by the week.† He surprised me again by saying I should let him measure me and then we could really compare.† It would also give him a goal to work for.† I asked him, do we really have to?† Hadnít he seen enough cocks at school to know that I was on the smallish side and I was pretty sure that he would certainly pass me up in the size department pretty quickly.† He was like, oh no, you measured me, and now I get to measure you.† Of course, I knew what the answer was going to be, but fair is fair.† I said okay and quickly removed my clothes so he could get my dimensions.† I laid on my back and Brad grabbed my pecker head and stood it straight up, just as I had done to him.† He placed the ruler at the appropriate locations and read off the dimensions, 6ĹĒ long and 1ĹĒ in diameter.†


He seemed a bit disappointed that it wasnít any bigger than that.† I asked why and he said that it sure felt bigger than that when it was in his mouth or stuffed up his ass.† I thanked him for the kind words, but also let him know that I had been this size since I was about 15Ĺ and I didnít see any more growth happening at this late stage.† Once we were done with the measurements, we proceeded to pleasure each other in numerous ways for the next hour.† We had reached the point of our lovemaking when Brad was fucking my willing ass with his new found growth and I was enjoying every second of his hard cock ramming into me as deeply as he could ram that 4ľĒ into me.† As usual, he had reached around me to stroke my cock and when I started to orgasm, I could feel him starting his orgasm in my ass.†


When we had both returned to the here and now, we headed to the bathroom to take a shower and wash the smell of sex off our bodies.† As I was washing Brad from behind, I reached around his body and started to gently stroke his cock.† In no time at all he was hard again and ready for more action.† I knelt down in front him and started to suck him off, right there in the shower.† It took me about 10 minutes, but soon enough, I had brought him to the point of having another orgasm.† His cock started twitching and dancing in my mouth and this time I noticed something new.† A slightly sweet and salty fluid was deposited on my tongue.† I couldnít believe my luck; my sweet stepson had just come in my mouth.†


I held his pecker in my mouth until he was wilted then stood up and told him I wanted to show him something.† He looked at me with a questioning look in his eye.† I slowly opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to show him what he left in my mouth when he came this time.† He was ecstatic.† Now, he had hair, was developing some size in his cock and balls and he could actually shoot semen.† It was a red letter day for him.† It was one for me, also, as I got to be the recipient of his very first load of come.† I slowly pulled my tongue back in my mouth and swallowed not only his first load of come, but the very first I had swallowed in a long, long time.†


During the next year, I continued to take care of Bradís owies and any other needs he decided he wanted my help with.† He continued his growth spurt and before the year was out, he had surpassed me in pecker size, but just barely.† Brad ended up being about 7Ē long and 1ĺĒ in diameter.† It wasnít a lot and wasnít as big as some of his classmates, but it made him happy that he was able to beat me in the meat competition.† I loved taking care of Bradís needs and desires and loved the feel when he would stuff his cock into my ass and shoot his load deep into my bowels.†


It was around this time that something completely unexpected happened.† Unexpected, but completely enjoyable.† Tommy had returned from his military service and had started to hang out with us from time to time.† There were a few times that Julie, Tommy and I would go out to a bar and have some drinks and generally have a good time.† Since both Julie and Tommy drank and I didnít, I was the designated driver for those times we went out.† There were even a few times when Tommy and I went out without Julie because she was working.†


On one of the evenings when it was just the two of us, Tommy and I headed to the local mall to do some shopping and goofing off.† At one point, we both had to pee, so we headed to the restrooms.† This was at a time when there werenít any dividers between the urinals in public restrooms and I was most certainly looking forward to pit stop.† We stepped up to the urinals, unzipped our pants and proceeded to pee.† I snuck a glance at Tommy and was rewarded with a view of his perfect pecker.† His pecker appeared to be just about the same size as mine and I was secretly hoping for a better view.† I also noticed that he peed the same way I did, unsnapping the top button of his jeans and pulling his underwear below his balls so we were both fully exposed.†


I made some smart-ass comment about the similarity to him and he just looked at me said, what underwear, I quit wearing underwear years ago.† I told him I didnít believe him and that his underwear was pulled below his balls, just like mine were.† He insisted he wasnít wearing underwear and was going to prove it when he was done peeing.† Once we were both done emptying our bladders, we shook off the remaining droplets of piss (no more than 3 times so we couldnít be accused of playing with it) and we turned to face each other.† He pulled his jeans down to mid-thigh and asked me if I believed him now about not wearing underwear.†


Now, it had been over 10 years since Iíd seen him like this and the view was just as wonderful as it had been.† His cock was so much like mine in size that I was surprised.† The only major difference between us was the amount of hair surrounding the area.† Tommyís pubic hair was a very thick bush of dark curly hair while my own was pretty thinned out.† It took every ounce of strength in my body to not step over and cup his package in my hand, but I didnít think that would be a good idea considering where we were at that moment.† Tommy took a good look at my package and made the smart-ass comment that we were both hung like 2-year olds.† I thought he might want to do something more, but he pulled his pants back up and suggested I do the same before someone else came in.† We both zipped up, washed our hands and left the bathroom.


A couple of weeks later, on a Saturday night, Julie, Tommy and I again headed out to a bar for a while.† I knew that Tommy would be spending the night on our couch again because he was no shape to drive.† On the way back to our house, Julie tossed out the idea of the three of us getting in bed together.† I about wrecked the damn car and I was stone-cold sober.† Tommy was feeling no pain and readily agreed to the idea and once I was sure that Julie really wanted to do it, I agreed also.† All I could think about the rest of the way home was getting my wifeís permission to get naked and get into bed with Tommy.† Sure, she would be there also, but that thought never crossed my mind.† When we got back to the house, we entered as quietly as we could so we didnít wake the kids.


The three of headed to our bedroom, closed the door and started to undress.† I had been dealing with a hard cock ever since we all agreed to this in the car and it was quite apparent when I removed my pants that I was very ready for the festivities to begin.† Tommy was still a bit limp due to his drinking, but as soon as I wrapped one hand around his cock and cupped his balls with the other, he firmed up rather quickly.† After climbing in the bed, Julie grabbed both our cocks and started sucking us, trading pricks every minute or two.† As much as I was enjoying receiving the blow job from Julie, watching her give a blow job to my best friend and boyhood lover at the same time drove me nuts.†


It didnít take long for the two of us to come and we took a short break to clean up the mess Tommy and I had made.† The two of us then turned our attention to Julie with our mouths.† I started working above her waist and Tommy started working below the waist.† After several minutes, we kind of met in the middle somewhere and proceeded to swap ends.† The entire time we were working Julie over, Iím taking every chance I had get to look at Tommyís cock.† It was such a beautiful sight to see the cock I had loved for so long and lost many years ago.† And now, after all this time, it was back in my sight again.†


After getting Julie all worked up, she wanted a cock inside her, either cock, she didnít care.† Me, being the gentleman I am, let Tommy go first.† It was hotter than hell watching him slide his long slender cock into Julieís gaping hole.† I continued to suckle on Julieís tits while Tommy fucked her hard.† Since he and I had come once already, I knew it would take him some time before he would be able to come again, so I decided to help him out a bit.† While sucking on a nipple, I slipped a hand between their bodies and proceeded to wrap a finger and thumb around that hot rod.† I gently squeezed Tommyís cock providing a new level of sensation for him.† He must have been close because shortly after gripping his pecker, I could feel it throbbing as he pumped his second load of the night into my wife.†


Tommy was pretty wiped out after that and it became my turn to fuck my wife.† I dutifully mounted her and started to piston her pussy.† The whole time I was fucking Julie, I was watching my sweet Tommy recover from the action for a bit.† His cock was deflated and I decided that just was not going to continue.† I also wanted to show Julie what really happened between guys.† I had Tommy straddle Julieís chest, then I leaned in took his softness into my mouth.† God, it had been so long since Iíd had this piece of meat in my mouth and I was taking advantage of it.† I quickly had Tommyís cock back to full attention and he was starting to fuck my mouth, all while I was continuing to fuck Julie.


In a few short minutes, I couldnít handle the stimulation happening on my cock combined with the feelings of having Tommyís cock back in my mouth and started pumping my own load of semen into Julieís well-worn pussy.† Tommy must have sensed something was happening because he started unloading his third round into my mouth.† Fuck, I was in heaven.† I was also completely worn out, as were Julie and Tommy.† It was time for a little break to clean some things up and get something to drink.


I cleaned my dick up, slipped on a pair of shorts and headed to the kitchen to get some Pepsi for the three of us while they got themselves cleaned up.† When I got back to the bedroom with our drinks, Tommy and Julie were lying on the bed and still naked.† Julie was laying on her normal side of the bed and Tommy was pretty much spread out in the middle.† I handed them their drinks, pulled my shorts back off and climbed in the bed on the other side of Tommy.† Despite what had just happened between the three of us, it was very cool to be able to lay next to Tommy again when both of us were naked.† His dick was just too cute to not look at and just looking at it lay there all sad and wilted started getting me hard again.


I slid my hand over to Tommyís leg and just let it rest there a moment to see of either of them would say anything.† When they remained silent, I moved my hand up Tommyís leg until it was resting on his upper thigh just below his balls.† When the silence continued, I wrapped my hand around that beautiful morsel and started to lightly stroke Tommy back to full hardness.† When he appeared ready for more action, I suggested to him that we should give Julie a little more something to watch, to which he readily agreed.


We put our drinks down and rolled over to face each other, mashing our hard cocks between us.† After a few minutes of rubbing our cocks together, I decided I needed to taste his again.† I moved around on the bed so my head was by Tommyís cock and, hoping he would take a hint, placing mine next to his face.† Tommyís lust did not disappoint me and just as soon as I had his cock back in my mouth where it belonged, I could feel my cock being sucked slowly into his mouth.† We proceeded to suck each other just as we had done so long ago.† The only difference this time was having to deal with all the hair surrounding our rods.† I was more than willing to deal with some pubic hair if it meant having Tommyís sweet piece of meat in my mouth again.


After about 15 minutes of Julie watching us pleasure each other, I told Tommy I wanted to do something we had never done before.† He gave me a funky look like what havenít we done before?† I headed to the bathroom and returned with a jar of Vaseline.† I climbed back on the bed and maneuvered around so I was on all 4s and my ass was facing Tommy.† I handed him the Vaseline and told him he knew what to do.† He asked me if I was sure as we sure hadnít done this before.† I told him that I wanted now more than I ever had before and I knew how much he had wanted do it when we were younger, but I never let him.


He dipped a finger into the Vaseline and proceeded to locate my tight pucker with it.† Once he found it, he wasted no time inserting his finger into my hole up to the first knuckle.† I must have sucked in quite a bit of air for him to have stopped.† When my breathing returned to normal, he pushed his finger in deeper until it was buried in my ass.† He waited a minute or two and then slowly removed the finger before pushing back in again.† His finger fucked my ass for a few more minutes when he got a little more Vaseline and came back at me with two fingers.† Again, he started gently, slowly picking up the pace and spreading his fingers a bit each time until suddenly I could feel a third finger join the first two.


I hadnít felt this for so long that I had forgotten how good it could be.† After several minutes of stretching my tight hole, I told him I was ready for something else to be buried in my ass.† He willingly obliged my request, right after he coated his rock hard cock with a bit more lube.† I felt the tip of his cock locate my tight pucker.† He asked me one more time if I was sure about this because once he started, he wasnít stopping.† I just told him to shut up and fuck me.


There was no more hesitation as I felt his cock sliding into my ass.† God, it felt so good to finally give Tommy something he had wanted so many years before.† He started slowly but didnít stay that way very long.† In very short order, he was sliding in and out of my ass so fast, I thought he might start a fire.† I was sure feeling the heat every time his balls slapped mine as he continued to pummel my hole.† Since we had both come several times already, I knew this could take a while, but I was in it for the long haul.


After several minutes of Tommy impaling me doggy style, I asked to switch positions because I wanted to see his face.† He pulled his cock out of my ass and I had him lay down on his back with his cock pointing straight up to the ceiling.† I straddled his waist and started to lower myself onto his hardness.† As I did, I suddenly realized that Julie was no longer there.† I didnít have any idea she had left, but with my boyhood loverís cock buried to the hilt in my ass, at this moment, I didnít really care either.† I started rocking back and forth on Tommyís cock and enjoying every second of this feeling.† It appeared as though he was, also, as his eyes were closed and his face was scrunched up in ecstasy.†


After a few minutes of riding his cock, Tommy reached up and wrapped one hand around my cock and cupped my balls with his other hand.† He was now stroking me off while I pumped away on him.† We were both feeling great and I was hoping this would never end.† All too soon, I could feel the urge bubbling and knew that the time was about to come, along with me and Tommy.† I increased my pace and soon hit the point of no return.† My orgasm hit like a truck.† I could feel every muscle in my body contracting and could feel my cock spasm in Tommyís hands.† The contractions in my hole must have triggered the same feeling in Tommy as I soon felt his cock jerking around in my ass.


One we both stopped twitching and jerking, I laid down on Tommy and gave him a kiss like I had never done before.† He was surprised, but eagerly returned the favor, all while his cock was still buried deep in my ass.† When he finally softened enough, his pecker slipped the rest of the way out my and I rolled over onto my back next to him.† After a few minutes of recuperation, I slipped out of the bed and headed to the bathroom to get a warm, wet washcloth to clean us both up.† Once the cleaning was done, I headed out of the bedroom to find Julie.


She was sitting in the living room, holding her legs and crying.† I asked her what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me that I should not have enjoyed myself as much as I had and she was pissed off.† I was flabbergasted.† She knew about me and Tommy long before she had ever met him and certainly before she invited him into our bed.† I asked her, knowing my history, what the heck she thought was going to happen when I had another willing male in bed with me.† She said she didnít know, but she certainly didnít think she was going to get the show she had just witnessed.† Like the fool I am, I apologized and said if thatís how she felt, it would never happen again.


I went back to the bedroom to tell Tommy that we needed to get some sleep now and found him sound asleep, still naked and on top of the covers.† His sweet little pecker looked so cute and lonely that I couldnít help myself.† I decided that since what had just happened was never supposed to happen again, I was not going to let this opportunity pass on by.† With Julie in the living room, I slowly crawled back on the bed and pulled Tommyís soft little lollipop back into my mouth.† I figured if this was going be the last time with Tommy, I was going to get as much as I could.†


Considering all the activity of the past couple of hours, the reaction in Tommyís pecker to being in my mouth again was almost instantaneous.† I continued to suckle his rod until I felt that familiar dance happening in my mouth again.† Nothing like getting woke up by orgasm.† I let Tommy know what Julie had told me in the living room and that we couldnít get together again.† He didnít like the idea very much but was pretty understanding.† He slowly climbed off the bed and pulled his shorts back on, hiding the sweet pecker I had missed for so long.† Looks like I was going to be missing even more.


Once Brad turned 16 and had started driving, he found himself a girl at school and our times together pretty much ended.† I didnít mind and completely understood.† He discovered over time that he really was a straight guy and while he had enjoyed everything we had done together; it was time for him to accept that he preferred sex with the female gender.† I was pretty confident that was going to happen eventually, but it was sure fun while it lasted.†


After Brad graduated from high school, he joined the Air Force.† After his basic training, he was stationed in Germany at Rhein-Main Air Force Base where he stayed for 2 years.† While he was gone, I stated to trim my pubic hair really short.† I got tired of looking down at my crotch and seeing nothing but a nasty patch of unruly hair.† I was overweight and my soft cock was so small, it was virtually hidden from view unless it was hard and I hated that.† I tried shaving, but hated the inevitable ingrown hairs, so I just kept it super short.† My wife wasnít too thrilled with this new development, but she kept most of her disgust to herself.


Upon Bradís return to the states, he was stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base, about 8 hours from home, for the next five or six years.† One of the weekends he came home for a visit was shortly after a car had hit our bedroom and forced my wife and I to move our bed into the living room while the room was rebuilt.† The first two nights Brad was home, he ended up staying at friendís houses since we had nowhere for him to sleep.†


The third day, his mom was headed out of town and it was going to be my responsibility to get Brad to the airport in St. Louis the next morning to return to Little Rock.† I told Brad after his mom left that he needed to sleep at home that night so we wouldnít have any problems getting to the airport on time.† He agreed that was probably best, but not until after he had one more night out with his friends.† I crawled into the bed that night about 10:30, naked, of course, and watched TV for a bit while I waited for Brad to return.† He finally dragged his sorry, drunk ass back in about 12:30 in the morning, waking me up when did.


I faked sleep for a bit to see what he would do next.† He came into the living room, sat on the corner of the bed and proceeded to undress, I assumed to get ready to sleep.† I was nicely surprised to see that after he removed his pants, he continued to remove his boxers so he was wearing only his smile.† At this point, he still had his back facing me and I assumed he would pull a clean pair of boxers from his duffel before crawling into bed.† He shocked me by turning around and heading into the kitchen and started to fix himself a late night snack, totally nude.† Well, this was a show I was certainly not going to miss.† I hadnít seen my stepson bare-ass naked for about six years and I wanted to update the imagery in my head.


I quietly snuck into the dining room and watched Brad fix his meal from a distance.† I loved seeing his short, soft pecker lightly bounce as he moved around.† His patch of pubic hair had grown nicely, but the rest of his body was practically hairless.† His cock hadnít really changed much from the last time I had seen it, but it was such a nice sight, I stayed in the corner, silently watching the nudie show in the kitchen.† It didnít take long and I was fully hard and aching for release after just a few minutes.† I didnít dare let Brad see me naked and hard after so many years, so I headed to the bathroom to jerk off and release some pressure, all the while thinking of my naked stepson in the next room.†


When I was finished in the bathroom, I headed into the kitchen, cock now flaccid and presentable.† I picked up the dogís bowl and headed to the sink to give them a refill of clean water.† I surprised Brad a bit as I walked up to the sink, but he quickly recovered his composure.† He made absolutely no effort to cover himself, nor did he ask me to cover up.† It just seemed normal for the two of us to be in the kitchen, in the middle of the night, both naked as the day we were born.† After I put the dogís water back on the floor, we chatted a bit while Bradís snack finished cooking.†


Brad, of course, was interested in the lack of hair around my cock.† He said he couldnít imagine any reason why anyone would trim their hair so short so I explained my reasons and he seemed to accept them with no reservations.† He actually said that he liked how it looked and that even though he knew my cock wasnít any bigger than it was the last time heíd seen it, it looked like it was and that was probably the whole point of the trimming.† He also commented that he didnít think he could ever do it to himself, especially since he had waited so long for the hair to grow in the first place.† I let him know that even though itís trimmed really short, it still grows and needs a regular shortening to keep it the way I want it.


I headed back into the living and climbed back on the bed, sitting on top of the covers.† When Bradís food was done, he brought his plate into the living room and sat in the only chair to eat and watch some TV for a bit.† It was so surreal for the two of us to just be sitting in the same room naked.† I donít know what Brad was thinking while he ate and watched the tube, but my mind was racing with all kinds of wild and nasty thoughts.† When he was done with his snack, Brad took his plate and glass back to the kitchen, then stopped by the bathroom on the way back to the living room to sleep.


When he returned to the living room, I told him he could sleep in my chair if he was concerned about sharing the bed with me and his response was ďfuck thatĒ.† He said the chair was okay to sit in, but he wasnít spending the night in it and he crawled into the bed with me.† I offered to sleep in the chair, though I really didnít want to do so, and he told me to stay where I was.† He said that even though we had never spent the night in the same bed before, we could do so for one night without any problems.† Iím sure the drinking heíd done earlier that night was clouding his decision-making a bit, but I wasnít going to argue with him, either.† For the past six years, I had really missed the closeness we used to have and was hoping we might have a night to remember.†


While we sat on the bed watching mindless middle-of-the-night TV, I couldnít help sneaking glances at my stepsonís body.† He had filled out a bit while heíd been away, but his pecker and balls were still the cute little morsels I so fondly remembered.† I noticed after about 10 minutes that his pecker seemed to be growing a bit, timidly starting to poke out of his pubic bush and make a real showing.† I wasnít sure if that was really happening or if I was just hoping it was.† A few minutes later, and all doubt was removed as my next peek at Brad showed him to be fully erect.† I made some smart-ass comment to him about it looked like he had a bit of a problem there and asked him if he needed any help with it expecting him to just shrug it off.


He said he really didnít need help because he knew exactly how to fix his problem, but if I felt compelled to help him out, he wouldnít say no.† I reached over and wrapped my hand around my stepsonís hardness and started to slowly stroke his cock.† I was pretty sure this was going to be a one-way deal tonight, but I didnít mind.† I love Brad with all my heart and soul and would do anything for him.† After a few minutes of my slow stroking, I could tell Brad was starting to get into my manipulations.† He laid down fully on the bed and quit watching the TV.†


I decided it was time to up the ante a bit.† While continuing to stroke his cock, I moved around on the bed so I could get my head into the proper position and I lightly lapped my tongue across the head of his beautiful cock, just like I had done so many years ago and his response was immediate.† Brad put his hands on the back of my head and proceeded to guide my mouth down his cock until my nose was buried in his bush and the head of this cock was buried deep in my throat.† Itís a good thing I had had plenty of practice prior to this night or I would have gagged.† While I proceeded to give Bradís cock and balls a thorough bath with my mouth and tongue, I realized that he had grabbed my cock with his hand and had started the stroking motion he knew all too well.† It didnít take him long and he soon replaced his hand with his mouth and proceeded to suck me off like there was no tomorrow.†


I was in heaven. †Once Brad had started dating girls and stopped coming to me for help, I was sure I would never get to feel like this again.† We both responded to each other just as we had before.† When I could feel I was about to come, I told him that I wanted him in my ass.† He wasted no time in shifting positions as needed.† He laid me on my back, lifted my legs up and knelt down, lining his raging cock up with my asshole.† It had been so long since I had had a cock in my ass that when he pushed his dick past my sphincter, I felt a fairly large twinge of pain.† I sucked in my breath and waited for the pain to subside because I knew it was going to change to pleasure very quickly.†


Brad started a slow fucking motion, looking down at me with glazed eyes.† I knew he was enjoying this to the fullest extent of his being, regardless of how wrong it might be.† He soon developed a smooth rhythm and proceeded to give my ass the best fucking it had ever had.† I knew that the alcohol had slowed his responses to stimulation, but he was giving me everything he had on every stroke.† Brad finally reached down and wrapped his hand around my cock again and started stroking me to the same rhythm his cock used pounding into my ass.† He would pull back so just the head of his cock would stay in my ass, then push forward until his pubes were tickling my balls.† Ever so slowly, the speed and intensity of his fucking increased, along with the stroking of my cock.† My balls would be squished and his balls would slap me in the ass every time he buried his cock to the hilt.†


After about 15 minutes of him fucking my ass, he suddenly stopped and removed his dick from my ass.† I didnít know what was going to happen now, but I was hoping he didnít think we were done.† While I continued to lay on my back, Brad crouched over me and while holding my cock straight up with one hand, he slowly lowered his body so he was now impaled on my rod.† Once the head pushed past his sphincter, he continued to lower himself until his ass was sitting on my thighs and his balls were resting in my sparse patch of pubic hair.† He stayed still for a few moments, just getting used to the feeling of having my cock buried in his ass again.† I had missed this closeness with my son and was ecstatic this was happening.† From the look on his face, I would have to say he was enjoying it, also.†


Brad started rocking and as he became more comfortable, he started to move up and down, slowly fucking his ass with my cock.† With him on top, I was pretty limited in the amount of help I could provide.† I finally realized his cock was hanging out in midair right in front of my face and decided it looked pretty lonely bouncing up and down in sync to the rhythm created by his movements.† I reached out with both hands, wrapped my right around his hardness and cupped his balls with my left.† I proceeded to massage both areas with my hands as he continued to pleasure his ass on my cock.† All too soon, I was reaching the point of no return and let him know that I was about to cum.† He told me he wanted to feel me cum in his ass again and I was all too willing to do just that.†


He reached around behind his ass and grabbed my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze.† That was all I needed to start the fireworks.† He felt my cock start twitching in his ass, depositing my load he wanted, and it was all over for him also.† His cock started pumping in my hand and my chest and belly were soon covered in his orgasmic release.† Once we were both spent, he collapsed on top of me, spreading his semen between the two of us.† I wrapped my arms around his back and gave him the biggest hug I had ever given anyone, all while his cock was still buried deep in my ass.


I waited a few minutes for the afterglow to wane and suggested we should get cleaned up so we could get some real sleep now.† He seemed to think that was a marvelous idea and crawled out of the bed and said letís go.† He grabbed my hand to help me up and then led the way to the bathroom so we could take a shower.† Brad started the water running and got the temperature set, then let me climb in.† He then surprised me by climbing in right behind me.† The shock must have been visible on my face as he told me to chill out and asked me if Iíd never taken a shower with another guy.† I told him it had been many years, especially since the two of us had never been in a tub or shower together since the first year I was in his life.† I also told him how much I had missed being able to do so.† He just told me to relax and he would make sure were both cleaned up.†


He proceeded to grab the soap, had me turn around so my back was facing him and lathered up my back.† It felt so good to have the warm water running down my front while his hands stroked my back from head to toe, paying particular attention to my ass.† Once he was done cleaning my back, he handed me the soap and told me it was my turn to do his back.† I willingly obliged, taking the soap from him and having him turn around.† I washed Bradís back in much the same way he had done mine, again paying extra attention to his ass.† Once his back was clean, it was time to start cleaning the fronts of our bodies.


I had Brad turn around and continued the bathing at his shoulders and slowly worked my way down his body to his toes, bypassing his groin area.† Once I finished with his toes, I slowly worked my way back up his legs until I reached his soft cock.† I started gently washing his sweet parts and as I did, I noticed that his cock was getting bigger and harder with each stroke.† I backed off the washing and let the warm water rinse the soap off his stiffening pecker.† When I had determined that the soap was all gone, I decided to provide a little extra special rinse and took that sweet piece of meat back into my mouth.† I was going to show Brad just how good a tongue bath could feel.


I sucked on Bradís hot meat until he grabbed the back of my and pulled me in until my nose was buried in his pubes.† His cock started throbbing again and I could feel the flow going down my throat.† When he was spent, he reached around me, turned off the water and climbed out of the shower.† He grabbed my towel and dried me off from head to toe before drying himself.† The whole time, my cock was still standing at attention, hoping for relief and release.† When we got back to the bed, I realized my hopes were about to be fulfilled.


Brad pushed me back on the bed, then laid his head on my stomach.† He wrapped a hand around my cock and pulled it down so it was touch his lips.† He moved his further down, spreading his lips and teeth until his nose was touching sparse pubic hair.† What a feeling that was, after six long years, to have my cock buried deep in my sonís mouth once again.† Despite having already shot one load into Bradís ass, it didnít take him long to bring me to another orgasm, flooding his mouth with my semen.† Surprisingly, he swallowed it all, which he had never done before.† When he lay down next to me again, I asked him about it and he told that he had learned a lot more in the Air Force than just how to fuel planes.† I couldnít but agree with him.


The next morning, it was time to drive him to the airport so he could get back to his post.† I was presented with only one glimpse at his beautiful pecker at a pit stop, but I still relish that glimpse.


I loved every moment we had together and wished him the best with his future loves, regardless of their gender.† I still love my stepson very much and if he were to come to me now and ask if we could get together again, I would grab his hand and lead him to the bedroom, removing my clothes along the way so I would be ready for anything when we got there.





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